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Author's profile photo Yasho Ratna Gupta

Schedule Job with Last Execution Date/Time or with Time Window using Report BTCAUX10

Introduction: Recently I have encountered a business scenario where we needed to schedule a batch job for a definite period and on a regular time interval. Furthermore, subsequent jobs should not trigger, if we needed to stop/delete a previous job in case of any error.

In T-code SM36, we don’t have this functionality available. We can schedule a job by giving a Start execution Date/Time with a frequency, but no option to give the Last execution Date/Time.

Solution: To achieve this requirement, SAP has provided standard Report BTCAUX10 (Schedule Job with Last Execution Date/Time or with Time Window- Note 1527859). The beauty of this report is that it doesn’t only give an option for Start and Last execution date/time, but also, provides other functionalities such as restrictions for specific date/time or based on the factory calendar. If the job created by BTCAUX10 terminates for any reason before a successor can be created, the period chain will get interrupted.

Parameter/Select options of the Report BTCAUX10

Job name: Name of the job that has to be scheduled.

Report: Enter the name of the report to be run by the scheduled job here.

Background User: Enter the user’s SAP ID who will run the report.

Period values: Specify the time span during which the job should run, such as one day for daily execution.

First and Last Start Date/Time: Enter the first and last date/time when the job will be executed.

Time Interval: Select “Use Restriction” and enter the desired window of time if the job should only run between a specific time window.

Start Date/Time Restrictions: If on a Sunday or holiday, we need to halt the job, we can do that by providing the factory calendar.


SAP also offers some other batch program utility reports, and these reports are absolute treasures. Please refer to SAP note 997328 – Utility programs for background processing.

  • Report BTCAUX01 (Display Jobs with Missing Print Parameters  – Note 798544)
  • Report BTCAUX02 (Display Jobs with Deleted Printers  – Note 1226171)
  • Report BTCAUX03 (Utility Program for Archiving Job Logs – Note 1072621)
  • Report BTCAUX04 (Identify Periodic Jobs Scheduled More Than Once – Note 1130883)
  • Report BTCAUX05 (Select Jobs for Spool Requests – Note 1145265)
  • Report BTCAUX06 (Logging the deletion of jobs – Note 850885)
  • Report BTCAUX07 (Check Status of Active Jobs – Note 1169524)
  • Report BTCAUX08 (Display Start or End of a Job Log – Note 1167524)
  • Report BTCAUX09 (Identify Jobs with Deleted Users – Note 1533612)
  • Report BTCAUX11 (Example program for creating a job with a spool list recipient – Note 1332133)
  • Report BTCAUX14 (List Background Jobs by Their Frequency – Note 1439806)
  • Report BTCAUX17 (Identify Jobs with an Invalid Program or Invalid Variant)
  • Report BTCAUX18 (Various Checks for Jobs and Their Logs)
  • Report BTCAUX20 (Deletion of Obsolete Entries from BTCOPTIONS – Note 2129203)
  • Report BTCAUX21 (Find Joblogs With Only One Message – Note 2548430)
  • Report BTCAUX22 (Detect TBTCO entries with invalid values in date fields)
  • Report BTCAUX23 (Find jobs with missing spool list recipient – Note 3034144)


I appreciate you taking the time to read the article. I truly hope you liked it.
Please feel free to share your opinions and suggestions.

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      Author's profile photo Satheeshkumar Dhandapani
      Satheeshkumar Dhandapani

      Good information

      Author's profile photo Yasho Ratna Gupta
      Yasho Ratna Gupta
      Blog Post Author

      Thank you Satheesh!

      Author's profile photo Hemanthkumar Koppelu
      Hemanthkumar Koppelu

      Thank you.

      Author's profile photo Ankur Gandhi
      Ankur Gandhi

      Nice information. however i have a question. How can we schedule a job with multiple programs as steps? So that when one program is finished other will start. This can be done in SM36.

      Author's profile photo YASHO GUPTA

      Hello Ankur,

      In SM36, we can schedule job with an option 'After Job' under Start condition with Status-dependent. But there is no option to schedule a job with multiple programs as steps. If you want to schedule it through only one job, you can create a wrapper ABAP program and use JOB_CLOSE, JOB_SUBMIT and JOB_CLOSE functionality to achieve it.

      There are some job schedulers like Run My Job or Automic which you can leverage to complete the requirement.

      Author's profile photo Shai Sinai
      Shai Sinai

      You may manually edit the job in transaction SM37 and add additional steps (programs).

      The first step (BTCAUX10) is the one which is responsible for (pseudo-)scheduling of the next job.

      Author's profile photo KHALED Abdelkrim
      KHALED Abdelkrim

      Hello and thank you for this interesting blog.

      I tried to schedule my job using the BTCAUX10 program for my needs and I notice that :

      • We have the obligation to put a last execution time (Maximum 1 year from the first execution date) => So this date must be renewed every year
      • The scheduled job does not respect the factory calendar ID => It runs daily by bypassing the calendar included in the variant (reliable calendar verified by the SCAL transaction).
      • The time interval is not respected (by ticking and/or un-ticking) the use restriction => The job runs morning and evening without interruption. The only thing that is respected is the period between executions.

      Thank you in advance

      Author's profile photo Shai Sinai
      Shai Sinai

      It should work.

      Please check if the latest version of report BTCAUX10 and the relevant notes are implemented in your system (e.g. 1527859 and 2635369)

      Author's profile photo KHALED Abdelkrim
      KHALED Abdelkrim

      Hello !

      Here is the program version.