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What’s New in SAP Analytics Cloud Modelling Calculations QRC Q2 2023 Release


Hello SAP Community colleagues!

This blog introduces the latest Modelling Calculations feature of the SAP Analytics Cloud 2023.07 release available for SAP Analytics Cloud FastTrack customers. For SAP Analytics Cloud Quarterly Release Cycle (QRC) customers, this feature will be available as part of the QRC Q2 2023 release. For more information, view the QRC release schedule here.



Modellers can access two new formulas within the Calculations Workspace of SAP Analytics Cloud:


These return the subtotal & percentage of subtotal for a member, broken down by one or multiple dimensions.

They are available for account models and for models that contain both measures and accounts.

Let’s take a closer look at these new formulas.



SUBTOTAL returns the subtotal of a member, broken down by a dimension or multiple dimensions. Up to 10 dimensions can be passed in as parameters.



New SUBTOTAL formula


In the screenshot, we can see an example of SUBTOTAL, where at the top level of the TST_PRODUCT dimension, Alcohol, Juice, Soft Drinks & Water are added to give a subtotal of 429 million.

At the next level of the hierarchy, PRD005 & PRD006 are combined to give a subtotal of 251m for Water.



%SUBTOTAL returns the % of subtotal for a member broken down by dimension or multiple dimensions.  Up to 10 dimensions can be passed in as parameters.


New %SUBTOTAL Formula

In the screenshot above, %SUBTOTAL is calculated using the Measure * 100 / subtotal value.

For example, Water is (251m * 100) / 429 = 58.61%



For both formulas, values are not aggregated over non-aggregable dimensions.  For example, other Accounts, other Versions, or other Categories.

We also recommend that modelers apply their own preferred scaling option to their results.  For example, set the result to million with two decimal places for SUBTOTAL and set the result to percent with two decimal places for %SUBTOTAL.



There are plenty more innovative new Model Calculations features to come in 2023, so watch this space!

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below or post a question to our SAP Analytics Cloud Questions & Answers forum.

See this SAP Knowledge Base Article if you’d like to learn more about FastTrack and Quarterly Release Cycle releases.

For further information, visit our SAP Analytics Cloud Community pages to find more product information, best practices, and more. And check out our SAP Road Map Explorer to see more upcoming features of SAP Analytics Cloud.  Thanks for reading!

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