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Author's profile photo Alex Muthu Nadar

Fetch Older Profile Version Interval Values for Calculating Total Consumption


The intent of this blog post, is to provide a FM to fetch older profile version interval values.


Calculation of total consumption for each version is not directly retrievable in SAP.
This total consumption for each version is even though available in transaction EEDM02 when versions are displayed, the same value cannot be retrieved directly from any table.
Only the changed values are stored in tables EPROFVERSHEAD and EPROFVERSVALUE tables.
If there was a new import for some of the intervals of a profile as part of a version then those values will not be stored in these tables.
Hence total consumption retrieval is not straight forward.


To get all interval details of a older profile version in a particular period, we will be creating and FM which will take input as Profile Number, Profile version, Start date/time to End date/time along with time-zone and will give us back older profile version intervals values.

Create the FM with following import & export parameters as shown below.


Import Parameters


Export Parameters

Add the following source code

  DATA: lo_object          TYPE REF TO cl_isu_edm_profile,
        lv_profile         TYPE e_profile,
        lv_version         TYPE cversno,
        lt_prof            TYPE teprofvalues_diff,
        lv_valid_daterange TYPE eedm_date_time_from_to_utc.

  CLEAR: et_prof_values, lo_object, lv_profile, lv_version, lt_prof, lv_valid_daterange.

* Internal conversions
  lv_profile = |{ iv_profile ALPHA = IN }|.
  lv_version = |{ iv_version ALPHA = IN }|.

  CALL METHOD cl_isu_edm_profile=>get_valid_profile_timerange
      profile_number = lv_profile
      timezone       = iv_timezone
      timeslice      = lv_valid_daterange
      not_found      = 1
      OTHERS         = 2.
  IF sy-subrc = 0.
*   IF profile is valid create object of class cl_isu_edm_profile
*   Create Object
    CREATE OBJECT lo_object.

*   call open method to read the profile.
        profilenr     = lv_profile
        date_from     = iv_date_from
        time_from     = iv_time_from
        date_to       = iv_date_to
        time_to       = iv_time_to
        timezone      = iv_timezone
        read_values   = abap_true
        read_versions = abap_true
        im_dialog     = space       "background mode
        not_found     = 1
        OTHERS        = 2 ).
    IF sy-subrc = 0.
*     by default profile is opened in display mode
*     call method rebuild revision to get older version intervals.
          version_number        = lv_version
          version_value_tab     = lt_prof
          version_not_available = 1
          not_allowed           = 2
          OTHERS                = 3 ).
      IF sy-subrc = 0.
        et_prof_values = lt_prof.
*     close the processing
          not_allowed = 1
          OTHERS      = 2 ).



Now Execute, the FM and pass the input values we will get the older version all interval profile values.FM%20Execution

FM Execution

we can cross validate the entries from FM with T-Code EEDM02 against the Profile.



Using the above FM we can fetch older profile version interval values and the calculate total consumption.


Hope you guys liked this blog post.

Feel free to comment, like and share.

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      Author's profile photo Perry Kimbers
      Perry Kimbers

      That was totally Unseen. That was so great to see code here. Thanks for sharing that. BallSportsPro

      Author's profile photo Juwin Pallipat Thomas
      Juwin Pallipat Thomas

      Profile being a very generic term, it would be nice to mention at the beginning of the blog, which functional area this topic belongs to.  Thanks