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SAP Commerce Cloud Q1 ’23 Release Highlights

Continuous innovation has arrived. We’re proud to share that over the last several months, we have delivered more frequent and predictable innovations to support your digital commerce journey, providing more agility with enhanced capabilities for a composable commerce experience.   

This blog highlights the top features and enhancements released in the last 3 months for SAP Commerce Cloud. Please watch our video to learn more how Commerce Cloud enables flexible and powerful composable commerce.


 Adapt Quickly to Drive Profitable Growth with Composable Commerce 

Brands need to adapt to changing needs quickly to deliver a profitable and loyal customer experience. Composable commerce is changing that landscape for brands looking to deliver a profitable customer experience. At SAP, we’re leaning in to help drive more profitable commerce growth by extending our core enterprise-grade platform, empowering your organization to build with technology from SAP and our vast partner ecosystem.

With this new direction of a composable experience, you can:

  • Get the best of both worlds by building on the most feature-rich commerce platform available today, then choose to build or leverage existing systems to make it your own to evolve at your own pace.
  • Extend capabilities with best-of-breed partners utilizing the platform’s modular design, headless architecture and our enterprise-grade partner ecosystem to build a solution that meets your unique requirements.
  • Transform faster with industry-specific solutions, tying industry-specific business flows into commerce activities to meet the specific needs of your customers.
  • Unify commerce across your organization by delivering improved end-to-end customer experiences with integrated technologies across SAP and partner solutions. 

Gain More Speed and Agility with a Fully Decoupled Composable Storefront

While business agility is important for any organization, delivering immersive and state of the art shopping and buying experiences to their customers is equally important to drive engagement and conversion. With this latest enhancement to the SAP Commerce Cloud, Composable Storefront, we’re delivering out-of-the-box capabilities that help you gain faster time to market, delight customers, and lower development costs.

You can now have finer control within your B2B organization to restrict ordering rights and payment options based on the buyer role of an individual on their respective teams. You can also provide transparency to all team members with visibility into the order history of their colleagues. This allows organizations to know who is placing orders and helps prevent over or double orders.

SAP Commerce Cloud, Composable Storefront


Reordering inventory for B2B organizations is now easier than ever for buyers. With a clear view of real-time stock status and availability directly from S/4HANA, organizations can now plan their forecast more accurately. With the latest enhancements, buyers can now place replenishment orders with less friction simply by clicking a button.

Unify Buying and Fulfillment Channels

Leverage a cloud-native, microservices based composable order management solution with SAP Order Management to unify and orchestrate all owned and third-party buying and fulfillment channels to deliver a more seamless end-to-end experience for your organization and your customers. You can now provide consistent order experiences across channels, have a real-time single source of truth for inventory, and unlock rich insights across all touchpoints from front to backend systems, all while integrated with finance and logistics.

SAP Returns Management solution


SAP Order Management capabilities include:

  • Foundation that offers a seamless sales orchestration and gives users a unified view of the individual order and downstream order processes
  • Sourcing and Availability that provides ML-based optimization of inventory availability and sourcing across fulfillment locations, including physical stores
  • Sales Transfer and Audit that provides an insight-driven smart interface to help visualize transaction errors, recommend AI-based corrections, and track changes faster, including automated checks covering both digital and physical channels
  • Intelligent Return Management that helps intelligently guide employees involved in reverse logistics activities with automation and decisions towards the most optimal outcomes for the end customer and merchant.

Make Data-Driven, Intelligent Product Recommendations to Increase Conversion

Product recommendations are now just the tip of the iceberg. Organizations rely on AI recommendations to help drive conversions and contribute to profit margins. With the latest release, we provide insights and data on the performance of your recommendations in a given context, allowing you to make more informed decisions and further deliver personalization to customers. Whether it is a net new or return buyer, you can create stronger engagements and increase the propensity to buy.

We are now also providing replenishment product recommendations for products that are ordered repeatedly based on past-purchase habits of customers. They encourage customers into repeat-buying habits by showing frequently ordered products and increase customer retention and lifetime value.

Ensure Commerce Systems are Up-to-date with More Ease and Confidence

To mitigate the impact of unexpected data and configuration differences between testing and production environments, Commerce administrators can now setup Blue/Green deployments to test new code in the same production instance and access to nodes running these codes is limited to tests. This allows testers to validate functionality one final time, providing the confidence that all releases containing new innovations are functioning properly prior to releasing to their customers.

