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Raising the Bar: Unpacking the Top 5 Innovations in SAP Enterprise Product Development 2305

We’ve been hard at work and the time has come to unveil our recent May 2023 release. Here are the top 5 innovations in our Cloud PLM journey you need to know about:

Innovation #1 in Product Innovation Management

One of the challenges in product innovation management is the difficulty of gauging an idea’s popularity and potential impact. Often, promising ideas get lost in the crowd due to a lack of clear visibility and consensus-building mechanisms. Our new “Idea Voting” feature steps in to bridge this gap by enabling users to rank ideas based on the collective preference.

This feature reshapes how product innovators, idea contributors, and experts interact with, and influence, the evolution of ideas. This innovation empowers users to vote for ideas that resonate with them, and conveniently visualize the voting results. This fosters a transparent and democratic environment that reflects the momentum behind each idea.

Innovation #2 in Requirements Management

Upon completion of an idea evaluation, innovation managers often need to create idea clusters. SAP Enterprise Product Development already enables requirements managers to collate similar ideas into “needs”. A “need” is essentially a group of ideas unified by a shared theme or purpose. This methodical clustering offers a structured overview of the idea landscape.

The new innovation in our recent release is the feature to interconnect these “needs” with requirement models. With this feature we want to enhance transparency and also provide an in-depth perspective into the journey an idea undertakes as it transforms into a requirement.

Innovation #3 in the Enterprise Product Structure

The Enterprise Product Structure is the foundation of the digital product model within SAP Enterprise Product Development. The latest release enables product engineers to build and manage product structures with a great user experience. The new feature supports the creation and maintenance of product lines, including the definition of product variants.

With this innovation we lay the foundation for product data innovations in downstream processes. It brings unprecedented consistency and flexibility to the structure ensuring all line of businesses leverage a single source of truth. The native integration with S/4HANA Cloud is a true differentiator in complexity management scenarios.

Innovation #4 in Configuration Management

Configurations and baselines are important features in managing product data across the lifecycle. A configuration is a set of characteristics of a product, representing a particular version of the entire system. Configuration Management ensures all system elements are properly recorded and maintained, with changes made only when authorized.

Our recent innovation enables the usage of baseline across the extended enterprise by leveraging the existing collaboration and workflow features. This innovation enables a controlled and monitored approval process. It also simplifies communication with downstream teams in Manufacturing, Asset Management or other supply chain functions.

Innovation #5 in Visualising Digital Twins

In asset intensive industries, the need for engineers to efficiently visualize large 3D models via a web browser is ever-growing. To cater to this requirement, we are proud to announce our latest release that enables rendering and loading of substantial 3D models, revolutionizing the way Digital Twins are visualized.

Our innovative Visualization capability now allows users to swiftly interact with and manipulate large 3D models right in their web browser, promising a rendering performance comparable to that found in native applications. This functionality not only simplifies the workflow but also promotes operational efficiency.

An exciting feature of this innovation is its capacity to display alerts within the 3D model itself. This allows users to receive real-time notifications regarding operational status, empowering them to strategize the maintenance of their assets or equipment proactively.

Looking for more information?

From linking ideas to requirements, to 3D model rendering and more, this release helps product teams to streamline and enhance product development workflows and enables an integrated idea-to-requirement process. Watch the SAP Enterprise Product Development Product Update video to see everything in action:

You can find details and additional assets of each innovation in the SAP Road Map Explorer. Check out the SAP Help Portal for further documentation and ask your questions in our community. Be assured you will get the best possible answer by our community and experts in a fly!

About the author

Ismail Serin is the Head of Product Management for SAP Enterprise Product Development. Follow him on LinkedIn to get the latest product news.


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