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Updating machine types on Kyma runtime enabled

To improve customer experience and provide more flexibility, we have recently enabled changing machine types for Kyma clusters.


What does it mean?

When you provision a Kyma cluster from the BTP cockpit, you decide on the machine types and min and max values. These are your Kubernetes worker nodes on which your custom workloads and Kyma components will run.

The default configuration of the Kyma runtime provides the following:

3 Virtual machines of 4 CPU and 16 GB each


You have always been able to change the default machine type while provisioning a cluster from the BTP.

However, whatever machine type you decided on during the provisioning, you could not change it without deleting the existing cluster.


What is new?

The latest improvements in the Kyma runtime enable updating the machine type even after provisioning the cluster, which previously was impossible.

Now, you can simply do it by updating the environment from the BTP cockpit.

Navigate to Instance & Subscriptions in your subaccount where Kyma is provisioned.

  • Go to Environments
  • Update

Note: In case, you decide to change to a lower machine type, ensure the number of virtual machines are adjusted accordingly. This is to ensure that your workloads should have enough resources (memory and CPU) available to run properly.

So far, so good, but …

You may wonder why you need to do that

You started with a certain size of workloads to be deployed.

As your usage, workloads, and business scenarios deployed on Kyma have grown, you realize that having a different machine type might meet your requirements better.

Many customers have wanted to do that for a while, and now they can go ahead and update their Kyma runtime to use the machine types that fit their needs best. 🙂

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      Author's profile photo Martin Frick
      Martin Frick

      This is excellent news! Thank you for sharing this informative blog, it's great to hear about the updates to machine types on Kyma Runtime!