Improve Operational Efficiency and Reduce Business Risks

At SAP, we continue to place a high priority on your overall system security. We all know how important it is to create an experience that is not only secure, compliant, and reliable, but also easy to use. The latest cloud platform operations enhancements include:

  • Self-service options for configuration file downloads such as certificates or header configurations for better connectivity with their content delivery network providers
  • Ability to cancel long-running or accidental backups and/or restoration of certain environments

Tighter end-to-end integrations across the value chain to deliver a connected experience

Data is the name of the game. The game is only fun if you can draw insights and leverage it across the enterprise from data collected. You can now leverage commerce data for targeted marketing campaigns across B2B and B2C. We’ve created an Emarsys Commerce Plug-in, integrating real-time contact and product synchronization for real-time event interaction between SAP Commerce Cloud and SAP Emarsys Account Engagement & SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement. This allows you to build interaction-focused shopping journeys for your customers and targeted accounts including transaction-based marketing communications based on order confirmation, fulfilment updates, reviews, post purchase upsell opportunities and cart abandonment.

And with tighter integrations to S/4HANA, customers can use the storefront to reorder or request returns quickly, with greater transparency on the status of their requests. In addition, this integration will allow companies with multiple storefronts to connect each one to a different ERP system. This will help increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, turning customers into brand loyalists and drive down costs for the merchant from few calls to the call center.

Transform Faster with Industry-Specific Capabilities

SAP’s is committed to providing market leading industry capabilities for digital commerce. In this latest release, we’re delivering new innovations to support our Financial Services and Telco & Utilities customers to help create a more seamless experience.

SAP Commerce Cloud – Telco & Utilities Accelerator


For our Telco & Utilities Accelerator (TUA), we’re introducing fixed bundle purchases in the TUA Composable Storefront. With this latest innovation, you can increase sales by offering a curated collection of complementary products and services. This optimizes revenue by promoting a better version of a bundle as an upsell. We are also making it easier to assess the customer eligibility for the purchase of commercial product offerings with an improved rules framework. New operations continue to be introduced to support TM Forum Conformance Certification, including geographic address management and account management. With this latest release, SAP achieved gold Open API Conformance certification.

For our Financial Services Accelerator (FSA), we’re making it easier for your customers to understand what they’re buying and receive the amazing customer service they deserve. With the latest release, we’ve made improvements across the board that include:

  • Improvements to the lending experience with personalized promotions for target groups and an improved customer experience which suggests next best actions, providing additional offer options available for lending requirements.
  • Streamlined order creation that kicks off once an insurance product is underwritten and approved.
  • A self-service portal for customers to look at loans with a clear and accessible overview of their options.
  • Finalization of a loan is made simple with document upload and signature capabilities.
  • Banks can provide their customers with a clearer outlook on the future projection of their investments for their savings products.
  • Customer service is made more seamless with more self-service and transparency for customers to see the status of their service tickets and scheduling appointments based on preference and availability.
  • A consent-based framework where customers can allow agents to execute on their behalf.

Financial Services Accelerator is also releasing the 5.0 composable storefronts for Insurance and Banking.

Extend Capabilities with the Latest Best-of-breed Partners


Bolt – One-Click Checkout integration into SAP Commerce Cloud


Complement the most feature-rich, scalable, and secure commerce platform with a highly curated, pre-integrated and certified best-of-breed partner ecosystem. We continue to expand our partner ecosystem to support transforming companies who want to opt for best-of-breed solutions for specific parts of commerce. We’ve entered strategic partnerships with three exciting companies, now in the SAP Store, to support our customers driving the best commerce-led experience possible as well as higher conversation rates and basket sizes.

  • Coveo brings enterprise-grade search and contextual product discovery to the next level with their AI platform and improves brand experience in real-time while it minimizes manual tuning for B2C, B2B, or marketplace sites alike. Coveo can also be used in conjunction with SAP Commerce Cloud in a headless manner to bring experiences across apps, in-store kiosks, or mobile experiences while their machine learning models serve up relevant results every time.
  • Contentful helps meet the unique demands of digital content teams by making content discoverable, reusable, through tailored interfaces, and incorporated governance, effectively delivering an upgraded experience with the SAP Composable Storefront. Their headless, composable, and cloud-native solution is built to foster collaboration across all teams, creatives and engineering alike, who are involved in delivering experiences at scale.
  • Bolt drives conversions with a fast, one-click checkout experience for your consumers. It helps merchants drive revenue through a frictionless checkout experience. We allow merchants to keep their existing SAP Commerce Cloud checkout and in turn help them achieve a higher conversion rate, generate more revenue, and deliver a delightful experience that builds shopper loyalty.

Further highlights for Q1 new entrants to the SAP Store are:

  • Smartzer offers shoppable interactive videos and live shopping for retailers and brands that want to launch engaging and interactive live stream events embedded into their site.
  • Querplex provides new components and greater flexibility for smartEdit with the Magic Templates add-on, leading to shorter implementations and faster content publication to unleash creativity.
  • provides AI chatbots and voicebots that can automate 80%+ of customer queries resolution through dynamic NLP. Optimize your chatbots with a no-code builder and gain insights from analytics depicting bots’ performance.

For more details on the above release features (and more) check out the following resources:

SAP Help Portal

Intelligent Composability

Please share your feedback in a comment and follow our SAP Commerce Cloud topic page to connect with the community!

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