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How to create XSD with a YAML file

Intro :- Often in REST adapter scenario , we are given with YAML files , where multiple json operations are tagged. In those cases , we need to understand which json /operation to be needed for our scenario  and how to create XSD from YAML file provided.

Yaml is a multi structure format of JSON file(s).

XSD is a structure format of XML file

Step 1. :- Use Swagger Editor and put the YAML file structure.

Example YAML file

Use The Swagger application link below. –

Step 2:- Put the Yaml file in the swagger editor left hand side  and in the right hand side , all the relevant functions/operations are displayed.



Step3:-Choose the right operation which you want to create as XSD. After choosing the right operation the relevant json example/model is displayed.

Step 4 :-  Use the below link to convert the json example to xml


Step 5:- Convert the created xml to xsd using the link below.

Step 6 :- Validate this structure against the model provided by operation in the Swagger editor and check if the occurrences, datatypes , names etc are matching . Mostly occurrences do not match , as model depicts the complete json structure, whereas json example is a subset of it. Validate against the model and create / edit the xsd created above with modification done manually.

Step7 :- Import the XSD into ESR for usage.


Summary :- This piece of blog would help us understand what is YAML , json about different file formats and how this could be adpative into the PI/PO ESR mappings.


Please share your comments and insights on this. Thanks.

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      Author's profile photo Hari Suseelan
      Hari Suseelan

      Excellent Blog. Well Documented. I appreciate your time and effort. It's very useful. Keep sharing.Thanks