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The new SAP Digital Manufacturing for Insights, including MDOs, Operational Reports and Embedded SAC


SAP has just introduced the new SAP Digital Manufacturing for insights (DMi), the latest manufacturing insights solution that offers advanced analytics features to analyze and optimize your digital operations.

With DMi, you can visualize production data, which is already structured and stored in Manufacturing Data Objects (MDOs), to monitor your manufacturing processes, perform operational analytics, and gain deeper insights into your operations.

In this blog post, I will show you some aspects of the new SAP Digital Manufacturing for Insights (DMi), including the Manufacturing Data Objects (MDOs) and their relationships, DMi’s architecture, including its Manufacturing Data Layer, Data Transformation, Interconnected MDOs, Embedded SAP Analytics Cloud (eSAC), External APIs, and its scalable and flexible design.

Additionally, it covers the simplification of data analysis with Operational Reports and the visualization capabilities of Embedded SAC.



New DMi Apps


SAP Digital Manufacturing for Insights receives data from SAP Digital Manufacturing for Execution and transforms this raw data from into interconnected Manufacturing Data Objects (MDOs) optimized for analytics purposes.

These MDOs are stored in DMi’s Manufacturing Data Layer, where they can be accessed by various apps, features, and external OData APIs. The best part? No configuration is required, and complex data models are a thing of the past. DMi creates MDOs and their relationships automatically in the background, making it incredibly easy for you to analyze your production data without the need for complex data models.


DMi Architecture

The architecture of SAP Digital Manufacturing for Insights (DMi) is designed to efficiently handle and process data for analytics purposes. Let’s explore the key components of DMi’s architecture and how they work together to bring insights into your manufacturing operations.

  1. Manufacturing Data Layer: The heart of DMi’s architecture is its Manufacturing Data Layer. This is where the Manufacturing Data Objects (MDOs) are stored. The Data Layer serves as a central repository for all production data, making it easily accessible for various apps, features, and external APIs.
  2. Data Transformation: Raw data from SAP Digital Manufacturing is automatically transformed into MDOs optimized for analytics. This transformation process ensures that your production data is structured and ready for use in your analytics projects.
  3. Interconnected MDOs: The MDOs in DMi are interconnected, allowing for complex relationships between different data objects. This simplifies the process of analyzing your production data and enables you to uncover hidden insights more easily.
  4. Embedded SAP Analytics Cloud (eSAC): DMi incorporates the power of Embedded SAC to provide robust and user-friendly analytics capabilities. By integrating SAC into its architecture, DMi enables you to create custom dashboards and stories, to visualize your production data.
  5. External APIs: DMi’s architecture supports access to MDOs via external OData APIs. This allows for seamless integration with other systems and tools, expanding your analytics capabilities beyond the DMi ecosystem.
  6. Scalable and Flexible: DMi’s architecture is designed to be scalable and flexible, accommodating the growing needs of your manufacturing operations. As your production environment evolves, DMi can adapt to support more complex analytics scenarios and data relationships.

Manufacturing Data Objects (MDOs)

Manufacturing Data Objects (MDOs) help to simplify data analytics. MDOs are created by restructuring production data from SAP Digital Manufacturing for Execution and storing it in a separate database within SAP Digital Manufacturing for Insights.

These objects can be used to analyze production data without requiring complex data models, as the MDOs and their relationships are created automatically in the background. MDOs are divided into categories such as Material, Order, Resource, and Routing, and you can filter subsets of data within each MDO to analyze specific attributes or related tables.

Out of the box, the following MDOs are currently available in 23.02 Release of SAP Digital Manufacturing:


Available MDOs in 23.02 Release

Simplified Data Analysis with Operational Reports

SAP Digital Manufacturing for Insights offers some Operational Reports that help monitor and analyze production processes, deriving insights from them.

The Order Report and SFC Report apps provide valuable information for monitoring and analyzing orders and SFC information.

Order Report app allows users to view information about orders, such as the order number, materials, serial numbers, quantities, progress, schedule, order status and much more, and to refine the information displayed using filters.

