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Make Your Voice Heard: Contribute to SAP AI Core Documentation

Your feedback as an SAP customer or partner has always played a vital role in improving our documentation. With the Open Documentation initiative, we’ve now made it easier for you to give us feedback and even contribute to the documentation yourself. Read on to find out more.

What Is the Open Documentation Initiative?

The Open Documentation initiative brings together everyone involved in SAP documentation, from the authors and software developers to you, the readers. Collectively we aim to improve our content so that it’s easier to use. For that reason, we’ve added two new options to the SAP Help Portal pages for SAP AI Core and SAP AI Launchpad: The Edit page option lets you contribute directly to our documentation and the Create issue option lets you provide feedback to us.

What Do You Need?

Both the Edit page and Create issue options take you to a repository hosted on, so you’ll need an account with GitHub. It’s free and easy to set up. You can find out how to create your account here.

We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the contribution guidelines and pay particular attention to our code of conduct.

How Does It Work?

Once you’ve set up your GitHub account and signed in, open the documentation for SAP AI Core or SAP AI Launchpad and decide whether you want to change the documentation directly or simply raise an issue for our authors to look at.

Suggesting a Change

If you’d like to change the documentation yourself, proceed as follows:

  1. Click Edit to open the current page in GitHubEdit%20Page%20option
  2. Click the pencil icon so that you can edit the page.Pencil%20Icon%20on%20GitHub
  3. Fork the repository as requested. You can learn more about forks at Fork a repo.
  4. Update the documentation using Markdown and commit your changes.Commit%20Changes
  5. Create a pull request using the standard GitHub procedure. You can learn more about pull requests at About pull requests.

Raising an Issue

If you’d like to raise an issue for our authors to look at, proceed as follows:

  1. Click Feedback > Create issue to branch to GitHub.Create%20Issue%20option
  2. Enter your feedback and submit your issue.Submit%20New%20Issue%20on%20GitHub

What Happens Next?

When we’ve received your contributions, we’ll review them and accept, modify, or reject them depending on whether the changes are accurate and consistent. For more information, see What to Expect. Because your changes may require an in-depth review, it might take some time before they appear on SAP Help Portal. If we need any clarification from you, we’ll also reach out via GitHub.

In the meantime, keep track of your contributions by using the standard GitHub tracking functions (see Filtering and searching issues and pull requests) and stay informed using notifications (see Setting up notifications).

What’s in It for You?

Like any community, the SAP Community thrives because its members invest time, energy, and knowledge to help each other solve problems. Our most active members receive badges and honors, which award them for their commitment and time investment. By adding to the SAP AI Core and SAP AI Launchpad documentation, you can receive badges for both contributing content and providing feedback.


For more information, see Collaboration missions for the Open Documentation Initiative.

Start Contributing Today

The Open Documentation initiative makes it easy for you to provide feedback and contribute directly to the SAP AI Core and SAP AI Launchpad documentation. By doing so, you can help to improve the content and make it easier for everyone to use. So if you’re an SAP customer or partner, take advantage of this opportunity and start contributing to the documentation today. Create your free GitHub account and begin suggesting changes or raising issues. Your contributions could earn you SAP Community badges and help improve the overall SAP experience for all customers.



The Open Documentation Initiative by SAP encourages customer feedback and contributions to improve the SAP AI Core and SAP AI Launchpad documentation. Two options have been added to the SAP Help Portal pages: the Edit page option and the Create issue option, which are both available under Feedback. You’ll need a free GitHub account to contribute. You can either suggest a change by editing the documentation directly or by raising an issue for SAP authors to review. Contributions will be accepted, modified, or rejected based on their accuracy and consistency. SAP Community badges are also available for customers who contribute to the SAP AI Core and SAP AI Launchpad documentation.


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      Author's profile photo Martin Stenzig
      Martin Stenzig

      Great to see you adopting the ODI. Big fan!

      Author's profile photo Paul PINARD
      Paul PINARD

      Thanks for this great initiative Carl Isaac!