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How to update the logo in SAP Enable Now Manager

How do you update the logo in SAP Enable Now Manager?

I decided to write this blog today after someone asked me this same question and I didn’t quite remember how to do it.  Lucky for us we have a vibrant Enable Now Community and I was able to find the answer through others’ contributions in the Enable Now Community Questions.

This blog post is a way for me to aggregate the information I found while researching this and to document it in one place for future reference, along with some additional information from having just gone through this process.

This blog post was made possible by the answers provided to other people’s very same question by the following Enable Now superstars: Kristina Kunad, Shane Lipke and Dirk Manuel.  The original answers to the Community questions can be found HERE and HERE.

Updating the logo

The logo that is displayed in Enable Now Manager lives in a special Workarea called “System”.  This Workarea is created by default and is part of every instance of Enable Now cloud.  The System Workarea has Adaptable Resources, which include an object called “ui”, and which is where the logo is located.


System Workarea

The first step, however, has to take place in another Workarea.  The overall process will consist of creating a new Manager Style in a different Workarea and then importing it into the System Workarea. The detailed steps are outlined below:

1. Open SEN Producer for a Workarea other than System.

2. Navigate to Tools > Customization > Edit Style Resources.

3. The Manager Style resource is not available ‘out of the box’ for Enable Now, so you will have to create a brand new Manager Style (use the New.. button) in the Edit Style Resources area.  The new Manager Style must be named “UI”, which defaulted automatically for me.  This Manager Style will contain your new logo.

4. After creating the new Manager Style, it will appear in Resources > Adaptable Resources.  Update the SAP logo with your company’s logo.  As Dirk mentions in his original answer, the image sizes for the logo are 600×96 for hi-res (recommended) or 300×48 original (default) size.  Anything larger than that will skew your Manager display.

5. Export the “UI” Manager Style as a .dkp file.

6. Open Manager and navigate to the System Workarea.  Open Producer for the System Workarea.

7. In Producer, start Editing the existing Resources > Adaptable Resources > UI object.

8. Import the new Manager Style (called “UI” from step 3) into the System Workarea.

9. Finish Editing the new ui object and Publish it.

10. Restart Manager

Here is a link to the SAP Enable Now Customization Guide.  I hope this information is helpful – let me know in the comments if this was useful or if you have any additional tips and tricks to share!


  • Robert

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      Author's profile photo Anton Mavrin
      Anton Mavrin

      Lovely blog post! Thank you, Robert!

      Here is my 2 cents:

      Cent 1: After every release your custom SAP Enable Now Manager theme will be unpublished and reset to default one, this is because the Manager UI is undergoing some changes, and we don't want custom themes to break it 🙂

      Solution: open your custom UI resource in the Producer (updated), do a minor change, revert it, save it, and then Finish editing, import into the System workarea, publish.

      Cent 2: Remember about the progress bar in the Manager's top panel. Leave at least 10px of empty space above your logo in the image file. Also, few empty pixels below if you really want it to look great. Lastly, I, personally, prefer to use the exact same image dimensions as the standard logo: 370x96 px (Always works).

      All the best, Anton

      Author's profile photo Robert Way
      Robert Way
      Blog Post Author

      This is very helpful, thank you Anton!

      Author's profile photo Nandita Manglavil
      Nandita Manglavil

      Thanks Robert and Anton! Just what I was looking for.