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MDG consolidation: Creating product data using FIORI

Hi All,

Previously I had shared the steps on how to configure the mass processing of business partners, and business partners relationships, the links to the blogs can be found below.


In this blog post, I will share the steps on how to create a material record using the Consolidation feature in MDG using file upload.


The Mass processing feature in MDG restricts the creation of root objects, like business partners, and material. However, the consolidation feature in MDG can be used to create new materials. Consolidation also has features like standardization, matching, best record calculation, filter and remove.

Traditional MDG file upload allows the creation of materials, however, the traditional NWBC applications are slower and users might experience timeout issues while creating bulk records during migration activities.

In this blog post, we will only go through the steps to create a material record without standardization, matching, etc. steps.



1. The first step is to import the predefined business configuration sets (BC sets).


2. The BC set activation will bring in the standard process template along with the process steps.       The standard process template has only 2 steps

  • Validate
  • ActivateProcess%20steps

3. Fiori applications have to be activated which are given below


4. Open the import data for consolidation app and download the file template. For purpose of this blog i have created a upload file with only material data basic data ( MARA) and material description( MAKT ).



5. Upload the file which is created,the system automatically analyzes the files for structural correctness. eg: If MATNR field is missing the file analyzer will give error. The source system will be the business system defined in the system. For the data package provide some meaningful text


6. Post data is imported, we can start with consolidation process. We will use the process template which was created in pt1. Provide some meaningful description for the process.


7. The created process will have only 2 steps which was mentioned in pt2. The validation step can be configured in MDCIMG. The standard validation adapter only checks the uploaded data against the back-end customizing. However you can create a Z configuration to check the uploaded data against your custom validation rules.



8. Start the process, to check if there are any validation errors. Luckily in my case there was no error hence the process directly activates the material data.


9.Go to MM03 to check if the data is activated available.




MDG consolidation provides an alternative approach to create, update bulk data records for business partners, materials using FIORI applications. It allows provides some advanced functions like standardization, de-duplication& merging, best record calculation while creating or updating the data.

This blog post only covers the basic functionality of consolidation. In future blog posts i would talk about advanced features like Matching, best record calculation etc, so please keep an eye on this space.

Hope you like the blog,and looking forward to your comments.




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      Author's profile photo Rameshreddy Challa
      Rameshreddy Challa

      Hello Anirban,

      Nice Blog!

      We are trying to implement the same solution for mass BP creation. But we are getting a error due to source ID issue.

      So could you please let us know the material number you provided in the screen shot was reserved before using in the template.

      Also if possible could please post sample load file for Mass BP creation.


      Thank you

      Best Regards



      Author's profile photo Anirban Roy
      Anirban Roy

      Hello Ramesh,

      In case of the material master example, the material number range was an external number hence i have passed it in the file.

      Could you please share what kind of issue you are getting & what is the corresponding setup for your business partner account groups.



      Author's profile photo Rameshreddy Challa
      Rameshreddy Challa

      Hello Anirban,

      Thank you for your reply!


      We are getting a dump at XO_BUSINESS_FACTORY===========CP while activating the process ID. The dump due to i_object_key is initial for object name : BUSINESS_PARTNER_CLASSIC


      method get_instance.
          lt_lo           type table of cexo_lo,
          ls_bo           type cexo_bo,
          ls_ref          like line of ref_list,
          lv_tabix        like sy-tabix,
          lcl_vo_factory  type ref to xo_validation_factory.
          <lo>            like line of lt_lo,
          <ref>           like line of ref_list.
      * check contract violation: all parameters must be supplied
          i_object_name is not initial,
          i_object_key  is not initial.
      * check, whether instance is in use
        read table ref_list assigning <ref>
          with table key
            bo_name    = i_object_name
            object_key = i_object_key.
        if <ref> is assigned.
          r_instance = <ref>-reference.
          ls_ref-bo_name    = i_object_name.
          ls_ref-object_key = i_object_key.


      We are using internal number ranges for BP and BP account group as PAY. Please refer attached BP grouping and load file we have used for Mass creation.

      The Source ID provided in the file below was not yet created in the system.



      Could you please let us know the missing part in the load file.


      Thank you

      Best Regards



      Author's profile photo Anirban Roy
      Anirban Roy

      Hi Ramesh,

      I would suggest you to raise a OSS message for checking this topic.

      There might be some missing setup or corrections which need to analyzed fully, which wouldn't be possible here.