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What’s New in SAP Analytics Cloud Release 2023.10

SAP Analytics Cloud brings together analytics and planning with unique integration to SAP applications and seamless access to heterogenous data sources. It helps everyone in your organization make decisions without doubt with trusted insights and integrated plans.

This blog post introduces the features of the SAP Analytics Cloud 2023.10 release available for SAP Analytics Cloud FastTrack customers. For SAP Analytics Cloud Quarterly Release Cycle (QRC) customers, this release and its features will be available as part of the QRC Q3 2023 release. View the QRC release schedule here.


System Administration and Technical Requirements

Although not required, you may upgrade to the latest SAP Analytics Cloud agent version 1.0.373 to take advantage of all data acquisition types.

The agent’s minimum version remains at 1.0.75, with the following exceptions:

  • Version 1.0.99 for SAP ERP/SQL Database
  • Version 1.0.365 for SAP universe (UNX). The SAP Analytics Cloud agent requires additional setup steps, for more details see SAP Note 3262098
  • Version 1.0.353 for SAP Business Warehouse (BW)
  • Version 1.0.235 for SAP HANA View
  • Version 1.0.248 for File Server

For more information, see System Requirements and Technical Prerequisites.

Regarding supported features and required updates for the integration of SAP BW with SAP Analytics Cloud, refer to SAP Note 2541557 for further details.

Regarding supported features and required updates for live universe access through SAP BusinessObjects Live Data Connect with SAP Analytics Cloud, refer to SAP Note 2771921 for further details.

Please download the latest version of the Simple Deployment Kit from Service Marketplace.

  • Note: To avoid downloading older versions and potentially exposing users to a vulnerable bundling of the Cloud Connector with SAPJVM, or Apache Tomcat, only the three latest versions of the kits are available to download.

For Cloud agent version change management details, refer to SAP Note 3264839.


Release Highlights


Administration and Service Management


Integration of Analytic Office (AO) Files with the File Repository

Analysis for Office workbooks can now be saved and opened in the SAP Analytics Cloud file repository. Users will be able to filter on Analysis workbooks, share Analysis workbooks with other uses, and add Analysis workbooks to the SAP Analytics Cloud catalog. (SAP Road Map Explorer)

Users will need to have the following role permission: Analysis Workbook with Read, Create/Update, Delete.

For more details, click here.

Dashboard and Story Design


Bookmark – Create/Update/Deletion Dialogs

The Bookmark Dialog has been improved for a simplified user experience in the Optimized Story Experience:

  • We have removed duplicate and unnecessary information from the dialog
  • It is now accessible via keyboard navigation


Filter and Exclude by Member (Cartesian Filter) (for Charts)

When a chart contains multiple dimensions, users can now choose to filter or exclude members in a Chart

  • It is accessible via the content (right-click) menu when interacting with the Axis Labels
    • Tree Maps are an exception where you can right-click a data point to expose the options filter or exclude by member

This feature is only available in the optimized story experience.


  • It is not supported for Charts that do not have axis labels (excludes Tree Map) ​
  • It is not accessible via Marquee Selection or the Left-Click Menu​
  • It is not available in Mobile​
  • Filter or Exclude by Member will be disabled in situations where there is a multi selection across dimensions or when there is a mix in selection types​


Converting Stories Overwrites the Classic Story

We now provide Story Designers an option to determine whether the conversion to Optimized Design Experience should override the existing object:

  • Convert will override the Classic Story
  • Convert + Save As will prompt the user to save a new copy of the story in the Optimized Design Experience

It is recommended to use the convert option as it ensures that the Story ID remains the same.

This is not available for the conversion from Classic Analytic Applications to Optimized Design Experience.


Data Modeling


Search for SAP Datasphere Data in Model Selection Dialog

Users can now search for SAP Datasphere Analytic Models, Analytical Datasets and Perspectives within the model selection dialog when creating a story. This quick search functionality allows users to directly select and consume a model, instead of navigating to the SAP Datasphere space and selecting a model. Live search and sort on results is supported.


Enterprise Planning


Planning Process Management – Creating of Locking Tasks from the Calendar Wizard

In the Generate Events wizard, users can now add automatic data locking tasks before or after the events that will be generated for the leaf members of the driving dimension. As event types, users can now choose to create general tasks and review tasks and schedule data locking before or after the general task or after all review tasks. Alternatively, it is possible to create composite tasks as before and schedule data locking before or after the composite tasks. For a better overview, group the generated tasks in a process, and enter task type specific suffixes to the task names. Individual descriptions for each task type, or a general description can be added for all generated events. (SAP Road Map Explorer)


This blog post only provides a high-level overview of the latest features and enhancements of SAP Analytics Cloud. You can find more details on these features in your In-App Help Guide for FastTrack customers and see this SAP Knowledge Base Article if you’d like to learn more about FastTrack and Quarterly Release Cycle releases. 


If you have any questions regarding the content in this blog post, you can comment below. If you have product specific or technical questions, post a question to our SAP Analytics Cloud Questions & Answers forum. Visit our SAP Analytics Cloud Community pages to find more product information, best practices, and more. And check out our SAP Road Map Explorer to see more upcoming features of SAP Analytics Cloud.

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      Author's profile photo poorna mahe
      poorna mahe


      I have to say, I'm really interested in this article about SAP Analytics Cloud release 2023.10. It's impressive to see the advancements they've made in this update. The integration of Machine Learning capabilities is a major highlight. It means that users now have access to powerful analytical tools that can analyze data and provide valuable insights automatically. This opens up a world of possibilities for businesses to make data-driven decisions more efficiently and effectively. The article also mentions improved data visualization options, which will make it easier for users to understand and communicate data visually.
      Thank you for sharing this informative article!


      Author's profile photo Dominik Zehentner
      Dominik Zehentner

      Hello Megan, does "Filter and Exclude by Member" work for table component as well from 10.2023 or will it only available for charts and made avalaible for table at a later point? PRODUCT=67838200100800006884&PRODUCT=73555000100800001621&range=CURRENT-LAST#;INNO=136C9A8B06721EEDBBFBF95F58EC4C25

      Thanks a lot

      Author's profile photo Megan Hoy
      Megan Hoy
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Dominik Zehentner , wave release 2023.10 is for charts. I've asked our product team about support for tables.

      Author's profile photo Tunir Kapil
      Tunir Kapil

      Hi Dominik Zehentner

      Yes it is actively in development. You can reference the official roadmap explorer (HERE) for the timeline on this feature. It is currently planned for the 2023 Q3 QRC.