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Author's profile photo Rachita Patel

SAP BTP Free-tier: Missing Free Plan Option (Cloud Foundry)


This blog refers to the SAP BTP free-tier usage on how to get the Free service plan enabled.

A. Description:

Initially, after logging to the BTP free-tier account, in order to start with the service configuration, the Cloud Foundry Environment has to be enabled. This is normally being done, by clicking on the ‘Enable Cloud Foundry‘ in the particular subaccount (please refer Fig.1).


Fig.1. Cloud Foundry Environment (Source: SAP BTP Subaccount Homepage)

Now, as shown in Fig.2., there is no Free-Plan service option. In the ‘Plan’ dropdown, only Standard environment is being shown initially. And selecting this will incur cost.


Fig.2. Enable Cloud Foundry (Source: SAP BTP)

B. Problem Statement:

How to set-up the Free-plan service in the Enable Cloud Foundry?

C. Resolution:

Please follow the below steps to get access to the Free-plan service in SAP BTP Cockpit.

Step 1: In the BTP Global Account, go to Entitlements and click on Entity Assignments.


Fig.3. Entity Assignments (Source: SAP BTP Cockpit)

Step 2: Click on the Select Entities icon.


Fig.4. Select Entitiy (Source: SAP BTP Cockpit)

Step 3: Check the appropriate Subaccount and click on the Select button at the bottom.


Fig.5. Select Entities (Source: SAP BTP Cockpit)

Step 4: Now, go to Configure Entitlements.


Fig.6. Configure Entitlements (Source: SAP BTP Cockpit)

Step 5: Immediately next step is to click on the Add Service Plans


Fig.7. Add Service Plans (Source: SAP BTP Cockpit)

Step 6: Now, in the search bar of the Subaccount Entitlements, type Cloud Foundry. So, the Cloud Foundry Runtime appears, select this. And here, in the Available Plans section, the Free environment plan can be found. Select this plan and Click on Add 1 Service Plan.


Fig.8. Entitlements (Source: SAP BTP Cockpit)

Step 7: To make these changes, click on Save.


Fig.9. Saving the changes (Source: SAP BTP Cockpit)

Step 8: Once the Free-plan Entitlement Service is being added and saved. Now, go to the Subaccount and click on Enable Cloud Foundry.


Fig.10. Enable Cloud Foundry (Source: SAP BTP Cockpit)

Step 9: Finally, now you can see the Free plan option, select that, the Instance Name and Org name values will be automatically populated, click on Create, and now the free-plan services are enabled for Cloud Foundry Runtime.


Fig.11. Free Plan Service (Source: SAP BTP Cockpit)


Please provide feedback about your view and experience related to this extra step for the free-tier setup! Feel free to ask question by contacting me directly or commenting below.

Also, you can also refer to my following blog which enlists the end-to-end steps for setup of free-tier SAp Datasphere plan in SAP BTP.

SAP Datasphere: Getting Started with SAP Datasphere for Free

Reference Links

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      Author's profile photo Alejandro Sierra Serna
      Alejandro Sierra Serna

      Perfect and spot on. Thank you Rachita Patel

      It is a bit scary to explore the Free Tier knowing that a wrong click can make me fall in the normal Paid services.


      Please keep doing this kind of publication!

      Author's profile photo Manjunath Rayarapu
      Manjunath Rayarapu

      Useful Rachita, Thank you

      Author's profile photo Markus Jung
      Markus Jung


      The tutorial video does not reflect this.

      The blog also does not mention it.

      Why has this been changed anyway?

      Does not make a good impression to require extra steps, its bad enough defaulting to a paid service.

      It takes over 60 minutes and six status E-Mails to get started working with the platform, and in addition i have to do additional resarch as the tutorial information is outdated or incorrect.

      If SAP wants to get developers interested they should improve the experience asap.

      Author's profile photo Markus Jung
      Markus Jung

      In additon, Launchpad Service has been renamed to SAP Build Work Zone


      Author's profile photo Khaled El Ghali
      Khaled El Ghali

      Thanks Rachita Patel !!

      Additional information: For those who are having trouble finding the "Free (Environment)" in Step 6, please check if you are in the correct BTP.

      All these steps need to be performed in SAP BTP ( and NOT in BTP Trial.

      Author's profile photo André Luiz Kleine dos Santos
      André Luiz Kleine dos Santos

      Thank you very much Rachita Patel!

      I was lost until I found your instructions. It worked!

      Author's profile photo Mikhail Kalyabin
      Mikhail Kalyabin

      Thank you! I spent plenty of time trying to sort it out by SAP resources and only your post helped me!

      It's great that you shared this knowledge!