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Product Updates for SAP Business Application Studio 2303

Dear community,

In the past few weeks, we released several new features for SAP Business Application Studio. I’m happy to share some of the highlights with you.

Simplified Git View

SAP Business Application Studio enables you to connect and interact with the Git source control system. Using the Simplified Git View reduces the complexity of handling Git operations. It also allows you to simplify certain multistep operations into only one action, such as initialization and publishing of a Git repository or commit & sync. Thus, even users with little Git knowledge can now easily use Git for source control in SAP Business Application Studio.

For further information, see Using the Simplified Git View.


Screenshot: Overview on several Git functions available in Simplified Git

SAP HANA Calculation View Support for the SAP Business Application Studio Productivity Toolkit

SAP Business Application Studio provides a graphical editor to model SAP HANA Calculation Views. With calculation views, you can define complex scenarios based on data that is available in an SAP HANA database. Today’s Calculation View Editor relies on the database metadata provided by SAP HANA Cloud. This means, to be able to use the editor, the user needs to first deploy an SAP Cloud Application Programming Model (CAP) project to make the SAP HANA database artifacts available in the cloud.

The new features include a mock server which provides a database metadata API in the same format as the SAP HANA cloud-based API of the local CAP project. This “local” database connection can be consumed directly by the SAP HANA Calculation View Editor. Thus, you can use the editor before a CAP project is deployed to SAP Business Technology Platform. In addition, user experience is improved through an SAP HANA tree view. This further simplifies the creation of calculation views.

The SAP HANA calculation views created by the Calculation View Editor can be deployed later to SAP HANA Cloud, together with the CAP project in the MTA format.

Please note that the HANA Calculation View Editor is not part of the default list of extensions included in the dev space type “Full-Stack Application Using Productivity Tools”. It is an additional extension that needs to be added upon creation of the dev space.

For further information, see SAP HANA Cloud, SAP HANA Database Modeling Guide for SAP Business Application Studio.


Screenshot: Find data sources in the SAP HANA Calculation View Editor


Screenshot: Graphical support in the SAP HANA Calculation View Editor

Open Service Diagram from SAP System Service Provider

The Service Center is your central entry point to various service providers. In the Service Center, you can now open a diagram for the selected service with only one click. This diagram gives you a visual representation of the service entities, their properties, and the relationships between the entities. It provides an easy-to-understand overview of the content of a service including the relations between entities. This helps you to choose which entities you want to integrate into your applications.

For further information, see SAP System Service Provider.


Screenshot: Open Diagram for a selected service


Screenshot: Diagram for the “Business Partner” service entity

Full-Stack Application Using Productivity Tools Dev Space

Some of you might have noticed that the former Low-Code-Based Full-Stack Cloud Application dev space is now called Full-Stack Application Using Productivity Tools. With this change we better reflect the capabilities and future innovations in SAP Business Application Studio. By using the productivity tools in SAP Business Application Studio, you get a visual approach to software development. This approach allows you to optimize the application development lifecycle by abstracting and automating every step. It reduces the complexity and the time needed to develop and deliver custom applications.


For further information on new features, please have a look at the “What’s new” information for SAP Business Application Studio.


As always, you can find detailed information around these and other capabilities in the SAP Help Portal and upcoming releases in the public Roadmap.

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      Author's profile photo Ramin Shafai
      Ramin Shafai

      Finally a simplified Git tool!... It will be much welcomed.

      It shows that SAP has been listening.

      Thank you