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Successfactors Time Management – new features in 1H 2023 release


find here as usual my blog on new SF Time Management features:

blog on 1H 2023 SF Time Features

Just an abstract on the table of content on which I spent more words in the blog:

1. Time Off Features

1.1 Half public holidays for clock time recorders – day model variants

  • If there are half public holidays like in Germany you cannot simply say it is half of the planned working time for a clock time based employee. You need concrete start / end times – and not only for planned time but also for all other information in the work schedule day model. Day model variants allow to do so on half public holidays

1.2 Public holiday as normal working day – holiday work pattern

  • Allows to have a public holiday defined in the public holiday calendar which is not as usual an off-day but a normal working day. Needed to support manufacturing companies that produce 24×7, hospitals or specific employee groups like security, plant fire brigade and any other employee who needs to work regularly on a public holiday

1.3 Information dialog in time off and time sheet UI

  • Ever wanted to have more information for your employees on your business processes or regulations inside of the end user application? Ever wanted to reduce workload on HR side to explain leave policies to employees? The information dialog offers lots of flexibility to do so.

1.4 New workschedule tab in the time administration workbench

  • we redesigned completely the workschedule tab in the time administrator workbench. The usability and design improvements are tremendous !

1.5 Display of contingent workers in team absence calendar

  • Not only employees, but also contingent workers are now included in the team absence calendar. This facilitates vacation planning for the whole team

1.6 Multiple time account payouts with same posting date

  • allows to have for example in the termination process multiple time account payouts sharing the same pay component on the same day

1.7 Miscellaneous Time Off topics

  • From early adopter to general availability
    • effective dated time profile
    • reallocation of time account deduction
    • Time calendars for leave of absences with undetermined end date
  • New rule function “Get absence in days or hours for a period based on deduction quantity and timetype”
  • Take rule parameter to validate recurring absences in absence validation rules
  • Enhancements for automated “end of continous pay calculation” for sick leave Germany


2. Time Tracking Features

2.1 Copy possibility in time sheet UI

  • Lots of requests from customer for it: easy copy function in time sheet that facilitates and speeds up the process of time recording. This will boost the productivity in your company!

2.2 No extra submit needed anymore for single records that need an extra approval

  • big usability improvement based on customer feedback: single records that need an extra approval are now automatically submitted when saved

2.3 Rest period violation detection

  • is needed to cover regulations like for example European Working Time Directive according to which an employee needs at least 11h rest between end of work and start of work on the next day

2.4 Useful time valuation enhancement: Create time record out of nothing

  • usually you need an input to trigger a time valuation and to create a time valuation result. But this enhancement allows to create a time valuation result “out of nothing”, without any time record. Example is a time bonification for transfer time from the entrance gate far away of your working place.

2.5 Time Event (clock in/ out punches) reporting possibility

  • gives you a detailed report on clock in/ out events – where time pairs are missing, need to be approved and many more

2.6 Time Event API for Export

  • some countries like Greece require clock in / events to be send to state authorities in real-time. With this API you can do so.

2.7 Rounding of start / end working time to flextime bandwidth

  • last release we shipped the rounding of start / end times to the work schedule planned working time. This is now enhanced to round to the work schedule flextime bandwidth

2.8 Minimum break block guarantee

  • many laws and regulations like for example the German Working time law stipulate that a break recorded less than 15 minutes ought not to be regarded as a break. With this enhancement you can cover this requirement

2.9 Time valuation filter on holiday work pattern

  • allows to differentiate in time valuation for work on public holidays that are paid off days or that are normal working days according the the employees holiday work pattern from the job info

2.10 Import of external time data for overtime recorders

  • import of external time data is currently only possible for positive time recorders. This is enhanced now for overtime recorders as well

2.11 Configurable auto-submit of time sheets for overtime recorders

  • allows an auto-submit of time sheets for overtime approvers according to specific conditions

2.12 Configurable Information dialog in Time Sheet UI

  • allows customer specific information text inside the time sheet application

2.13 New SAC report for Time Tracking usage analysis

  • new cleaner SAC report for customers to analyze the time tracking usage in their company

2.14 Miscellaneous Time Tracking features

  • Initialization rules for time sheet UI


3. Miscellaneous

3.1 Mobile enhancements

  • brief overview on time enhancements for mobile application

3.2 Transport Management

  • allows configuration transports from one system to another

3.3 Auto-acknowledge of Admin Alerts

  • define by alert type a days period after which the alerts are auto-acknowledged

3.4 Time forms (Early Adopter) – Create letters based on templates with actual absence and
master data

  • allows to generate letters based on templates with actual absence or time account data out of the time off application

3.5 SAP Best practice enhancements

  • learn on the preconfigured new content that you can download into your system

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