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Author's profile photo Andre Fischer

New version of RAP Generator available

Last weekend I published an update to my openSource project RAP Generator.

The updated version is available at GitHub

I have refurbished the UI (still using the Fiori Elements preview) but using more field groups to allow for a more easy navigation.


Open RAP generator

The new version comes with a new UI which let you enter the basic project data upfront, such as the type of the datasource being used (table, cds_view or abstract_entity), the implementation type (managed or unmanaged), the binding type and whether the project shall be draft enabled or not.

In addition you have to provide the name of the data source that is used by the root entity, the name of the package where the repository objects shall be generated and the name of the root entity.

By providing this information upfront the generator is able to determine the abap language version of the datasource and the key layout (uuid or semantic key) so that all this information can be set upfront.Open%20RAP%20Generator

Open RAP Generator


The only thing that is then left to do on header level is to provide (optionally) a suffix or a prefix that will be added to the repository object names that are suggested by the RAP generator.

You can then continue to maintain the details of the root entity such as the mapping of those field names to their role in the RAP business objects that the generator was not able to determine automatically.

proposed repository object names and field names

When adding a child node you are asked for the entity name and the name of the datasource so that again determinations can run before you start editing the entity details.

A new feature is also that you are now able to maintain the field names of the entities that are suggested by the generator.

In various customer events I learned that the generator is used by several customers and partners, more than I have been aware about so far.

Feedback is as always welcome and if you don’t mind to share with me that you are using this tool, that would be great as well.

Kind regards,




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      Author's profile photo Florian Henninger
      Florian Henninger

      Now, that I can use an 2021 I will have a look at it and looking forward to some great discussions.

      Great work Andre

      Author's profile photo Stephan Heinberg
      Stephan Heinberg

      Thanks, André!

      Will this become "ABAP Platform" Standard or will the “ABAP Platform” Version stay with the ADT UI.

      Best regards,


      Author's profile photo Andre Fischer
      Andre Fischer
      Blog Post Author

      This will not become standard and ABAP Platform will stay with ADT UI!

      This project is meant as a front runner tool and I am working on how these features can be incorporated into the standard ADT based offering.


      Author's profile photo Shavneet Singh
      Shavneet Singh

      Hello Andre Fischer :

      White i was traying to pull the changes in an online mode , as explained in the github link , it did not worked and many objects did not got pulled in.

      Is it mandatory that we have to create the package name as zdmo_rap_generator ?? , if not then how does it works.

      Its also written for 2021 s/4 hana on premise release :

      1. Create a package 'TEST_RAP_GENERATOR'.

      This also did not worked with many syntax errors.


      We are in S/4 hana Onpremise release . Would you please help in getting this in our system. Basically is there any restriction on package name ? , because all other objects starts with ZDMO in RAP generator.

      Also we had package with names zdmo_rap_generator and zdmo_rap_generator01 , should i delete these packages , they were created 6 months back , so now i want to configure the update on.

      Your help here is appreciated.


      Regards ,

      Shavneet Singh

      Author's profile photo Andre Fischer
      Andre Fischer
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Shavneet,

      there is no restriction with regards to the name of the package. The package name has either to start with a "Z" or with "TEST_".

      I personally prefer "TEST_" since there are no transport requests created in this case.

      In the repo I have not stored the package definition so you should be fine to import it into any package in the customer namespace.

      Maybe it is a good idea to start from scratch and to remove all objects that belong to an older version of the generator (that start with ZDMO*).

      Kind regards,




      Author's profile photo Shavneet Singh
      Shavneet Singh

      Thanks for the reply Andre.

      I did removed all objects from the package, and started refresh . We are on the On-premise release 2021. We ended up with a lots of syntax Errorssyntax%20error%20in%20RAP%20generator\.

      syntax error in RAP generator

      Attached is the screenshot.

      Kindly help , as this open source RAP generator is of the upmost importance for our project . WE are building everything on RAP. Looks like the updated version of RAP generator is not working on lower release.

      What other approach i should follow ?


      Thanks and Best regards ,

      Shavneet Singh


      Author's profile photo Andre Fischer
      Andre Fischer
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Shavneet,

      thanks for pointing me to this issue.

      I have now removed the interface views


      from the repository since they have not been used so far.

      In addition I have then changed the abstract entities ZDMO_I_RAP_GEN_PARAM_ADD_NODE, ZDMO_I_RAP_GEN_PARAM_ADD_NODEA, ZDMO_I_RAP_GEN_PARAM_ADD_NODEC and ZDMO_I_RAP_GEN_PARAM_NEW_PROJ and removed a UI annotation that is not supported on 2021.

