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Product Update: What’s new in SAP Enterprise Product Development in 2302

Introducing the latest release of SAP Enterprise Product Development in 2302! You might be wondering, “Already?” But as part of our commitment to delivering cutting-edge PLM innovations, we will release updates even more frequently in the future. This approach enables us to quickly respond to changing market needs, enhance user experience, and introduce new features that empower our customers to define, develop and deliver innovative and sustainable products.

So, what’s new in SAP Enterprise Product Development in 2302? This release brings along a new capability: Insights. We are thrilled to announce the addition of this powerful new capabilitiy, and we had the opportunity to sit down with Christoph Golinski, the Product Manager, to discuss why we made this our focus and what value it brings:

Conducting business analysis on data from product engineering can provide valuable insights into the product development process, including identifying bottlenecks, areas for improvement, and opportunities for cost savings. By analyzing product engineering data, businesses can track the progress of product development, identify areas where development is falling behind schedule, and optimize the product development process for greater efficiency. Our new capability Insights will enable everyone involved in the product lifecycle to solve these challenges and will help to reduce time to market, improve product quality, and reduce development costs.” 


But that’s not all! Another exciting addition to this release is the Visual Enablement of the Product Structure. We spoke with Dr. Jens Erb, the Product Manager for the Enterprise Product Structure, to learn about the benefits of this innovative feature and how it can improve the user experience:

“The visual enablement of the enterprise product structure provides a better understanding and navigation of complex products with large, multi-level structures. Parts and assemblies may be selected in the 3D representation and cross-highlighted in the product structure, and vice versa. A rich set of features comes with the 3D visualization of the product, like measurements and cross-sectioning. Together with thumbnails that may be used next to the objects of the product structure, a good understanding of the product is ensured. Any task related to the product may be communicated fast and unambiguously based on the visually enabled product structure.”

All good things come in threes, right? There you go! There is a new, mobile companion app for SAP Enterprise Product Development Visualization at the Apple store. Let’s learn from Michael Spieß, Product Manager for mobile experience, what the SAP Product Model Viewer app is about:

“Visualization users can now access 3D visualizations together with engineering and business data on their own mobile device anywhere and anytime. Important product decisions can be immediately shared between key stakeholders in the supply chain, reducing the time to market for your products. Frontline workers benefit from the app by viewing animations for manufacturing, service, and maintenance procedures. The highlight feature of the app is the Augmented Reality mode where the user moves the mobile device to view the 3D visualization from all angles which increases the understanding of the 3D visualization and leads finally to higher worker productivity and increased service efficiency.”

Michael also wrote a blog about SAP Product Model Viewer. Klick here to dive deeper into the details! 

Looking for more information?

You can find details and additional assets of each innovation in the SAP Road Map Explorer. Check out the SAP Help Portal for further documentation and ask your questions in our community. Be assured you will get the best possible answer by our community and experts in a fly! 

About the author

Ismail Serin is the Head of Product Management of SAP PLM. Follow him on LinkedIn to get the latest product news about our SAP PLM solutions at SAP. 



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