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Self-paced Enablement for SAP Industry Cloud Solutions available for SAP Partners

We have good news for SAP partners who work with SAP Industry Cloud solutions! You can now conveniently find many of the materials and links you need for your SAP Industry Cloud implementation projects in one place. And you can also use these collections to skill yourself up on specific SAP Industry Cloud solutions you have not worked with yet.

We just launched Self-paced Learnings for the first 27 SAP Industry Cloud solutions in 9 industries.

Some solutions might be used in more than one industry. In that case, it is listed under the main industry for that solution.

The 9 industries that we are already covering are (in alphabetical order):

  • Agribusiness
  • Automotive
  • Cargo, Transportation & Logistics
  • Consumer Products
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Industry 4.0
  • Life Science
  • Retail
  • Utilities

If you do not find a solution, just have a quick look around at the other areas as well. With time we will keep adding more solutions and we are constantly updating this page.

The easiest way to learn more about it is to head over to SAP PartnerEdge and click around.
Go to SAP PartnerEdge – SAP’s Industry Cloud Learning Room – For Service Partners.

Please note that your company must be registered as an SAP PartnerEdge for this link to work. When you are not logged into SAP PartnerEdge, you might also have to first log in before going to this page.


Figure 1: Choose from the list of SAP Industry Cloud solutions


While you are here, why don’t you already bookmark this page for your future use!


Self-paced enablement

Once you choose a specific SAP Industry Cloud solution, you will see a table like the one below:


Figure 2: The page for the SAP Service and Asset Manager solution.


Here you can conveniently find many of the materials and links you need to work with this SAP Industry Cloud solution when selling, demonstrating, running, implementing, or extending this solution at customers. You can also use this collection to skill yourself up on the solution. Partners can directly access and download material from here.

Like many words, the word enablement has more than one meaning.
In general, it means “the action of giving someone the means to do something”.
In this case we use it in a double sense of the word:
Firstly in the sense of enabling yourself by learning the relevant skills, but then also in the sense of that it will enable you to work more efficiently and effectively in your customer projects.

Think about this page as your daily go-to guide when working with a customer project on this solution.

We call it self-paced enablement as you are in control of when and how you use this information. This is different from classroom training where you follow a predetermined path and timeline.


Examples of where and how you can use it

  • Sarah, a consultant at an SAP partner, needs to update her knowledge about the new features of the SAP Service and Asset Manager solution that is shown on the above page. She opens the page and goes through the video series which she finds in the Deploy
  • The next week Sarah has a meeting with an executive manager at the customer. The manager wants to get an overview of the new solution and get an idea of what the ‘SAP Service and Asset Manager’ solution can do for the company. Sarah opens the page above, downloads the solution one-pager and solution brief documents from the Understand column, and sends these to the manager before the meeting. During the meeting she uses the L1 deck to facilitate the discussion, and to explain the solution in a bit more detail. At a question of the manager, she opens the roadmap to show new features that are planned for this solution.
  • A few hours later, Sarah has a customer meeting with several technical people. Here they want to discuss the installation and configuration steps for the implementation project. Sarah can conveniently find the various documents in the Deploy column.
    As a consultant Sarah knows that she needs to have such information at her fingertips. So, she has bookmarked this page, and keeps it open in her browser for constant reference.


Information grouped by roles and functions

The story of Sarah above has shown that people need different information at different times, depending on what role they fulfill in a project. All self-paced enablement pages have 4 columns.


Figure 3: Materials and links are organized per the different roles that partners need to fulfill at customers


  1. Understand – The main role here is anyone who is involved with selling the solution. This of course does not mean that other roles like consultants will not use this information. Even functional and technical consultants will use L1 and L2 decks to both understand the solution themselves, as well as help others to understand the solution. Typical information here will be a one-pager, a solution brief, L1 and L2 decks, an introduction or overview video, and perhaps blog articles or recorded webinars that describe the solution.
  2. Position and Scope – Here the main role would be presales or go-to-market people. Typically, the demonstrations scripts are used very often. Whether in a sales context, or to show team members on an implementation project what the system looks like and how to configure the various steps.
  3. Deploy – This column focuses mainly on the role of functional experts in an implementation project. Typically, you need access to the information, like administration or integration guides. Where applicable this also links to where you can find trial systems. Some solutions, like the one in figure 2, also have a video series where you can skill yourself up on this solution.
  4. Build – The last column is focusing on more technical consultants that either build their own solution using calls to the solution’s APIs, or extend the SAP Industry Cloud solution with more functionality that they code themselves using BTP. The above image shows SAP Intelligent Agriculture, where you can use their documented APIs to build or extend the SAP Industry Cloud solution.


Self-paced enablement in the bigger picture

The information we present here is, as the name indicated, something that you can consume and use at your own convenience.

Sometimes you might want information at an industry cloud or at an industry level. Or you are not yet familiar with the solution, and you would rather like to get some guidance on what the fastest way is to build skills with this solution. For that we are also creating and publishing various other enablement offerings like webinars, learning journeys, e-learnings, and such.

Our Industry Cloud Landing Page on the SAP Partner Portal provides all information and links to our complete offering!

We are currently also working on practical enablement (like “bootcamps”) for selected solutions which will be offered from Q3 of 2023.

For now, bookmark our pages, and happy exploring while we create more SAP Industry Cloud enablement for you!



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