      Finally I changed the setup class


      that you have to run after having imported the repository such that it again creates a V2 service binding instead of a V4 binding.

      Please note there one small issue left. After you have added a new node using the actions

      you will get an error message: "The requested data was not found"

      Simply navigate back with the back button of your browser

      and you will see the added entity.

      I plan to work on this UI hickup but since it's not a showstopper I hope you will now be able to continue your work.

      Kind regards,






      Author's profile photo Shavneet Singh
      Shavneet Singh

      Hello Andre ,

      Thank you for updating the repository.

      All the issues are resolved , mass activation worked. Updated version of RAP generator was  configured with V2 binding , tested with a small application , worked perfectly as before .

      Also tested delete repository objects , worked as expected , will play around more with the update version , and will be giving feedback if any.


      Thanks again ,


      Regards ,


      Author's profile photo Vincent Desrochers
      Vincent Desrochers

      Thanks, André! After that great hands-on session @SAPTechEd2023 looking forward to try this new version of the RAP generator!



      Author's profile photo Dominik Bassing
      Dominik Bassing

      Hello Andre Fischer

      first of all thank you very much for your work and the posts you do!

      We would like to use your generator for some of our projects, but unfortunately the generator is not possible to install on our system (S/4HANA 2021 FPS1)

      On Pulling the repo we get the following errors (tried both online/offline):

      Thanks in advance for your reply!


      Best regards


      Author's profile photo Andre Fischer
      Andre Fischer
      Blog Post Author

      I just updated the GitHub repository and removed the interface views that cause the above mentioned error messages .

      Can you please check again?

      cloud-abap-rap/src at on-prem-2021 · SAP-samples/cloud-abap-rap (

      Author's profile photo Shavneet Singh
      Shavneet Singh

      Hello Andre ,

      I am using RAP generator again , and this is the first time i am trying to create all the boiler plate coding using a CDS view (Previously i had only use DB). I am using a standard SAP CDS view '

      R_RequestForQuotationTP......... Request for quotation.

      While generating i am getting this pop up message.

      Space found , attached is the screen shot. I also found that under the repository  section , few mandatory fields dont get filled automatically , so i filled those.

      Still i am getting the same error.

      Could you please , help and check.

      Regards ,

      Shavneet Singh


      Author's profile photo Andre Fischer
      Andre Fischer
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Shavneet,

      I checked with the latest version of my generator in a 2022 system.

      I was able to generate a BO, there are however some error message that required me to fix the generated code manually using ADT.

      So I have to analyze what I need to fix in my generator but you should be able to generate code and go throught the steps shown below to get a working sample.

      Check also the json file below that show what I have entered.

      After having performed the fixes shown below I was able to manually activate all objects and to test the preview. Do not forget to activate all objects (including behavior implementation class) because if you forget the latter you will get a dump.

      I had to uncommend the field FOLLOWONDOCUMENTTYPE in the R_ view and thus also in the C-view, I-View and metadata extension

        FollowOnDocumentCategory as FollowOnDocumentCategory,
      //  FOLLOWONDOCUMENTTYPE as PurgDocFollowOnDocumentType,
        PurContrValidityStartDate as PurContrValidityStartDate,
        PurContrValidityEndDate as PurContrValidityEndDate,
        PurchasingDocumentDeletionCode as PurchasingDocumentDeletionCode,
        IsEndOfPurposeBlocked as IsEndOfPurposeBlocked,


      In the C- and I-View I had to uncomment a "comma" that my generator has added at the end .


      //  PurgDocFollowOnDocumentType,
      //  ,





      The json looked like this

      Author's profile photo Shavneet Singh
      Shavneet Singh

      Hello Andre ,

      Below are my results , when i am trying to the same in 2021 system.

      as it is a CDS entity , so i choose unmanaged , draft.


      Regards ,


      Author's profile photo Shavneet Singh
      Shavneet Singh

      Hello Andre ,

      Made it Non draft , and it worked .

      REgards ,


      Author's profile photo Andre Fischer
      Andre Fischer
      Blog Post Author

      Glad to hear that.
      I have to check why draft does not work yet.
      But you maybe able to add draft manually now by changing the BDEF accordingly

      Author's profile photo Shavneet Singh
      Shavneet Singh

      Yes , i thought of similar idea .

      Now i was trying to add two childs also  ,

      R_RequestForQuotationItemTP and


      And i ended up with a another pop up error message.

      Just trying out our complete scenario , any help on this ?

      Regards ,


      Shavneet Singh

      Author's profile photo Dominik Bassing
      Dominik Bassing


       we stuck in another error now (2021 on-prem):