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One Exposure: A Data Cleanup Guide

One Exposure is the central storage of SAP Cash Management, which stores the data, named flows, from different sources. The data then will be consumed by several programs or Fiori apps.

One Exposure, with current implementation, using the ‘DELETED’ flag to indicate the flows are deleted. Means, the data in One Exposure won’t be deleted physically. It is the similar design like files’ deletion from Operation Systems (Windows, for instance), the deleted files will go to ‘Trash’ firstly without physical deletion.

As you need do in your Operation System, you need ‘Empty Trash’ to perform the physical deletion and your Trash size will keep increasing. The same behavior occur in One Exposure.

Hence, here comes the data cleanup guide:


A. General Concept

The data which won’t be used should not be generated. And the data with no use shall be deleted with a periodic manner.


B. Avoid Unnecessary Data Generation

It is highly recommended to avoid unnecessary data generation if possible.

From One Exposure point of view, the activation of the source application controls the data generation.

It is highly recommended to deactivate the non-used source application of One Exposure to avoid the unnecessary data generation.

For instance, if you don’t need SD related information in your usage of Cash flow, you can switch off the SD activation for a certain company code in One Exposure. Use the FQM activation related programs to achieve so.


C. Obsoleted flows

By default, One Exposure won’t delete the data physically. It will mark it to the ‘DELETED’ flag.

From the usage point of view, those data with the ‘DELETED’ flag marked are Obsoleted Data which won’t be touched by standard apps.


D. Snapshot Functionality and Snapshot Historical Flows

SAP Cash Management introduced the Snapshot concept which add the temporal concept into the data. This functionality will trace the whole lifecycle of the flows by adding the Valid From and Valid To attribute, and it allows user to switch back to certain timepoint to review the figures.

Enable this functionality will result in two kinds of data:

– Current data. Data is valid at present.

– Historical data. Data is invalid at present, but valid at certain timepoint in past.

Enabling Snapshot won’t increase the data volume. It means that the data volume will be the same from the data volume point of view:

– With Snapshot off, the obsoleted flows contributed the most.

– With Snapshot on, the Snapshot historical flows contributed the most.

It is highly recommended to keep a short period for Snapshot historical flows, for instance, 7 days.

To active/deactivate the Snapshot functionality, you can change it the ‘Basis Settings’ of SAP Cash Management.


E. Data cleanup

As introduced in ‘General Concept’, the data cleanup shall be performed periodically. The periodic job can be defined to ‘Delete Obsoleted Data’ and ‘Delete Snapshot Historical Data’ respectively.

  • Delete Obsoleted Data.
    To delete ‘Obsoleted Data’ with an application job, you can schedule a manual job for program FQM_DELETE with the deletion type Delete Flagged Entries.
    To delete ‘Obsoleted Data’ with online mode, you can use FQM_DELETE and choose the deletion type Delete Flagged Entries. Please be aware that it could lead to timeout when deleting a large set of data.
  • Delete Snapshot Historical Data
    To delete ‘Snapshot Historical Data’ with an application job, you can schedule a manual job for program FQM_DELETE with the deletion type Snapshot Cleanup. It is recommended to specify the days you want to keep for Snapshot Historical flows.
    To delete ‘Snapshot Historical Data’ with the online mode, you can use FQM_DELETE with deletion type Snapshot Cleanup. You also need to specify either a cutoff timepoint or the days of Snapshot historical flows which need to be kept. Please be aware that it could lead to timeout when deleting a large set of data.

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      Author's profile photo Rajiv Shukla
      Rajiv Shukla

      Hi Hongjun Qian,

      Useful blog. Thanks for the informative blog. One request if you could elaborate more on One Exposure significantly usages for Cash Management will be great help to viewers.

      Keep it up...!

      Regards, RRS.