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Synchronize user data between LDAP directory and the SAP system with the program RSLDAPSYNC_USER


The SAP program RSLDAPSYNC_USER is a tool that allows you to synchronize user data between an LDAP directory and the SAP system.

This program can be used to:

  • Transfer user data from the LDAP directory to the SAP system
  • Update user data in the SAP system if changes are made in the LDAP directory
  • Delete user data in the SAP system if the user is removed from the LDAP directory


In order to do that, you have to do the Mapping in the LDAP t-code.

Here are the steps to perform the mapping in SAP LDAP:

Step 1 : 

Mapping in SAP LDAP refers to configuring the correspondence between attributes in an SAP

system and attributes in a Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) directory used to store information.

Step 2 : 

We have 4 area that 2 of them are Mandatory to fill in order to do the Mapping well.

A) Syst.SAP :

  • Unique key, if it is used in another part in the configuration table, it cannot be reused.
  • Name of the table & the zone: in this part it is necessary to select the data that we want to do the mapping with  SAP .

Example for the Mapping of email field:

We use Table : ADDRESS and field :  E_MAIL

B)  directory:

  • Also Unique key, if it is used in another part in the configuration table, it cannot be reused.

We must choose the LDAP attribute to synchronize the mail. we have 2 options to do this :

  • If we have the correct mail in LDAP and do not require any modifications, we only put it in this part.

Exemple : if in LDAP we have  : .

  • if we need to make management rules or concatenate fields to build the email, we must fill theses fields in the Attribute Directory and we must use the Function Module.

Exemple  : we should concatenate firstname . lastname @ attributeX . FR .

In this case fistname lastname attributeX we must add them to the Attribute directories and use the Function Module to do the concatenation to create the correct mail .

C)  Function Module :

must be created based on the standard ( MAP_CONSTANT ) to properly manage the output of the mail Table ( Attributes) .

D) Setting : 

When a mapping uses a function module to map database fields, parameters can be passed to the function module.

Overall, RSLDAPSYNC_USER can be a useful tool for organizations that need to synchronize user data between LDAP and SAP, helping to streamline workflows and improve data accuracy.

Hope you found the blog helpful, and thanks for reading.

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      Author's profile photo Christoph Lang
      Christoph Lang

      Thanks for this post. I do have a few questions.

      1. How to ensure that only users are synced from LDAP to SAP for the correct target sap system and target client?
      2. In which LDAP Field/s is the information of target system and target client stored?


      Kind Regards,