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Import And Export Background Information Via Schedule Job Manager

For the background information of employee’s profile, In the earlier versions to update the attachments there was a dependency on provisioning job. This limited the customers for loading and had to contact SAP Partner or account executive to trigger the provision job.

With the 1H 2023 release, SAP has provided an option to create a job via “Schedule Job Manager” which can import and export background information including the attachments, this blog will detail the process on the job to import attachments of background information.


  1. Create a background import file zip version as below and park the file in SFTP/FTP –
    1. CSV file of import background template which can be downloaded by navigating to “Import Extended User Information”Import%20Extended%20User%20Information
    2. Fill in the data for background information including the User ID and attachment as per the data modelImport%20Template%20Sample
    3. Zip the template file created as above #2 and attachmentsTemplate%20and%20Attachments%20Zipped
  2. Navigate to SuccessFactors home page and search for “Scheduled Job Manager”. Create a job request under the job scheduler Create%20A%20Job%20Request
  3. New job request for the “Import Background Information” should be created as below which has 4 sections –
    1. Job Definition
      1. Job Name – Customer can choose any name as they wish
      2. Job Type – Import Background Information
      3. Job Owner – Employee ID who as access to import background data and run the job
      4. Job Parameters – Check the attachments option if it includes, and choose encoding accordingly with import mode as “Import Data Incrementally”
    2. Job%20DefinitionFTP Configuration
      1. Server Access – Connectivity details of SFTP/FTP, once the info is entered you can click on “Test Connection” which pops a message successful or error accordingly
      2. File Access – File details which includes SFTP file location and file name with date formats if any. If the content of the file is PGP encrypted choose PGP in encryption. We can test the SFTP user specified as access for the folder and file specified by clicking on “Test Permission”FTP%20Configuration
    3. Job Occurrence
      1. Occurrence – Indicate if the job is one time or recurring job. We also can indicate if the current job as any dependence on other job and so the job can begin post the dependence job immediately or after specific time as specified
      2. If one-time is chosen, We need to specify the time of job start as per the server time zone
      3. if Recurring is chosen, Specify the recurrence pattern with start and end time accordinglyJob%20Occurrence
    4. Notification
      1. On job begin time and when job fails we can specify who should be notified, system also supports multiple emails which should be separated by comma delimiterJob%20Notification

Once the job is submitted, It can be monitored in the “Schedule Job Manager” under the “Job Monitor” screen.



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