Similarly, the SFC Report app provides information about SFCs or Charges in orders, which can be viewed and filtered based on various attributes.

Both of these apps are designed to streamline the process of analyzing production data and provide insights into the status and progress of production orders and SFCs. By utilizing these reports, users can make data-driven decisions and optimize their manufacturing processes to improve efficiency and productivity.



Order Report

Embedded SAP Analytics Cloud (eSAC)

The embedded SAP Analytics Cloud allows you to create custom dashboards and stories, visualizing your production data without needing to create any new data models. You can choose the relevant data attributes and visualize them in different types of diagrams or tables. The dashboards and analytics features are powered by SAP Analytics Cloud, which is embedded in DMi.


Embedded SAC


In the video series below, you can see how easy it is to create your first Dashboard:

Create your 1st KPI

Create your 1st Chart and Filters

Adding Multiple Charts

Adding Timeseries Chart

Adding Numeric Poits for Resource Status

Adding Different Chart Types

PDF Export and Publish

Experiencing SAP Digital Manufacturing

You can have a glimpse and experience several aspects of SAP Digital Manufacturing via the Interactive Value Journeys below:

Discrete within SAP Digital Manufacturing and S/4HANA Cloud
Process Industry within SAP Digital Manufacturing and S/4HANA Cloud
Tool Management within SAP Digital Manufacturing
Resource Orchestration within SAP Digital Manufacturing
Production Process Design within SAP Digital Manufacturing
Shop Floor Orchestration with SAP Digital Manufacturing
Time Tracking within SAP Digital Manufacturing
SAP Digital Manufacturing for Insights
Nonconformances Processes within SAP Digital Manufacturing


Do you like this post? Please let me know in the comments section what you think. Any feedback is highly appreciated.

Or, if you have any questions, please check SAP Community Q&A Area, or comment down below.


Manoel Costa

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      Author's profile photo Thomas Baeten
      Thomas Baeten



      Is it still possible to add "Images" to your Dashboards?

      When I try to create a Dashboard, I can see the start screen where I can select an "Image" but it is directly overwritten to only add a Query, as below:

      The view is directly overwritten by the following:


      Am I missing roles to be able to add more to the Dashboard instead of queries?

      Thank you

      Author's profile photo Manoel Costa
      Manoel Costa
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Thomas! Yes, it is definitely possible to add images. However, creating a Data Source in Query Designer must come first. So, as soon as you are done creating your Data Source in Query Designer, you will get back to your screenshot #1, where you can add Charts, Tables, Images, Shapes and Texts to your story canvas.



      Author's profile photo Thomas Baeten
      Thomas Baeten

      Thank you for your reply.


      Is it still possible to create an "Image" of a shopfloor, where I can add areas linked to sensor data (indicator data), as explained in your other blog:

      Massive thanks for your reply already!

      Author's profile photo Manoel Costa
      Manoel Costa
      Blog Post Author

      Not at the moment, unfortunately.

      The app used in that blogpost was recently deprecated.

      Author's profile photo Sunita Sarkar
      Sunita Sarkar

      Hi Manoel,


      I am not able to create new dashboard. Authentication page is opening and trying to connect. Is there any other way to open it?

      Thanks and regards,


      Author's profile photo Manoel Costa
      Manoel Costa
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Sunita,

      You can check SNotes 3292945 and 3260054.



      Author's profile photo Yann Golding
      Yann Golding

      Hello Manoel,

      Great Tutorials showing what Embedded SAC can do.

      Questions: Is there a way to "Flag" a finished item in DMC ? Or have a unique value for a specific set of data?



      Author's profile photo Manoel Costa
      Manoel Costa
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks, Yann.

      Yes, sure! In SAP DM, you can track production against SFCs, which stands for Shop Floor Control. SFCs are unique identifiers that represents a specific instance of a particular material being built during the manufacturing process. An SFC can have multiple statuses, including "Done" when it's finished. You can track As Built, Genealogy, Traceability and etc against SFCs.

      Hope it helps,


      Author's profile photo Yann Golding
      Yann Golding

      Thank you for the response Manoel!