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Bridging the Value Gap: Value Bridge for Digital Transformation

Organizations worldwide are undertaking ambitious digital transformation and innovation initiatives in today’s dynamic business environment to withstand continuous disruptions and propel sustainable growth. However, the reality that most of these organizations grapple with is a glaring value gap; they struggle to unlock the potential value from their transformational efforts fully.

This blog post addresses the value gap in digital transformation and introduces the concept of Value Bridge. As a strategic offering from McKinsey, powered by SAP Signavio, Value Bridge aligns strategy, operating model, processes, data, and technology for continuous value delivery. The comprehensive approach of Value Bridge drives successful transformations by enabling organizations to realize their full potential while navigating the complexities of rapid technological advancements.

According to McKinsey research, nearly 70% of large-scale transformations are delayed and fail to meet expected benefits. This challenge is further accentuated by rapid technological advancements – generative AI, quantum computing, blockchain, to name a few. These technologies, while offering immense potential, present their complexities. Extracting maximum value from them requires careful guidance to prevent missed opportunities and increased vulnerability in a competitive landscape.

How can organizations bridge this value gap?

The answer lies in a paradigm shift in how we perceive value – not as an isolated, one-time outcome but as a continuous result embedded within the business operating model. This involves harmonizing strategy, operating model, processes, data, and technology with the ever-evolving business environment. Enter Value Bridge – a comprehensive offering from McKinsey, powered by SAP Signavio, designed to empower organizations to drive continuous value throughout their transformation journey.

  • Value Bridge uses a unique, end-to-end approach.
  • Frames value case upfront for clarity.
  • Continuously assesses value delivery during transformation.
  • Minimizes transformation pitfalls.
  • Enhances outcomes through continuous improvement.

This approach leverages McKinsey’s leading practices for value and elite digital innovation and SAP Signavio’s data-driven insights and process transformation capabilities.

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With this integrated approach, organizations can reap the desired outcomes while dodging the pitfalls of static value goals. By focusing on continuous value delivery, organizations can remain agile, adaptable, and ready to seize the opportunities presented by digital transformation.

Value Bridge is more than just a tool; it’s a strategic approach to digital transformation, innovation, and building a sustainable future. It places value at the heart of the journey. It’s time to bridge the value gap and drive continuous value for your organization’s digital transformation journey.


In conclusion, bridging the value gap is not a distant dream but a viable reality with the right tools and mindset. With Value Bridge, organizations can potentially maximize their ROI from existing investments, maintaining a forward focus on the business realities of today and the vision for the future. This approach alleviates the vulnerabilities posed by technological advancements and hurdles of organizational readiness, achieves strategic alignment, and paves the way to achieving outcomes and unlocking unparalleled success.

The synergies of McKinsey’s leading practices for value and elite digital innovation and SAP Signavio’s data-driven insights and process transformation capabilities equip organizations with the tools and knowledge to navigate their transformation journey effectively.

As we move forward in this era of relentless disruptions and rapid technological advancements, Value Bridge emerges as a beacon for organizations, guiding them toward resilient growth and a future brimming with opportunities. As you embark on your transformation journey, step into the future with confidence and clarity. It’s time to embrace Value Bridge and unlock the full potential of the opportunity ahead — the time to start your journey.

Stay tuned for the interview with Darwin Deano, Partner, McKinsey & Company.

Big thank you to Arun SharmaDee Houchen, and Manja Kuchel for their contributions to writing this blog post.

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      Frank Kraft

      Sounds great, albeit a little bit vague at this point.

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      Arun Sharma

      Frank, thank you for your followership and comment. I'd be happy to set-up some time with you and answer any questions. Please feel free to drop me a note at