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New Features in SAP Subscription Billing (2023-03-20)

Welcome to our blog series about SAP Subscription Billing’s new features!

This week we’re happy to share several features that were recently released: a new setting for billing of backdated subscriptions, a simplified approach to including forecast usage in billing forecasts, and some additional search and filter options. Let’s have a look together in detail:

New setting for billing of backdated subscriptions

In billing profiles (Business Configuration), you can now specify when charges for backdated subscriptions should be billed. You can choose between billing the day after subscription creation or within the adjustment period that applies for changes to charges.


Billing of Backdated Subscriptions on Day After Creation

The following APIs have been updated to add the new setting for billing of backdated subscriptions:

Business Configuration API: Updated endpoint: /config/Global/BillingProfile/v1 (GET) and (PUT)

Bills API: Updated endpoints:

  • /bills (GET)
  • /bills/{identifier} (GET)

Simplified handling of forecast usage in billing forecasts

When a billing forecast is generated, the Billing Forecasts service now uses existing forecast usage, and the business event is triggered without receiving forecast usage from an external service. You can also post the delta forecast usage without posting a complete forecast usage list for every billing cycle. If you do multiple postings in a rating period, these are consolidated.

With this new approach, the following restrictions for posting forecast usage with the Usage Records API are now removed :

  • Use the /usage-records/$batch endpoint only.
  • Set the atomicityGroup as the value of sequenceNumber which you can get in the Usage Forecast Request event.

Additional search and filtering options

Filter subscriptions by subscription profile

In the Manage Subscriptions app, you can now filter the list of subscriptions using the Subscription Profile field. To do this, enable the field in the filter settings and display the column in the subscriptions list if required.

Subscription Profile Filter and Column

Search for products with different types of rate plan templates

In the Products API, you can now use the endpoint /products/search (GET) to search for products with rate plans that reference rate plan templates with pricing schemes or without pricing schemes.

Good to know

If you’re integrating SAP Subscription Billing with SAP S/4HANA Cloud and encounter issues related to business events, you can now find troubleshooting information in the Integration Guide:

Troubleshooting for Subscription Management with Sales Billing (scope item 57Z)
Troubleshooting for Subscription Management with Convergent Invoicing (scope item 5IK)

In the Setup and Administration Guide, you can now find information about various aspects of security for SAP Subscription Billing and the SAP Business Technology Platform, under Security. This includes information about Certifications that demonstrate compliance of the software with industry-recognized standards and regulations.

That’s all on our latest features. Thank you for reading today’s blog post! ☁️

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Stay tuned and take care!


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