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You got chocolate in my peanut butter…You got peanut butter in my chocolate

The merging of non-employee workers and employees into a single place to manage a total worker population kind of reminds me of that old Reece’s Peanut Butter Cup commercial. Despite dating myself, I must admit this commercial still cracks me up. What a conundrum… two people collide, and the result is a wonderful and diverse symphony of flavor. Sounds like Total Workforce Management to me!

Total Workforce Management is in many conversations these days, but what does it really mean? And why, after years of touting co-employment risks and encouraging different systems to manage and track Employees versus Contractors, are we now recommending bringing the entire workforce population back together as a leading practice?

It boils down to compliance. Our recommendations have not changed. It’s still crucial to manage and track different categories of labor in their appropriate channels. HR and Procurement policies differ vastly when it comes to enabling, managing, paying for, and measuring employee versus non-employee labor. You still need to source and hire labor appropriately in the source systems. One example of many, is you can’t effectively manage variable effective dating, rate changes and billing scenarios for contingent labor in HR/HXM systems. However, industry has evolved to recognize there are significant benefits to bringing key aspects of total talent management together1:

  • Gain visibility to and inclusion for your entire workforce
  • Optimize how you plan, staff, onboard, and develop all categories of labor
  • Create engaging experiences for your total workforce, resulting in increased productivity and business impact
  • Harmonize collaboration, learning, certifications, and activity management that apply to all labor types
  • Proactively plan for the future with actionable insights; determine financial impact of different workforce compositions

By leveraging SAP SuccessFactors and SAP Fieldglass applications together, you get the best of both worlds; the ability to streamline activities, communications, analytics all in one place as it pertains to your entire worker population, yet still maintain the regulatory compliance of these different populations end to end within the right solution designed to manage intricacies of these separate populations.

SAP makes it simpler than ever to integrate both solutions for a seamless and streamlined experience. SAP has several pre-built, “productized” integrations between SAP cloud solutions; including pre-built connections between SAP SuccessFactors and SAP Fieldglass, allowing customers to further realize their existing investment. SAP builds, delivers, and maintains these integrations through upgrades, while also delivering continued innovation; ultimately reducing customers’ total cost of ownership.

There are 3 pre-built integration solutions available to customers (integrated workflow visual below)2:

  1. Master Data – for purpose of harmonizing foundational data elements between SAP SuccessFactors and SAP Fieldglass (this is a prerequisite for integration options 2 and 3 below).
  2. Position Management – ability to create an SAP Fieldglass Job Requisition from SAP SuccessFactors’ Employee Central Position Management for a vacant position. Allows for single point of requisitioning from within SAP SuccessFactors for ease of use. This does not prevent an end user from starting the requisitioning process in SAP Fieldglass, however.
  3. Worker Record – ability to replicate worker data from SAP Fieldglass to SAP SuccessFactors’ Employee Central to leverage all the above benefits regarding visibility, management, and analytics for total workforce management.


SAP Fieldglass and SAP SuccessFactors Integrated Workflow

In today’s world it’s more common than ever to have a diverse worker population. In fact, studies show the average company makeup of workforce between externals and employees is nearly split. See: Harvard Business Review on Talent Disruption3. People have different ways of working and gone are the days of staying with the same type of work for an entire career. In fact, a kaleidoscope of experience is encouraged to promote innovation and creativity. So why not take advantage of easy ways to integrate our chocolate and peanut butter for Total Workforce Management to better leverage this diverse workforce.


1 Source: SAP Fieldglass Brochure Total Workforce Management
2 Source: Integration Resources External Workforce Integration for Intelligent Enterprise Business Synopsis and API Business Hub: SAP Fieldglass Integration with SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central
3 Source: Harvard Business Review Talent Disruption: Strategic Workforce Planning in the Age of Labor Shortages
Additional Resources: Data-driven Strategy for Both Your Employees and External Workers

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