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Calculation View Features of 2023 QRC1

Within the time frame of 2023 QRC1, several new calculation view features have been released in SAP HANA Cloud that can be used with SAP Business Application Studio. Some of these features are highlighted below. You can find examples that illustrate the individual features here. An overview of features of other releases can be found here.

Some of the features require also a new release of SAP Business Application Studio released beginning of April 2023.

User-Defined Functions in Calculated Columns and Filter Expressions

User-Defined functions can now be used in expressions of filters and calculated columns to e.g.,
  •  pre-process values of input parameters
  •  reuse logic in different calculation views
You can select User-Defined Functions similarly to how you select delivered functions. In the expression editor, the list of User-Defined Functions is structured into two sections: functions in the same project and synonyms that point to User-Defined Functions:
user-defined functions in expressions


Aggregation Attributes

Define for a measure which attributes to include in a query when assembling the query. Information about the expected attributes is stored in the BIMC metadata and can be retrieved from e.g., view BIMC_EXCEPTION_AGGREGATION_ATTRIBUTES_VIEW. It is up to the client tools to evaluate these metadata and to create queries that include these attributes.


The respective attributes can be defined for calculated measures when working on the definition of calculated measures or in the Columns tab of the Semantics node for all type of measures.
define Aggregation Attributes in calculated measures dialog
define Aggregation Attributes in Columns tab of Semantics


Change Sequence of columns in Mapping tab

The sequence in which output columns appear in the Mapping tab can now be individually adjusted by downward and upward buttons:

change sequence of columns in Mapping tab
To move multiple columns at once click on the individual columns while using keyboard key CTRL. Depending on the selected columns the Up or Down buttons can become inactive.
For an overview of options to change the sequence of elements, see changing the sequence of elements  and changing the sequence of data sources in nodes.


Data Preview Enhancement of Table Display

Data Preview mode “Table Display” can now be used without specifying values on the Value axis:
analyze data in Table Display without selecting a measure


Direction of Filter Mapping

It is now possible to define in which direction filters are mapped.
When defining the filter mapping, choose between mapping
  • in both directions
  • only from left to right
  • only from right to left
select direction of filter mapping

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