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Author's profile photo Volker Buzek

community Hackathon before re>≡CAP on July 5th

You‘ve probably heard of this year‘s mega conference event, UI5con and re>≡CAP back to back on July 6 and 7. What started as an idea over a coffee at last year‘s reCAP, now actually manifested and became reality: a „full-stack“ conference spanning two days, on-site and streamed, delivering talks and workshops on the entire application stack in SAP JS/TS/Node.js-land (ok, and a little Java 😜).

A lot of people working together from the community and from SAP have now enabled even more Good Stuff™ on the days adjacent the mega event: on Saturday, July 8, famous Developer Advocate DJ Adams will host a (free!) CodeJam on Service Integration with CAP. And on the day prior to the conference, Wednesday July 5, our friends from Microsoft (👋 Holger + Martin) have enabled something special:

a community Hackathon to enable support for Azure‘s NoSQL Cosmos DB in CAP!

With the new and Open Source CAP DB Layer available by then (in fact, it is being baked as I type this and will most likely be available way earlier than July), there is a solid base to plug Cosmos DB into.

This will not only battle-test the new „pluggability“ of openCAP, but hopefully also deliver an Open Source NoSQL DB module for CAP‘s Node.js-flavour.

And there‘ll be prizes, both for coding achievements and for participation 😀

Here‘s how the Hackathon will go:

(April/May) sign-up: once registration for UI5con/re>≡CAP opens, you‘ll be able to also register for the (free!) Hackathon.

(Jul 5) 12:00 check-in and lunch: we‘ll be in St. Leon-Rot, at the same location UI5con and re>≡CAP take place.

~12:30 onboarding: CAP core members will explain the new DB layer. Azure „Black Belts“ will describe the Cosmos DB API. Both will break down the overall integration idea. Discussions shall begin!

(🤫 no matter your Cosmos DB usage plans, this is a real chance to get first hand insights into CAP‘s DB stack, including SQLite and PostgreSQL)

~13:30 hacking away: there‘ll be pre-setup infrastructure, such as git repo(s) and Azure subscriptions with Cosmos DB at the ready. Test cases in place and CI pipelines emerge. Obviously you need your own laptop now to get going.

Grab food and drinks (yes, 🥤 🍺 ☕ fuel for thought will be also there) while you code. And grab participation goodies also: shirts, hoodies, and others!

If you make that commit or come up with this ingenuity, there‘ll be prizes for you: Azure credits and something I can‘t say yet (but it involves 🕹️ 🤩).

~18:00 showfloor closes: after all, we have the „official unofficial UI5 community Get-Together“ to attend at „La Tortuga“ in Walldorf 😅

Of course the intention of the Hackathon is to have an Open Source v0.1 available for „Cosmos DB for CAP“ (cds-cosmos?). But overall, the idea is to hang out with fellow #SAPCAP community members, talk to the CAP core people on-site, do a little coding and in summary, just have a good time. And get into the Schwing for UI5con and re>≡CAP the following days!


(share this pic wide and plenty!)

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      Author's profile photo Mike Zaschka
      Mike Zaschka

      Hey Volker,

      sounds pretty cool and there seems to be a lot going on in the CAP DB adapter universe lately.

      Are there already some more news available on the Open Source CAP DB Layer? Does it contain run-time and deploy-time features? Need to know, if it would make sense to bring cds-dbm to the table as well (and if it would be required for a schema-free NoSQL DB). 😀

      Kind Regards,


      Author's profile photo Volker Buzek
      Volker Buzek
      Blog Post Author

      it was said that pg-native schema evolution will be part of the Open Source cds.deploy - but I do not know any details on this. Probably Samuel Brucksch or Patrice Bender can shed some light here? 😀

      (and yes, Mike, you're needed at the Hackathon! 😉)

      Author's profile photo Vladimirs Semikins
      Vladimirs Semikins

      Hi Volker Buzek

      Sounds very interesting, and I think it is also a nice reason to meet all of you in person again! Just short question - can I bring small team (2-3?) for that hackathon or it per person? 🫣


      Author's profile photo Volker Buzek
      Volker Buzek
      Blog Post Author

      hi! isn't it great to finally be able to meet in person again?!?!?

      once registration opens (end of april), you're welcome to race as many people as you like for the available seats (30 for the hackathon!)

      good hunting! 😃

      Author's profile photo Martin Stenzig
      Martin Stenzig

      I am in, see you there!