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Top 9 takeaways #SAPSapphire 2023

  1. Transition of Visionary Leadership at SAP: A New Era Begins

Hasso Plattner’s powerful keynotes at Sapphire have left an indelible mark. His absence this year is felt, marking an end of an era, but also heralding an exhilarating new phase for SAP. The new board and leadership team have already demonstrated their dynamism over the past two days with their inspiring keynotes. As we fondly remember Plattner’s influence, we’re excited to see the fresh direction this team will navigate, especially in the exciting domain of generative AI.


  1. The Age of generative AI in full swing

When two CEOs, and none other than Microsoft and Google Cloud, announce cutting edge collaborations with SAP in the realm of AI and Data, respectively, this is a historic moment. The world of generative AI has taken the imagination of consumers AND enterprises alike by a storm. SAP is the leading enterprise solution provider of the world and announced partnership with Microsoft in terms of embedding AI in the enterprise applications spaces that SAP and Microsoft collaborate on.


SAP CEO Christian Klein and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella


  1. SAP Data Sphere

With Google, announcement was in terms of bringing disparate data sources through SAP Data Sphere. The world of SAP and non-SAP data is not only limited to Google Cloud partnership, however. In-fact, SAP is actively working with several data platform providers to bring SAP and non-SAP data together, without the need to move the actual data from one to the other. This partnership announcement include partnerships with ALEPH ALPHA, databricks, data Robot and IBM.


 Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian and SAP CEO Christian Klein


  1. Be ready for the future: Clean your core

All companies, irrespective of size need to manage their resources. Hence the name ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning. SAP’s Flagship solution for ERP – the S/4HANA software system is available and ready to support business of all sizes – in the CLOUD, now Cloud ERP. With all these news of new solutions, new AI, new extensions, etc., there is a better way of innovating, rather than customizing your core system of record. Enterprises should keep this core system, the Cloud ERP clean. SAP has dedicated significant resource to keep the core delivered as SAAS software and continually updated, much like one expects of a simple App on a smart phone. This commitment, which is delivered to customers via RISE w/SAP lifts the burden of maintaining the core and lets companies innovate on the edges.


SAP Portfolio 2023


  1. The path to Clean CORE: Business process transformation with Signavio

Many current systems are complex, include non-standardized business processes and, as a result, are heavily customized on-Premises ERP legacy landscapes. They did address the challenges of their times. However, times have changed, and for the current set of even more complex needs, one should have a renewed thinking to address this barrier to progress.

In comes a tool that will help, a strategic acquisition by SAP. SAP Signavio.

SAP Signavio provides insights and benchmarks with data and best practices from over 30,000 customers. This will enable you to analyze and standardize your existing business processes and introduce new business models designed for your industry in hours, instead of weeks. This input will help guide your enterprise to move a significant portion of the complex processes to standard processes in Cloud ERP. SAP Signavio is seamlessly integrated to BTP, SAP’s Business Technology Platform.


  1. Innovate using BTP – SAP’s Business Technology Platform.

In the world of composable architectures and services, one can choose from various providers like SAP’s BTP, Microsoft Azure, AWS, GCP, etc., and configure them to tackle innovation challenges. When it comes to business challenges connected to core systems like Core ERP or key systems such as Customer Experience, Human Resources or Supplier Management, opting for a business platform is both prudent and cost-efficient. SAP’s business platform offers a wide range of APIs, data models, and a suite of integrated services to address these challenges effectively.


  1. Industry Business Networks: Is a reality

When Pfizer, the people that we all must thank (among many others), who brought us the COVID Vaccine at scale, and Unilever, the leading consumer products company in the world – come on stage and attest how they are leveraging the SAP Business Network in various combinations to secure and make resilient their supply chain, It is time to rethink how one goes about securing their own supply chains. SAP has already launched Catena-X for the automotive industry. At Sapphire, announced business networks for more industries, include High Tech, Industrial Manufacturing, Consumer Products and Life Sciences, with more to come.


SAP Business Network for Industries


  1. Evolution in the climate challenge aspect of Sustainability: Carbon Accounting

All stakeholders want enterprises to demonstrate concern and proactive action to our planet to reduce greenhouse gases. This message was aptly conveyed, by non-other than John Kerry, the US special presidential envoy for climate change. His words on carbon accounting “there’s an old adage that you can’t manage what you can’t measure” …

SAP announced, a new ‘Green Ledger’ that integrates with cloud ERP to provide real-time financial and environmental decision-making transparency at a granular level. First release to come later this year as a feature of RISE w/SAP and GROW w/SAP, and continuous innovation in the Green Ledger, with a substantial R&D investment in this area.


  1. GROW w/SAP

With the Success of RISE w/SAP over the last couple years in the large enterprise market, SAP announced a similar offering, targeted to the mid and scale-up market. This offering is named GROW w/SAP and is in full swing. The offering includes SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public edition, a ready-to-run cloud ERP solution that is built on the latest industry best practices and continuous innovation. GROW with SAP also includes SAP Activate, a proven methodology for cloud adoption, and an open, collaborative community where customers can learn from each other and share best practices.



Grow with SAP


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