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Author's profile photo Abhyarthana Kanungo

An Introduction to Note Analyzer tool

To ensure that an SAP application is up-to-date and functional, customers need to import and implement many SAP Notes relevant for a business functionality.To make this process hassle-free, SAP application team now can bundle the business specific SAP Notes in an xml file and release it as a single SAP Note with the xml file attached. This can be implemented by using Note Analyzer tool available in SNOTE. This blog intends to shed light on Note Analyzer tool by using which the users can implement SAP Notes in an easy, intuitive, scalable, and user-friendly way by simply downloading the xml.

The Note Analyzer tool within SNOTE framework/transaction analyzes and processes SAP Notes in file format and depending on the result of the analysis, it suggests further possible actions.

Using Note Analyzer, the user can view the SAP Notes relevant to the business processes and their implementation status. It also checks whether the latest version is implemented in the system or not. Based on the analysis results, the user can perform actions such as, check SAP Note version, download and implement SAP Notes.

How to get Note Analyzer tool in your system?

Implement SAP Note

3200109 – SNOTE : Note Analyzer – SAP ONE Support Launchpad

Steps to analyze and implement SAP Notes using Note Analyzer

1. Download the attached xml file from the SAP Note.

2. Launch transaction SNOTE.  In the menu bar choose Goto -> other tools -> Launch Note Analyzer.

3. Upload the xml and use Analyze button .

4. Check and view details of the business scope in “Scope Details”.

5. Start taking necessary actions for each phase by clicking on status hyperlink or double clicking on each node.

Make use of different buttons and links available in each phase to download and implement SAP Notes.

6.Complete the implementation of each SAP note to make sure the specific business function is up to date.


Additional Blogs

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      Author's profile photo Moshe Eliezer Naveh
      Moshe Eliezer Naveh

      Congrats Abhyarthana Kanungo for your first blog post!

      Keep on the great work!


      Author's profile photo Jelena Perfiljeva
      Jelena Perfiljeva

      Thank you for sharing. I don't get it though, sorry.

      "To ensure that an SAP application is up-to-date and functional" - this is usually done by applying support packs/stacks, not by applying individual notes. Historically, the reason to go to SNOTE would be to apply a correction for a very specific issue (more likely) or to bring in specific functionality in advance of an upgrade (less likely).

      That aside, I don't understand what does this Analyzer analyze actually... The screenshots don't look much different than Note Display in SNOTE looked before. What is the "scope" is in this context and how is it helpful?

      I've also read the text in the note 3200109 (which will not be available to the readers without SID) but still don't understand the "value proposition". It just makes generic statements like "Note Analyzer helps you analyze" (wow, I'd never thought of that! 🙂 ) and such.

      Sorry, I'm completely lost here... If there could be a specific example of how this would be used in reality, with some context, I think it would be helpful.

      Thank you.


      Author's profile photo Abhyarthana Kanungo
      Abhyarthana Kanungo
      Blog Post Author

      Thank you, Jelena, for your feedback.

      As mentioned in the blog post, the application team now can bundle together multiple SAP Notes in a xml file and release it as one single SAP Note attaching xml file.

      Once the xml file is uploaded, the Note Analyzer tool can analyze the version, implementation status, availability of newer version of SAP Notes etc. and gives an overview of the collection of SAP Notes. With this analysis the user can take necessary action on those of SAP Notes.

      The usual SAP Note implementation process remain same; however, the user gets a chance to process the SAP Notes in a more systematic way.

      You can also check SAP Note 3338196 for more details.

      3338196 - Electronic Document Processing - Implementing Framework SAP Notes with Note Analyzer - SAP ONE Support Launchpad

      Best Regards,