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Checks to Troubleshoot Issues Related to Initiate Onboarding from Recruiting

Special thanks to Nivetha Gunasekaran and Satyabrata Chayani for their collaboration on this post!


There are several steps which need to happen successfully in background before a candidate initiated from Recruiting appears on the Onboarding Dashboard.

  1. Consumption of Onboarding Initiated event.
  2. Creation of Process Trigger entity.
  3. First Rehire Verification step.
  4. Creation of External User and Process entities.
  5. HRIS save.

Due to multiple steps involved, troubleshooting such issues might become complex. This leads to many issues reported by customers such as “Candidate missing after initiation”, “Candidate is lost”, “Candidate not available in Dashboard” etc. Sometimes such errors can’t be corrected through the Onboarding error workflow. And service requests need to be executed to enable the Initiate Onboarding option for the candidate for re-initiation.

In order to empower customers to solve such issues and seamlessly enable onboarding of new hires, we have introduced five new checks in the Check Tool. Each check also proposes potential solutions that can be implemented to fix these issues.

  1. BPE process flow exists for initiation from Recruiting.
  2. Data mapping between Recruiting and Onboarding is consistent.
  3. Process trigger object exists for the new hire.
  4. First rehire verification completed or skipped for the new hire.
  5. Process object exists for the new hire with a valid status.


  1. You have Access Check Tool and Allow Check Tool Quick Fix permissions under Check Tool.
  2. You have Process Trigger – Edit and Process – View permissions under Onboarding or Offboarding Object Permissions.

Usage of Checks

BPE process flow exists for initiation from Recruiting

This check validates if Onboarding process flow necessary for initiation from Recruiting is available and active in the system and proposes a solution in case of an error.



Data mapping between Recruiting and Onboarding is consistent

This check helps to know which field or entity is having the issue or why the data has not been sent from RCM. The input parameter for the validation is Job Application ID of the candidate. By entering the Job Application ID, this check validates the below scenarios and lets the customer/partner to check and correct the mapping:

  1. Empty value check for all the fields.
  2. Variant not matching with the value sent from RCM for Picklist/Foundation Object field types.
  3. Picklist value sent from RCM is invalid.
  4. National ID validation:
    1. Empty check for national ID such as Country/Card Type/National ID number.
    2. Country Specific Validation.
    3. Card Type validation based on Country selected.
    4. National ID number pattern mismatch based on Card Type selected.

The below screenshot provides an example of how the check results are shown:



Process trigger object exists for the new hire

The check validates the availability of Process Trigger object and provides the ability to apply quick fix. The quick fix can be utilized in below cases to enable the Initiate Onboarding option for failed candidate.

  1. The process flows were not updated from Update Process Flows for Onboarding and Offboarding page and the onboarding initiation was attempted from Recruiting.
  2. Failure during consumption of OnboardingInitiated event.
  3. An error during creation of Process Trigger object.
  4. New hire cancelled at First Rehire Verification step.




First rehire verification completed or skipped for the new hire

For new hires present at the first Rehire Verification step, Process object is not yet created. So, they do not appear in the Onboarding Dashboard. And if the initiator or hiring manager is not familiar with Rehire Verification process, this can cause confusion to understand the status of the new hire and why they’re not visible on the dashboard.

This check enables customers to identify if new hire is not present in Onboarding Dashboard due to pending rehire verification. Also, the check guides the user to assignees of Rehire Verification so they can reach out to complete the rehire task.



Process object exists for the new hire with a valid status

The check identifies and proposes solutions for below errors related to Process object for the new hire.

  1. Process object not created due to an error during external user creation or process creation.
  2. Process object present in Not Started state due to an error during HRIS save.




Customers and partners can now easily check onboarding initiation related issues and mitigate it themselves. Thus, improving the overall onboarding experience for new hires.

In case you have any questions or feedback, please post them in the comments section of this blog.

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