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3 ways to get the most out of your ERP with SAP Business Network

Your ERP is critical to your organization’s internal workflows and day-to-day processes, and in many cases, breaks down the silos between different departments. But what about the silos between you and your suppliers?

According to a recent study by an analyst firm, IDC, email remains the most common channel that companies use for collaboration. Some of the world’s largest organizations send documents like purchase orders, forecast documents, invoices and more via email. While email is a great method for regular business communication, it’s not good enough for critical business transactions where you need real-time feedback and visibility.

Imagine that you’re sending a purchase order to one of your suppliers via email. This purchase order has more than a hundred line items. What happens when there is a change to the order? What happens if your supplier contact is out of the office and the order sits in their inbox? How soon will you know if certain items are delayed or out of stock? Ultimately, how fast can you react to changes before it negatively impacts your company and your customers?

SAP Business Network is a solution that allows you to extend your ERP and collaborate seamlessly with your suppliers and other trading partners. It integrates natively into SAP S/4 HANA or SAP ERP, or via cXML integration to non-SAP systems.

Below are the top 3 ways SAP Business Network can help you get the most out of your ERP:

#1 Automate your procurement and accounts payable collaboration workflows

Improve operational efficiencies with near real-time digital collaboration. Purchase orders generated from your ERP are digitally sent to your suppliers via SAP Business Network. Your suppliers can confirm the order and send ship notices, and you will immediately receive feedback. Any changes to the order will update related documents as well, giving you a complete audit trail of the transaction. The image below illustrates the flow of documents from buyers to suppliers, facilitated by SAP Business Network.

#2 Simplify spend compliance

More than a digital means for transmitting documents, SAP Business Network is highly configurable with over 100 business rules that you can enable based on your own processes. The business rules provide automated validation of the documents coming in from your suppliers, reducing the need for manual review and exceptions. For example, you can set a rule that requires suppliers to only invoice for shipped quantities or require suppliers to choose from your list of validated tax values.

#3 Invoice status visibility

Invoice and payment information is accessible via self-service for your suppliers on SAP Business Network. They can immediately see if there are issues with their invoices and take action for faster resolution and payment. This eliminates the need for phone calls and emails to your accounts payable team with inquiries related to invoice and payment information, freeing up resources for more strategic work.

Learn more about SAP Business Network on and watch the short video below

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