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Working with SAP Analysis for office : Best practices ,Tips and Tricks

In Today’s session I will discuss about best practices ,tips and tricks.

Let’s start one by one .

1. Proper way for report Creation : Create the report from BO launchpad Datasource not from Tcode RSRT  in SAB BW datasource/ Native hana CV. otherwise when you try to reschedule the report from CMC then it will through the error.

  • Preferable  Method :

  • Non Preferable method : 


But I have lots of issue where the Analysis for report created from RSRT and facing problem for scheduling. Then you need to change the source before you save the report into BO launchpad which has been discussed in the next .

2. Change the source system to BO launchpad from Local system to avoid Scheduling issue :

You can check the system connection to local or from BO launch pad from “Information” Tab. For our case it is connected to Local system. see the below –


Now we need to change the system to the source system accessible via BO launch pad.

  • First go to component tab and click the log off.

  • Then click on the Replace System.You can see the existing local system attached.


  • Change the landscape to SAP Business Object Bi Platform(BIP) .Click on the + button and you will get list of systems. Choose which is the system that is accessing via BO launchpad for the source.


2. Analysis tab or option is disable or not available : 

  • Some time after install the analysis tab is not available. Go to options by below –


  • Select Analysis Toolpak for  from check box and press OK. Analysis option will be available in excel now.


3. Copy the Table/Chart  from one sheet to another sheet with the same Datasource (Smart Copy/Smart Paste):

When you use try to copy from Table/Chart  from one sheet to another sheet using normal copy paste it will copy only the data. No datasource will be attached and you can not refresh the chart in the new sheet. use smart copy paste option to do this.

  • Select chart/table,click on smart copy :

  • Smari paste on the target sheet.

You can able to copy with datasource.

4. Disable  Smart refresh When adding field in the design panel to reduce the development time as every time it will stop the data refresh.When you add all the fields the Disable/Unselect the “Pause Refresh”  button.


5. Repeat Numbers : if sometime you have duplicate entity in column then value will not show in all the rows. Two show it we need to go to Analysis Design tab and repeat numbers.

6. Always hide the total before adding field into row and column if not required explicitly. Otherwise it will create “Exceeds threshold Limit “.


7.  Show either key or text as per requirement :


8.  When provide input parameter use clipboard copy paste function from clipboard.

9. Shifting tables from one location to another location in sheet if they places one below another and periodically  refresh exceeds the row limit allocated to tables. After a certain refresh then it will collide with each other and return corrupted dataset.

  • To avoid this situation go to component tab and select the first row of the table and change the cell , put fust $ number change and the change will automatically reflect.
  • Do this from low table/chart to upper table sequentially so that the space required to expand for each cell we cab give to each cell.


Hope this will help.

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