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SAP Commerce Interceptors in a nutshell

If you are an SAP Commerce developer, you must have heard of interceptors. In a nutshell, an interceptor is a mechanism that intercepts the request or response in the application flow and performs certain actions before or after the request has been processed. In SAP Commerce, interceptors are commonly used for caching, logging, and security-related tasks.

Interceptors are implemented via the Spring Interceptor framework, which is part of the Spring MVC framework. The framework provides a set of interfaces that allow you to intercept and augment the request and response objects. You can also define custom interceptors to suit your specific needs.

So, how do interceptors work in SAP Commerce? SAP Commerce uses a layered architecture that separates the presentation layer from the business logic layer. Intercepting a request or response involves adding an interceptor to the request/response handling layer. The interceptor then intercepts the request/response object and performs some processing before or after it is processed by the underlying layer.

One common use of interceptors in SAP Commerce is for caching. By intercepting a request and checking for its cacheability, an interceptor can serve a cached response instead of processing the request from scratch. This can improve application performance and reduce server load.

Another use of interceptors is for logging. By intercepting a request or response, an interceptor can add logging information to the application log file. This is useful for debugging and monitoring application activity.

Security-related interceptors can intercept requests and limit access to certain resources or URLs. For example, an interceptor can restrict access to certain URLs if the user is not authenticated or authorized to access them.

In summary, SAP Commerce interceptors are a powerful mechanism for intercepting and augmenting requests and responses in the application flow. Interceptors can improve application performance, enhance logging, and provide security-related functionality. If you are an SAP Commerce developer, take the time to understand how interceptors work and how you can use them to improve your applications.

Please refer below SAP link for more information:

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      Neeraj Yadav

      Impressive and informative.

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      Harish Vatsa
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      Georg Wittmann

      Looks like ChatGPT does not know everything about interceptors in SAP Commerce ServiceLayer. 🙂

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      Lookslike a lot of blogs needs to be written for appraisal.

      Atleast the link shared in the blog should have been read before writing this.