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Automatic component consumption in SAP Digital Manufacturing


SAP Digital Manufacturing provides important feature where you can consume the component during the SFC Complete automatically or consume the component automatically by separate activity.Sometimes we need to consume some components automatically once components are validated where component type is without Backflush.

If you want to consume the component automatically before sfc complete then configure Complete Standard button. Add the Production Process activity before SFC Complete Activity on Complete button. Design the production process with 2 service calls1. Auto Assemble 2. Complete SFCs and pass required parameters.

Here we are considering the Workcenter POD to consume the components automatically which are loaded on Resource BIN. We can design one production process using Auto Assemble service call under Assembly. Trigger this production process from POD as a separate activity.

Here we are triggering the Auto assembly production process as a separate activity on the Workcenter POD.


  1. Load the component by BOM or Manual on Time-Based Auto Assembly section in Manage Resource App
  2. Load the Inventory in BIN in Load Resources With Components App
  3. Call Auto Assembly Service in Design Production Process
  4. Call Production Process through WC POD as a activity
  5. Components are assembled –(Required and Loaded Inventory on BIN Qty Should be same)
  6. As-built Summary Report on Product History App or Product Genealogy App


Step-1. Add BOM Component on Resource BIN

Now you can load the BOM component on Resource BIN.

Load BOM Components

Click on the Add button and select the Add from BOM or Add Manual.

Here you select as “Add from BOM”.

Search the BOM and select it.

Check the BOM components and click on Select button.

Once added the components on Time-Based Auto Assembly tab on Manage Resource app.

Step-2. Load Inventory on BIN

Load the inventory on the BIN component on Load Resources with Components app and that components will consume automatically using Auto Assemble service call.

Click on Load button to load the Inventory on Bin for the component. 

View the Inventory which one you want to load on Bin.

Select the inventory.

Click on Save button to load the Inventory.

Click on Close button.

Loaded the Inventory for the component on BIN.

In a same away you can load the inventory for other BOM component as well.

Loaded Inventory details.

Here we create the Inventory in SAP DM where qty is 10 and storage location is 171C for first BOM Component.

These two BOM Components are loaded on Resource BIN.


Step-3. Design Production Process app

Here we are taking Start, End controls and Auto Assemble service under Assembly service. The Plant, Resource , Operation and SFC are used as input parameters.

Note: Please check below reference to design the production process.

Step-4. Execute SFC and consume the Component automatically

You van copy of Standard Work Center POD (DEFAULT_WC_POD) and create custom Workcenter POD by and add the Auto assembly Production process on Activity button. Pass the input parameters on POD. Start the SFC for Resource and Workcenter. Now trigger the auto assembly production process as per the SFC and components will be assembled automatically which are loaded on resource BIN. Now you can check the as-built summary on Product Genealogy Report app as well as inventory qty will be reduced from Resource BIN on Load Resource with Components app.

Note: Please check as reference to create custom worcenter POD.

Configure the Auto Assembly Activity on Workcenter POD.

Click on the Action button, click on configuration and click on Assign Actions.

Click on Add button.

Select the Production process.

Click on Configuration button.

Pass the input parameters.

Click on Save and Publish buttons.

Open custom Work center POD ,start the SFC for Resource and Operation. Here we are considering the assemble components on first operation.

Component’s Required Qty is 10 and also we have load the inventory with qty 10 on Load Resources with Components.

Now click on the Action button and trigger the TimeBaseComponent activity.

Automatically assembled the components.

Also reduced the Inventory Qty which are loaded on Resource BIN on Load Resources With Components App.

You can check the As-Built Summary on Product Genealogy app and Product History app.

Assembled details on Product History.

Product Genealogy Report.





In conclusion, Auto Assembly feature is playing as an important key role to assemble the components automatically which components are loaded on BIN on resource using Low-Code and No-Code features and also reduce the component consumption manual effort and time.If you want to consume as a bulk consumption without backflush, this feature is very useful.


If you have any questions, please share your comments on answer questions section and any feedback is highly appreciated.


Sunita Sarkar

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