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Reflections on My First d<com>: A Journey of Learning, Connections, and Celebrations

Dear Community,

I am excited to write this post as it is my first ever public engagement with community through a public blog post. Although I had intentions of writing earlier, it took some time to articulate my thoughts into words and, ofcourse, went through numerous rounds of edits and corrections. Here it goes!! ūüėä

I had the privilege of attending my first-ever d-com, our largest technology festival, as an intern. This occasion acts as a forum where our colleagues can engage with one another, acquire knowledge, and discover the latest product and technology advancements, all while enjoying themselves.This dynamic event not only sparks innovation but also empowers teams to develop cutting-edge products and solutions that enhance customer satisfaction and tackle complex challenges head-on.


From April 26th to 28th, 2023, the three action-packed days of d-com were filled with immersive product deep dives, enlightening masterclasses, engaging networking sessions, and unforgettable DJ night.The event was graced by the presence of esteemed Executive Board Members Thomas Saueressig and Juergen Mueller as well as a host of leaders including Dragana Bjelonic, Anja Schneider, Jan Gilg, Stefan Steinle, Dr. Philipp Herzig, Michael Ameling, Clas Neumann, Florian Roth.


This event holds great importance for me, not just because it marks my first d-com, but also because I had the opportunity to personally meet our CTO, Juergen Mueller. He graciously took a moment to capture the following photograph.

Got a chance to meet our CTO Juergen Mueller

It was an absolute pleasure meeting leaders¬†Anja Schneider,¬†Anirban Majumdar, and¬†PavanKumar PVN. Their words of encouragement have motivated me to continue learning and pursuing my interests fearlessly, even as I start my career at SAP. I’m immensely grateful for their invaluable support, which has boosted my confidence and propelled me towards my goals. My team came together to capture this moment.


My Team with Leaders Anja Schneider , Anirban Majumdar and PVN PavanKumar


Being part of this event for the first time, I eagerly immersed myself in the diverse activities and sessions that unfolded over the three electrifying days. From participating in engaging sessions with quizzes offering exciting prizes to exploring the TechShowcase pod’s demonstration of a game that used OpenCV to capture hand gestures for playing Super Mario, the experience was nothing short of extraordinary. As an avid AI enthusiast, I eagerly attended insightful tech talks and sessions by Future of AI, which provided invaluable insights into leveraging the SciKit learn library for developing machine learning projects. Additionally, I joined the exhilarating Hit The Trail Challenge at D-shop and emerged as the winner, earning remarkable rewards.


Mahesh Palavalli  and Lalit Mohan Sharma introduced me to SAP Community, an online platform that brings together SAP professionals, customers, partners, and enthusiasts to share knowledge, ask questions, and collaborate on various SAP-related topics. It serves as a vibrant hub for learning, networking, and staying updated on the latest trends and developments within the SAP ecosystem. I learned that the SAP Community platform facilitates engaging discussions, enables contribution to blogs and articles, provides a platform to ask and answer questions, and offers a wealth of resources such as tutorials, documentation, and best practices. It creates a valuable space for individuals to connect with experts, share experiences, and seek guidance from the community. Inspired by this community, I decided to publish my first blog (this blog) as an initiative to stay connected and contribute to this extensive network.

Furthermore, Arshitha S A introduced me to Career Canvas, a program that provides comprehensive resources and guidance to employees, enabling them to explore diverse career possibilities, identify their strengths and areas for development, and craft personalized development plans.

In addition to these incredible experiences, I had the honor of being part of the core organizing team for DemoJam. Our journey began approximately two months ago, forming the team, understanding the essence of DemoJam, and crafting a meticulous plan. This exciting venture, although tiring, was filled with adventures and valuable learnings for each team member. I extend my sincere gratitude to Peeyush Chaurasia for providing me with this wonderful opportunity, and thanks to my amazing teammates, we made it a great successūüėä!¬† Mahesh Palavalli¬†Ashmita Sinha¬†Rudrangshu Tarafder¬†Dhanya S P¬†Anjitha K A¬†Chinmayi Shetty¬†Ashok Kumar M¬†Anagha Krishnan¬†Pushpendra Yadav


DemoJam 2023 Core Team

Finally, the celebration of the 25th anniversary of SAP Labs India has added an extra layer of significance to this remarkable event. It serves as a testament to the legacy of innovation and excellence that continues to drive us forward.

With a heart full of gratitude and excitement, I look forward to embracing the future, leveraging the lessons learned, and making a positive impact in the world of technology. I would like to thank my mentor Ajit Kumar Panda¬†¬†and my entire team PVN PavanKumar , Uma Anbazhagan , Praveen Kumar Padegal , Mahesh Palavalli , Lalit Mohan Sharma , Shanthakumar Krishnaswamy¬†¬†for their unwavering support, guidance, and motivation throughout my journey, and here’s to many more adventures to come!

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      Author's profile photo Ajit Kumar Panda
      Ajit Kumar Panda

      Congratulations Swati Maste  on your first blog!! Keep writing. !!

      Author's profile photo Swati Maste
      Swati Maste
      Blog Post Author

      Thank you so much Ajit Kumar Panda !

      Author's profile photo Sandeep Komina
      Sandeep Komina

      Well done Swati Maste , Congratulations

      Author's profile photo Swati Maste
      Swati Maste
      Blog Post Author

      Thank you so much Sandeep Komina !

      Author's profile photo Chinmayi Shetty
      Chinmayi Shetty

      Congratulations on your first blog post Swati Maste Grinning face with smiling eyes

      Author's profile photo Swati Maste
      Swati Maste
      Blog Post Author

      Thank you Chinmayi Shetty ! Smile eyes