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SAP Analytics Cloud Need to Know Sessions

Welcome to the SAP Analytics Cloud Need to Know series of webinar recordings where I (Lead Solution Advisor for Analytics and Planning Solution – LinkedIn Profile) have been showing you how to use SAP Analytics Cloud.

We started on March 7th 2023 and will continue (roughly) every 2 weeks (UK Time zone) showing existing users of SAP Analytics Cloud how to use it covering a number of key functional areas.

These sessions are aimed at organisations who already subscribe to SAP Analytics Cloud and users who want to create their own reports using SAP Analytics Cloud.  We expect you to already have access to your SAP Analytics Cloud tenant, so that you can watch the webinar live and then create the content afterwards, using the recording as guidance.

During the webinars we will be using a sample data set in Excel, which I will send you once you have registered below.  The idea for using this Excel data is that over the course of the weeks, each session will build upon the work done in the previous session.  Therefore having one consistent data set means that you will be able to replicate the SAP Analytics Cloud content yourself.

You need to have an existing user to access your own SAP Analytics Cloud tenant and your SAP Analytics Cloud user needs to have the correct security rights to upload/save a dataset and create/save a report inside your SAP Analytics Cloud Tenant.

See these links about the user types and profiles in SAP Analytics Cloud:

Also, here are some useful links to help with using SAP Analytics Cloud:

These sessions will concentrate mainly on the reporting side of SAP Analytics Cloud, however when the series has finished I will run similar sessions covering SAP Analytics Cloud planning and predictive functionality.

Don’t worry if you’ve missed the first few sessions, as you can still register for the others here:

Please register using your company email address and not your personal email address.

Once registered you will receive invites for all of the future sessions (including a Microsoft Teams link in the invite).  There is no cost to attend this series of webinars.  The recordings for past sessions will be made available below so that you can catch up with the content.



  • Session #1 (March 7th 2023 Recording here) – Uploading data and creating a basic dashboard.  During this session we will upload an excel file of data into SAP Analytics Cloud and create a basic dashboard.
  • Session #2 (March 14th 2023 Recording here) – Basic overview of the SAC user interface when viewing a dashboard, including the Catalog.  During this session we will cover some basic filtering options when viewing a SAP Analytics Cloud dashboard, the bookmark feature for saving filters in a report and also introduce you to the Catalog.
  • Session #3 SAP Analytics Cloud Data Manipulation and Data Wrangling Options.  During this session we will use the data manipulation and data wrangling options with the Excel data that we uploaded in Session #1.
  • Session #4 Using options in Charts and Tables when viewing a SAP Analytics Cloud report.  During this session you will see additional options available as a report viewer for Charts and Tables in SAP Analytics Cloud dashboards, including how to use them.
  • Session #5 SAC Charts and Tables.  Tricks and tips when with charts and tables when creating reports.
  • Session #6 Filtering options in SAC when creating dashboards.  Filtering options in dashboards including linking charts and tables together using different filtering options and dimension and measure filter controls.
  • Session #7 Using Data Analyzer in SAP Analytics Cloud – During this session we will cover the Data Analyzer tool inside SAP Analytics Cloud enabling users to do adhoc analysis on their data.
  • Session #8 Creating and using Calculations in SAP Analytics Cloud.   During this session we will introduce you to calculations in dashboards.
  • Session #9 Designing Reports to Help your Users. Tips on designing reports with guides to help users navigate the story easily, and templates in SAP Analytics Cloud.
  • Session #10 Overview of Help and useful links available for SAP Analytics Cloud.  There is lots of useful links and online resources available for SAP Analytics Cloud.  During this session we will show you a number of these excellent resources.

By the way, we have a couple more options to try out SAP Analytics Cloud if your organisation doesn’t currently have or use SAP Analytics Cloud:

  1. Free Trial – if you don’t have SAP Analytics Cloud then you can register for a free trial for 90 days here
  2. Anyone who wants to experience and learn about core features and capabilities in SAP Analytics Cloud without the need to do a full evaluation can register for a guided experience by clicking the “Experience SAP Analytics Cloud” button at the top of this page here  A guided experience lets you get hands-on with a product and learn by walking you through key workflows and core features in a guided manner. You’re shown what to do and where to click, along with explanations and descriptions of each action and feature. We offer guided experiences for SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, Extended Planning and Analysis, and SAP Data & Analytics.  Please read the Guided Experience FAQ to learn more.


Beyond these sessions, if you want to learn more about SAP Analytics Cloud, then there are also some excellent additional learning options that are available.  Find out how to apply the basics of modeling, planning, analyzing and administration with SAP’s free learning resources on SAP Analytics Cloud. The learning journey is designed for business users who want to upskill and boost their careers. Check out even more role-based learning resources and opportunities to get certified in one place on SAP Learning site.  Thank you Md Arafat Meah.


Enjoy, and I hope that you also enjoy using SAP Analytics Cloud.


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