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Author's profile photo Narasimha Prasad Bhat

SAP Universal ID – Create it now !

Purpose: To educate users on how Universal ID is created and managed through screens.

There are many helpful blog posts on the benefits of SAP universal ID creation. Just so you know – few are mentioned here.

1-Creation and Benefits of Universal ID by Monika.

2- Let’s merge those accounts by Craig Cmehil.

I have Universal ID. This is how I manage multiple SAP user IDs using a single  Universal ID. No need to remember the passwords of multiple SAP IDs now.



Isn’t it simple? ———-  SAP simplifies things. If you agree, please do comment and create your Universal ID now !

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      Author's profile photo Sebastian Schuck
      Sebastian Schuck

      Always nice to see someone appreciating Universal ID.

      Some additional notes:

      - You can freely set a nickname for each linked account, so you do not have to memorize the PSCDI-User IDs for each context. These nicknames are displayed in the account selector.

      - If you have more than 10 accounts linked, the account selector offers a search bar to speed up finding the proper account. Some users really have up to 100 accounts linked.

      - The Universal ID team is improving the user extension flows so you can extend the lifetime of a user directly from the account manager instead of going through the OSLP. Additionally, you should be able to manage all your s-user properties through the account manager soon. All in all, the goal is to make managing accounts even more straightforward.


      Author's profile photo Narasimha Prasad Bhat
      Narasimha Prasad Bhat
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Sebastian.

      very insightful and useful information

      Author's profile photo Michael Fritz
      Michael Fritz

      Unfortunately, it starts getting annoying with this Google Captcha thingy.

      Almost every time I try to login, using Chrome browser on Windows, I have to solve useless riddles about bikes, busses, bridges, stairs and traffic lights. No matter if I use my e-mail address or my former S-user on the first occurring login web page.

      After proceeding, when it comes to the password page, many of those captchas are blocking my way into any of the SAP pages.

      And it's not a single captcha I've to solve at a time during a login attempt, I see up to five in sequence and not all of them are easily to solve because who always knows which parts of a bike  or traffic lights are relevant for solving. Quite annoying!

      I already opened a ticket 5088320 / 2023, with SAP but nobody of the support staff could solve this issue so far. My last question was, if we couldn't use a 2FA authentication instead of captchas. This has never been answered, though.

      Using MS Edge mitigates this issue a bit, but not fully.

      So, guess what? I'm really pissed off of those captchas right now and the way, SAP complicates the login process for their customers!