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Unlocking the Power of DevOps: A Candid Conversation with Nuno Pereira

Discover the power of DevOps through the eyes of an industry expert! Nuno Pereira, a software developer with 20 years of experience, shares his insights on DevOps, its value, and overcoming challenges in a recent video interview. Check out the video embedded below and keep reading for a summary of some key highlights.


Nuno Pereira has been actively contributing to the DevOps community with a blog series on his Joureny of CI/CD. In this series, he demonstrates how he established CI/CD for their landscape. His contributions and expertise in the field were what prompted us to reach out and have this in-depth conversation about DevOps.

Key Highlights

  1. Proof of Concept: To demonstrate the value of DevOps to management, Nuno presented a proof of concept that emphasized the benefits it could bring to the organization. As a result, management committed to dedicating one user story per sprint to the topic.
  2. Getting Management Interested: Strategies to engage management and improve organizations are explored, such as regular one-on-ones with internal and external stakeholders.
  3. The DevOps Build: With experience in Java and Jenkins, Nuno has been able to implement robust DevOps pipelines and tackle Git integration challenges.
  4. Transports: The use of Cloud Transport Management and Jenkins for transporting packages and the importance of code review to ensure consistency and governance are discussed.
  5. Automated Extraction and Application of External Parameters: Nuno has developed a system for automating the extraction and application of external parameters for all tenants.
  6. Code Review and Deployment: The conversation delves into the process of code review and how to manage updates to iFlows running in production.
  7. Transport Naming Conventions, and Unit Testing: Various aspects of DevOps, including SAP Cloud Transport, transport naming conventions, and unit testing, are touched upon.
  8. Improving iFlow Merge Capabilities and Mass Changes: The importance of automation in managing multiple versions of an iFlow and the potential benefits of using a cloud solution like GitHub orĀ  are highlighted.


This engaging conversation with Nuno Pereira offers valuable insights into the world of DevOps and the opportunities it presents for organizations to innovate and streamline their processes. By watching the video, you’ll gain a better understanding of DevOps, its challenges, and how to overcome them.

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      Author's profile photo Boris Zarske
      Boris Zarske

      Hi all,

      Thanks a lot for this great interview!

      Short remark concerning SAP Cloud Transport Management service: in contrast to Nuno's statement in the interview, also SAP Cloud Transport Management service can be integrated into change management (such as into Change Request Management/Quality Gate Management [ChaRM/QGM] on SAP Solution Manager and into change and deployment management capabilities on SAP Cloud ALM) today - this way, you can handle hybrid scenarios, spanning on-prem and SAP BTP development from central change management capabilities like ChaRM, which then orchestrates SAP Cloud Transport Management service (for cloud changes) and *CTS* (for on-premise changes).

      For more information, see Interplay of SAP Cloud Platform Transport Management, CTS+ and ChaRM in hybrid landscapes | SAP Blogs.

      Again, thanks a lot for the great work,

      Author's profile photo Nuno Pereira
      Nuno Pereira

      Hi Boris,


      thanks for the correction. I was completely unaware of such capability and I was able to learn more details on the blog you shared making a very strong case to keep using cTMS on our scenario

      Found this one "How to use the integration of SAP Cloud Platform Transport Management into SAP Solution Manager Change Request Management and Quality Gate Management" as well very interesting with a step by step procedure with all the details needed, also by @harald.stevens

      It's impressive the number of setup combinations available to fulfill most customer use cases.


      Many thanks for your inputs,

      Nuno Pereira