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What’s New in SAP Analytics Cloud Release 2023.06

SAP Analytics Cloud brings together analytics and planning with unique integration to SAP applications and seamless access to heterogenous data sources. It helps everyone in your organization make decisions without doubt with trusted insights and integrated plans.

This blog post introduces the features of the SAP Analytics Cloud 2023.06 release available for SAP Analytics Cloud FastTrack customers. For SAP Analytics Cloud Quarterly Release Cycle (QRC) customers, this release and its features will be available as part of the QRC Q2 2023 release. View the QRC release schedule here.


System Administration and Technical Requirements


Although not required, you may upgrade to the latest SAP Analytics Cloud agent version 1.0372 to take advantage of all data acquisition types.

The agent’s minimum version remains at 1.0.75, with the following exceptions:

  • Version 1.0.99 for SAP ERP/SQL Database
    Version 1.0.365 for SAP universe (UNX). The SAP Analytics Cloud agent requires additional setup steps, for more details see SAP Note 3262098
  • Version 1.0.353 for SAP Business Warehouse (BW)
  • Version 1.0.235 for SAP HANA View
  • Version 1.0.248 for File Server

For more information, see System Requirements and Technical Prerequisites.

Regarding supported features and required updates for the integration of SAP BW with SAP Analytics Cloud, refer to SAP Note 2541557 for further details.

Regarding supported features and required updates for live universe access through SAP BusinessObjects Live Data Connect with SAP Analytics Cloud, refer to SAP Note 2771921 for further details.

Please download the latest version of the Simple Deployment Kit from Service Marketplace.

  • Note: To avoid downloading older versions and potentially exposing users to a vulnerable bundling of the Cloud Connector with SAPJVM, or Apache Tomcat, only the three latest versions of the kits are available to download.

For Cloud agent version change management details, refer to SAP Note 3264839.


Release Highlights


Dashboard and Story Design


Script APIs supporting BW Live Comments

In both Analytics Designer and Optimized Story Experience, script APIs related to table cell comments and comment widgets now support SAP BW live data models. These script APIs will help users build more interactive commenting workflows.

  • Table cell commenting APIs to Get / Add / Update / Remove comments
  • Introducing a new API to update comments
  • Comment Widget APIs to Set / Get / Remove dimension filters

Additionally, comments for BW live data sources can now be exported to PDF.


Data Integration


Disable Dow Jones New Connection and Model Creations

Import data connections to Dow Jones data sources are no longer available as of this release.


Data Modeling


Multi-language master data for local dimensions

Users can now use multiple language member descriptions for private (local) dimensions (except date and version dimensions) and give more meaning to dimension members by adding descriptions in up to 49 different languages. This makes models more accessible and allows global customers to cater for all their end-users in their preferred language.

Please note that upload of multi-language descriptions into private dimensions via wrangling is not possible currently.


Enterprise Planning


File Repository – integration of planning artifacts

Users can now access data actions and multi actions in the file repository (Files). From the file repository, use the toolbar to perform actions such as moving, copying, or deleting your objects.

  • Unified SAP Analytics Cloud Object Metadata Repository
    • An integration of those artifacts with the file repository will lead to a centralized place to manage all artifacts in one place and enable the available functionalities of the file repository to all resource types.
  • Permission Management with Teams 
    • The integration of Data Actions and Multi Actions, with the file repository will allow to use the sharing functionality to manage permissions per team.
  • SAP Analytics Cloud Workspace Drive Support
    • The workspace drive concept of the file repository can be fully leveraged to segregate business content into clearly separated content areas.
  • Improved Search Experience 
    • Customers can organize planning artifacts in the file repo in a custom folder structure and use the search to find them. No need any longer to search in different areas of the application.

For more details please refer to these blog posts by Chen Nee Faulhaber:


Multi Actions: Show warning status/messages if step execution has warning

When a multi action runs with a warning in a step, users will get an “executed with warning” message. Then the multi action will have a status of successful, failed, or executed with a warning. The execution status is extended with the warning status / message, making the execution result more transparent.


Plan Entry – new line creation with “mass data entry” mode

In mass data entry mode, user can now use the ‘Add Member’ option to add a dimension member to your table. This can be an existing member or a new member not yet available in the model (a “member on the fly”). This enables planning users to add new member combinations and process data together with changed / deleted / pasted cells in one user action. Additionally, parent/child lock in mass data entry mode is also supported for new line data cell.


This blog post only provides a high-level overview of the latest features and enhancements of SAP Analytics Cloud. You can find more details on these features in your In-App Help Guide for FastTrack customers and see this SAP Knowledge Base Article if you’d like to learn more about FastTrack and Quarterly Release Cycle releases.

If you have any questions regarding the content in this blog post, you can comment below. If you have product specific or technical questions, post a question to our SAP Analytics Cloud Questions & Answers forum. Visit our SAP Analytics Cloud Community pages to find more product information, best practices, and more. And check out our SAP Road Map Explorer to see more upcoming features of SAP Analytics Cloud.

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      Author's profile photo Jef Baeyens
      Jef Baeyens

      Hi Megan Hoy ,

      How can we integrate "Public Dimensions" into the file repository? Is it not released?
      I can only see it for Data Actions & Multi-Actions.

      Author's profile photo Chen Nee Faulhaber
      Chen Nee Faulhaber

      Hi Jef Baeyens ,


      As of today, public dimensions are not integrated into the file repository. It is something that we are looking into, but there is no timeline to communicate. If there is any updates to this, we will reveal them via the known channels, e.g. Blogs etc.

      Best regards,
      Chen Nee



      Author's profile photo Megan Hoy
      Megan Hoy
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Chen. Blog has been updated.

      Author's profile photo Jef Baeyens
      Jef Baeyens

      Thank you for clarifying Chen Nee Faulhaber & correcting Megan Hoy