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Sharing my experience as a Speaker and Attendee @ SAP Inside Track Bengaluru 2023

Heylo Community Members,

Hope all is well.

Here once again but this time it is not a technical blog.

This blog will cover my experience as a speaker and an attendee at SAP Insider Track Bengaluru 2023.



On 4th March 2023, I got a chance to attend and give a session at SAP Inside Track Bengaluru 2023 which was hosted at SAP Labs India.

Spread across 8 tracks offering multiple sessions led by experts and professionals about most recent happenings across technology which also included a Live App Space, SIT Bengaluru 2023 was a treat for technology enthusiast.

It was the largest ever SIT till date attended by over 1000+ professionals and enthusiasts across various organizations with a common interest to learn and connect.


Full House 🙂

A few goodies with delicious food & high tea arrangements were there for everyone too 😊

Having missed out the previous one and having attended SAP Tech Night few months back, I was super excited for this and that too as a speaker.

Not to mention that it was my second in-person community event attendance and FIRST as a speaker and hence nervousness definitely had a handshake with excitement for me 😊

This blog will cover some of the event highlights and my experience as a speaker.



The event started early with a key note by our very own Sindhu Gangadharan, SVP & MD, SAP Labs India.

Hearing from her is always fascinating and this time too, she stressed focus on how important and powerful we as a community are in maintaining the knowledge ecosystem. I would like to take this opportunity to thank her for her constant support to all such community events.


Fanboy Moment 🙂


About My Session:

My session was scheduled after lunch where I shared my knowledge on Code coverage and automation using ABAP Units titled ‘Leverage ABAP Unit to explore the world of Unit Testing, Automation & Code Coverage’.


It was my first-hand experience on speaking at a community event and I tried doing utmost justice to it.

ABAP Units is still an unexplored area for many and my session’s objective was to onboard all with it and to focus on how ABAP Unit plays an important role in code quality and reducing critical defects.

I was blessed to have an engaging and curious audience who seemed to be filled with curiosity to know about the topic. Not to mention some of them who travelled all over from ANOTHER STATE to attend this event. Probably that is the beauty of Community events 🙂


Speaking on the topic

I was thrilled to discuss with participants after my session on their use cases and other queries.

I had used a 3-D model of this fighter jet to explain how important ABAP Unit is. It seemed to be quite liked by participants 🙂




Considering this jet as a final product with all the complex avionics and electrical systems as features, I tried to bring an analogy on how a feature rich product like this can be compared with enterprise applications that we develop and how as developers we share a responsibility in ensuring its quality before it reaches arrives at the Quality Gate.

More on this topic could be found at the presentation link here

Do reach me on LinkedIn at @iheartsap for any additional knowledge on this topic.



There were some gala musical events to conclude the session and get into some light mood after a long and busy day.

All speakers were shouted out with and we did manage to get a group picture as well 🙂


Credits: Ruthvik Chowdary blog post


Special mention:

This event was probably possible for the SIT organizing team, sponsors and all the volunteers who worked relentlessly since few weeks to make it possible. Hope to see more soon 😊

Special thanks to Mahesh Palavalli and Abhishek Chatterjee for giving me such an opportunity 🙂


Happy Learning & Networking !


With Gratitude,



References about SIT: About SIT, SIT 2023, SIT 2022 Announcement, SIT 2022 Closure

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      Author's profile photo Daniel Wroblewski
      Daniel Wroblewski

      Congrats! Sounds like a lovely time and a nice place to do a presentation. Yes, community events are special, getting to talk and share experiences in person. What was the musical event?

      I'm hoping to get to Bangalore, perhaps Inside Track, and get invited to present on SAP Build or do a Code Jam ... maybe soon.

      Author's profile photo Subhajit Das
      Subhajit Das
      Blog Post Author

      The musical event was a series of play of musical instruments and songs performed interested volunteers.

      We would love to have you Daniel and a Code Jam would be perfect 🙂

      Author's profile photo RAJESH SHARMA

      Hi Subhaiit Das,


      Very nice update about #sitBanglore  session, I missed the session but get complete view in your update. Hope will meet in your next live session. keep it up.


      Thanks & regards,


      Rajesh Sharma

      [Phone Contact removal]

      Author's profile photo Yvecalex Gourdet
      Yvecalex Gourdet

      Hello RAJESH SHARMA,

      It is against our Rules of Engagement to publicly share private information in the SAP Community platform.

      Please refrained from sharing private information in the SAP Community platform in the future.



      Author's profile photo Subhajit Das
      Subhajit Das
      Blog Post Author

      Sure and looking forward too Rajesh Sharma 🙂