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SAP Cloud ALM Health Monitoring for SAP Cloud Connector

This blog goes over the required steps necessary to enable SAP Cloud ALM Health Monitoring for SAP Cloud Connector


Nowadays the migration from on-prems apps to cloud I/P/SaaS is buzzing and of course SAP couldn’t leave monitoring market behind…

I decide to write my first blog (so be patient with me!) about CALM Health Monitoring and CC because SAP is more and more pointing to Cloud ALM as its own monitoring tool (…but I still fancy Sol Man..) AND I hope readers will gain a good experience on how easy is to implement the monitoring for on-prems apps with CALM



  • Finally SAP Cloud Connector is supported in CALM, check the help


  • Administrative credentials for SAP Cloud Connector
  • Administrative credentials in SAP BTP subaccount where CALM is hosted
  • Administrative credentials in SAP CALM

Cloud Connector steps

  • Login with Administrative credentials and connect BTP subaccount where CALM is hosted
    • Login with Administrative credentials and add subaccount


add subaccount

    • Compile add subaccount fields (about region and subaccount, retrieve this info from BTP CALM Subaccount overview page)


compile add subaccount

    • If the connection in prev. step is successful you should be able to click on subaccount overview


subaccount overview

  • Add mapping and resource of Cloud Connector itself
    • Click on “cloud to onprems” from the left hand pane and then “Add system mapping”


add system mapping

    • There are many ways to create systems mapping, below is how i did it for sap cloud connector


select backend type








no principal


i support the use of virtual host

    • add resource


add resource



BTP cockpit steps

  • Login with Administrative credentials to BTP CALM subaccount and get the connector ID of the SAP Cloud Connector connected to BTP CALM subaccount
    • Login with Administrative credentials to BTP CALM subaccount
    • Expand “Connectivity” on the left hand pane and click on “cloud connectors” to check the success of previous steps and to take note of “Connector ID”


CALM Landscape Management steps

  • In the best case scenario, at CALM activation, all systems under same license of SAP CALM should be automatic enrolled in LAMA but, as of now this is not valid for SAP Cloud Connector so here below are the supplementary steps:
    • Login with Administrative credentials to CALM and open Landscape Management
    • Select “systems” from left hand pane and click “Add” link


LAMA add system

    • In the Add System wizard, choose SAP Cloud Connector as Product, fill system name and role freely (although i recommend the 3characters policy of SAP ERP Landscapes), paste “Connector ID” taken in BTP cockpit steps


Add System

    • There is no major checks on previous window inputs so it should be easy to reach status below and it’s time to see if all steps performed so far worked, click the link “Add” in the section “Endpoints”


System is added and status is new

    • Fill the fields in Add Endpoint wizard as follow: “Name” should be prefilled, “Description” should be meaningful, “Use Case” should be chosen based on scenario (keeping in mind that this doesn’t replace the steps in the related scenario), “Virtual Host and Port” should be filled from the previous performed Cloud Connector Steps, “Authentication Type” is greyed out, lastly I recommend to enter Administrative credentials for BTP CALM subaccount in “User and Password”
    • Endpoint%20info


    • Before hitting the button “Save” , click the button “check connection” AND (despite what you read about strange http errors) it should return http 200


successful endpoint connection check

    • Pleasantly hit button “save”


CALM Health Monitoring steps

  • And finally here below the steps for the goal of this blog:
    • Login with Administrative credentials to CALM and open Health Monitoring
    • Click on the “scope” icon


scope button

    • Quite few steps in the “Select Scope” page, click “toggle filter bar” to expand default selection, change “service status” from default settings “configured” to “All”, in the filter section type your SAP Cloud Connector name, flag the entry related to the system that we are configuring and finally click “apply(1)”


Select Scope

    • ¬†At the overview page, click the button configuration



    • Flip the switch to ON


switch on

    • At voila’



    • Below an example of very interesting metrics (availability check…)




Someone may say about this blog “hey it’s just a series of steps…” but I’m sure that reading this blog will get readers comfortable with CALM for their implementations and that All together will make CALM a more customer oriented tool…

Please feel free to share your feedbacks or thoughts in a comments and I’ll try to answer to All of you

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      Author's profile photo Pieter Janssens
      Pieter Janssens

      Only the CC connected to the same subaccount where CALM is hosted can be monitored?

      Author's profile photo amo ntella
      amo ntella
      Blog Post Author

      hey Pieter Janssens if I understand your question, the answer is no. Once you have one CC connected to the subaccount, you can monitor the other CC in the landscape as well. good question!A