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Author's profile photo ENKHZUL SUKHBAYAR

What’s New in SAP Build Process Automation: March 2023 Release

Dear community,

We are excited to highlight some of our most comprehensive product features released this year!

SAP Build Process Automation streamlines business processes and improves efficiency, incorporating workflow management, RPA, decision management, process visibility, and embedded AI capabilities. With benefits like improved productivity and team collaboration, SAP Build Process Automation leads to faster decision-making and higher business profitability. And the best part? You don’t need coding expertise for it. Check out what is new with this month’s release.

Release Highlights:

Process Forms & UI

Adding Timed Wait to a Process

From minutes to months, you can now add a timed wait step to a process to control how long the process should wait or pause before continuing. For example, suppose an employee needs to complete a mandatory training session before starting their job. In that case, HR administrators can add a timed wait to the onboarding process that waits until the training session is completed before moving on to the next task. Learn more in Add a Timed Wait to a Process.

Work on Tasks in SAP Task Center

Improve your process participants’ experience with this enhanced integration to SAP Task Center. You can now receive and work on SAP Build Process Automation tasks and forms seamlessly alongside other SAP applications by embedding your My Inbox into SAP Task Center.

How to set up your subaccount for SAP Task Center:

Customize Form Button

This highly anticipated feature update provides you with more control and customization options. You can now customize the outcome button when creating Approval/Submit forms to your liking. For forms, the default Submit button can now be changed to Next, Send, or Custom text. For approval forms, you can adapt the default Approve button to Accept or Custom text and the default Reject button to Decline or Custom text.

Filter Entries in Forms

Selecting an entry in a form field with many possible entries is now easier! In a form, you can filter the records loaded in the dropdown by simply typing into the field. A filter field appears If there are more than 12 values in the dropdown list. You no longer need to search for the entry manually. For instance, when managing customer material information, selecting a customer number is necessary, and this new feature simplifies the process.

Add Tables to Forms

We’re excited to highlight this feature that will elevate form creation for business users: Tables. You can create tables within your forms and add field types like columns, including text, number, date, and checkbox fields. You may also choose whether it is read-only or editable. Thanks to this table support, you can further streamline the data collection for use cases like Purchase Orders or Requisitions with multiple line items.

Learn more from Manuel Namyslo’s blog post.

Process Orchestration & Automation

Add API Triggers to Automation

Now, you can easily add an API trigger directly to your automation and export it with your project, eliminating the need for manual setup post-deployment. With just a few clicks, you can create and customize your API trigger by adding a name and description, editing its settings and attributes, and viewing its input schema – all in one place.

Enhanced Document Information Extraction Template Creation

Exciting news! We’ve made creating and managing Document Information Extraction Templates easier with enhanced usability and an improved wizard. You can create new templates from scratch or import them from external sources. Plus, you can easily add templates to your project from Automation and select the schema and template for extraction. Importing templates from DOX into your project is also easier and faster now.

Support Mode for Agent 3

Desktop Agent 3 now features a support mode that lets you easily install a specific version of the agent or record traces. To activate support mode, have the ProcessAutomationAdmin role and follow a few quick steps in SAP Build. Once activated, you can choose a duration of 1 hour to 5 days and enjoy the benefits of support mode. For more information, see Activate Support Mode.

New SAP Build Content Catalog Available

It is a pleasure to announce that the new public SAP Build Content Catalog is now available. We offer pre-built processes, automations, and application templates for SAP Build Process Automation, SAP Build Work Zone, and SAP Build Apps.

Explore the content catalog to learn more about line-of-business and industry-specific content that is designed specifically to enhance SAP applications such as SAP ECC, SAP S/4HANA, SAP Business by Design, SAP Ariba, SAP SuccessFactors, and more.

This content is ready to use directly as well in the SAP Build Process Automation built-in store so that you can consume the variety of templates, SDKs, and live process packages directly in your Cloud Studio with one click.


Enjoyed the updates? Please do let us know!

This blog post only provides a high-level overview of the latest features and enhancements of SAP Build Process Automation. You can find more updates and features in your In-App What’s New or Help Portal What’s New Viewer.

If you have any questions, you can comment below or post a question to our SAP Build Process Automation forum. And check out our SAP Road Map Explorer for more upcoming features and focus areas.

Until the next release blog post, stay tuned!

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      Author's profile photo Vladimír Balko
      Vladimír Balko

      I found recently, that responsivity of BUILD forms is not perfect (or better say, not there), because, when I show forms on small screen, it is almost unusable.

      Is it possible, that those latest changes in forms (most possibly addition of tables) broke that?


      But besides that, It seems, that BUILD blossomed into nice and usable tool - we already delivered project in it, and its pretty usable. Especially after additions of promoting (transporting) of processes. Looking forward for future of this great tool.



      Author's profile photo Archana Shukla
      Archana Shukla

      It is great to know Vladimir that you have already started using SAP Build services in your projects. Thanks for your feedback on forms, we are working towards improving the responsiveness.

      Author's profile photo Mauricio Miao
      Mauricio Miao


      Author's profile photo Felix Freese
      Felix Freese

      Hi Vladimír Balko,

      Great to hear that you were already able to deliver projects with SAP Build Process Automation and thanks for your comment regarding the responsiveness of the UI component within different screen sizes.

      We are aware of the issue and already working on a solution for responsive rendering and we plan to release the improvement within April 2023.

      So stay tuned 🙂


      Author's profile photo Mauricio Miao
      Mauricio Miao


      Author's profile photo Vladimír Balko
      Vladimír Balko

      Thank you for the ETA of the solution - we are looking forward to it 🙂

      And our custormers too 🙂

      Author's profile photo Pierre COL
      Pierre COL

      Great update, thank you ENKHZUL SUKHBAYAR!  👍🏻

      Author's profile photo Vladimír Balko
      Vladimír Balko

      Hello Archana Shukla Felix Freese ,


      I got one question - We have delivered to our customer process built in BUILD (as I wrote earlier) and this process contains DECISION step. But we are struggling to find a way how to customize (edit) that decision on test and prod subaccount. Because, in order to transport (promote) process from dev to test/prod, It have to be released already. And it will import itself into test/prod as released. But released process cannot be edited - including the decision.

      So how to set landscape dependent data into decision? What is the way of setting those data in target subaccount?


      Thank you with help



      Author's profile photo Robert Jot
      Robert Jot


      Thank you for your update.

      I have one general question.
      Sap Build Process Automation will replace in this year other service - SAP Workflow Management Service.
      Unfortunately not all cloud providers are available for SAP Build Process Automation (e.g Microsoft Azure is missing).
      Do you know if there is a plan to make this service acessible also on Microsoft Azure?
      I couldn't find this information in Roadmap