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SAP Data Services: Session SDK Failure Error while installing SAP Information Steward


This blog refers to the Session SDK Failure Error which might occur at the SAP Data Services Designer Repository Login when installing SAP IS on top of SAP DS and SAP BI/IPS platform. The error popped when SAP IS Installation was triggered, everything had been working fine initially without SAP IS.

There are many solutions already provided to mitigate this issue. But when none of those solutions worked, there came a need to analyse the system in detail from the scratch. The problem is quite basic so at times may be overlooked or neglected. Thus, the purpose of this blog is to bring basics forefront and to highlight how this error is linked with the SAP IS installation.

Furthermore, the sections of this blog are divided as follows:

  1. Description of the issue

  2. Summary of analysis in terms of the various SAP KBA/SAP Note

  3. System Application Details: An example

  4. Root Cause

  5. Resolutions

  6. Abbreviations


A. Description:

  • When trying to log on to the SAP DS Designer, it throws the Session SDK Failure error.
  • Additionally, the login to CMC has also been disabled.
  • The SIA is also down and not running.
  • The CMS wouldn’t be starting.
  • The Database is up and running.
  • This error appeared when the installation of SAP IS was triggered.


Fig.1. Session: SDK Failure (Source: SAP Data Services Dialog)


Fig.2. CMC Error (Source: CMC Login Page)


B. Summary of analysis in terms of the various SAP KBA/SAP Note

Table 1. List of SAP notes related to Session SDK error

Sr. No. SAP KBA / SAP Note Description
1. 2151044 Could not reach CMS ‘hostname:6400’. Specify the correct host and port and check for network issues
2. 1952120 Best Practices & pre-requisites on Windows while Install/Update/Patching BI
3. 1862954 Unable to log in to Designer – Data Services 4.x
4. 1989019 Unable to log in to Data Services Designer
5. 2473022 unable to log in Designer with SSL – <Session: SDK failure> – SAP Data Services 4.x
6. 2450650 Get error when logging on Data Services Designer from Data Services client machine
7. 1897030 Cannot log into Designer using FQDN – Data Services 4.x
8. 1601655 Session: SDK failure error when trying to log on to Designer – Data Services

The summary of the resolutions provided from these SAP KBA/ SAP note were (please refer to the Table 1):

  • Perform manual tests to verify if the issue lies in the network (for example: ping, telnet).
  • The request port between SAP DS client machine and the CMS server machine might be blocked by firewall or other network issues.
  • Ensure whether the CMS can be accessed.
  • The database, server name, port numbers, CMS name, must all be synced up.
  • SSL protocol have not been configured on Client machine in order to communicate with BI/IPS environment which one is using SSL for any communication with the CMS.

Note: But none of the above helped with the error. Please refer the following sections for the root cause and the resolutions.


C. Application Details: An example

Fig.3. High-Level System Landscape

Consider the above figure (Fig.3.) as an example of a High-level System landscape. It depicts the underlying Repository, the SAP IPS/BI, SAP DS, and SAP IS in a single stack.


D. Root Cause

After conducting all the analysis mentioned over the SAP Note and KBA’s. There came a need to start the analysis from the scratch and that’s when this compatibility check came in which are mentioned over in the following subsections Part 1 and Part 2. Please refer the SAP DS and SAP IS PAM guides for the reference.



Part 1:


Fig.4. Compatibility Check for SAP BI/IPS and SAP DS

  • From the above compatibility table (Fig.4.) for SAP DS and SAP BI/IPS, the SAP DS v4.3 SP0 P01 is COMPATIBLE with BI/IPS v4.3 SP2 P01.
  • So, there is no problem in the compatibility of SAP DS and BI/IPS.


Part 2:

  • From the below compatibility table (Fig.5.) for SAP IS and SAP BI/IPS, the SAP IS v4.3 SP01 P03 is NOT COMPATIBLE with BI/IPS v4.3 SP2 P01.
  • So, there is problem in the compatibility of SAP IS and BI/IPS.
  • And that is why when the SAP IS installation has been triggered, the SIA went down and everything was down in accordance.


Fig.5. Compatibility Check for SAP BI/IPS and SAP IS


E. Resolutions

Knowing the Root Cause of the issue, the following two resolution options are being suggested.

Option 1:

  • Restoring from the backup the SAP BI/IPS and SAP DS without the SAP IS installation process.
  • After this, choosing the compatible version of SAP IS.
  • But the only compatible version is SAP IS v4.3 SP00 and whose state is inactive.
  • The term INACTIVE means that, ‘This particular DS/IS version is no longer in active development in accordance with the DS/IS Maintenance Strategy’.
  • So, this will be again a decision to make whether to go forward with it or not.

Option 2:

  • Starting from scratch.
  • Planning for all the three components wisely i.e., SAP BI/IPS, SAP DS, and SAP IS. Their versions, their compatibility based on the dependencies.
  • Also, choosing the platform i.e., SAP BI or SAP IPS should be used (please refer to the documentation on SAP Help for further information on this).



Make sure to do the version compatibility checks for any installation.

In case of any further recommendations, please feel free to add in the comments section so that it can reach out to the wider audience. Thanks.



IPS SAP Information Platform Services
BI SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence
DS SAP Data Services
IS SAP Information Steward
CMS Central Management Server
CMC Central Management Console
SIA Server Intelligence Agent
KBA Knowledge Base Article



Please provide feedback about your view and experience related to this error or installation! Feel free to ask question by contacting me directly or commenting below.


Reference Links

Database and Data Management Community Content

Statement of Direction – SAP Data Services and SAP Information Steward

SAP Information Steward Upgrade Guide v4.3 SP02


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