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Author's profile photo Vishakha Deshmukh

How to use the Migration Assessment Application to get ready to migrate your SAP Process Orchestration Scenarios?

The purpose of this blog is to guide you through Migration Assessment, a new capability of the SAP Integration Suite. The Migration Assessment feature allows you to evaluate your SAP Process Orchestration system prior to migrating to the SAP Integration Suite.

Migration assessment assists you to estimate the technical efforts required for the migration process and determines how various integration scenarios can be migrated. It focuses on extraction and assessment of your current landscapes design time artifacts. This capability serves as the basis for your overall migration planning.

Key Benefits

  • Automatic process to extract and assess integration scenarios from SAP Process Orchestration.
  • Reduces the effort of an assessment to hours instead of days or weeks vs. manually.
  • Proactively reduces the risk of a migration project.
  • Helps in decision-making of integration scenarios in a phased manner.
  • Provides upfront transparency on estimated migration costs.

You can also find more introductory information about the Migration Assessment capability in the SAP announcement blog for Migration Assessment.



It is important to note that the Migration Assessment capability is currently available in the standard and premium editions of the SAP Integration Suite.

Which versions of SAP Process Orchestration are supported?  

The Migration Assessment capability is currently supported only for SAP Process Orchestration 7.5 SP06 and above. It is expected to support older versions of SAP Process Orchestration, including SAP Process Orchestration 7.4 and 7.3x, in the future.

For more information on this, navigate to the RoadMap Explorer here

Activating the Migration Assessment capability

Before utilizing the Migration Assessment tool, it must be activated within the SAP BTP cockpit and appropriate access rights must be granted to users. This can be achieved by following the steps outlined in the blog: Enable Migration Assessment Application | Tutorials for SAP Developers

To get familiar with the step by step process of using the Migration Assessment refer to the tutorial Use the Migration Assessment Application | Tutorials for SAP Developers

Important Links:

SAP Help Pages

  • To get all the information on why you should move to SAP Integration Suite, preparation for Migration process, and the Migration process itself refer this guide Migration Guide for SAP Process Orchestration
  • To get information on Migration Tool, refer Migration Tooling
  • To explore in more detail about the Migration Assessment application in product documentation

For further references, you can also refer to the below links:


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      Author's profile photo Richard Kleibl
      Richard Kleibl

      thanks for this very informative blog.

      Author's profile photo Chetan Anguralia
      Chetan Anguralia

      Is this Migration assessment Applicable only to PO ?? not PI (Dual Stack)?

      Author's profile photo Richard Kleibl
      Richard Kleibl

      You can run it on the Dual Stack as well, but currently, we only evaluating ICOs and PO iFlows.


      Author's profile photo Thorsten Ohms
      Thorsten Ohms

      Did I get it right, that I have to subscribe to the SAP Integration Suite to get access to this tool?
      That means, that I have to purchase the Integration Suite to find out, if a migration makes sense?
      We already have a Cloud platform enterprise agreement and SAP CPI.

      Thank you for clarifying this.

      Author's profile photo Richard Kleibl
      Richard Kleibl

      Hello Thorsten,


      that is correct. It is part of the Integration Suite. You can set it up as a free-tier account and use it for free, so no costs would be involved then.


      Kind regards

      Author's profile photo Thorsten Ohms
      Thorsten Ohms

      Hello Richard,


      thank you very much for your reply. I have just created the free tier account and can now go ahead.


      Best regards,


      Author's profile photo Stephen Bentley
      Stephen Bentley


      When I try to add the system in 'Settings', I get a different screen, with other, mandatory fields.




      Author's profile photo Richard Kleibl
      Richard Kleibl

      Hello Steve,


      yes in the past it was necessary to create the BTP destination manually. Now you can enter the values directly in the App and it creates the BTP destination automatically.

      Therefore, you have to enter more values.


      Kind regards

      Author's profile photo Giovanni Guttuso
      Giovanni Guttuso

      Hi Richard Kleibl,

      just an update for your last message about the procedure to follow. I'd to create manually the

      destionation on BTP subaccount, because the app didn't create the destination into BTP.



      Author's profile photo Richard Kleibl
      Richard Kleibl


      hopefully, this is working automatically now.


      Kind regards


      Author's profile photo Satish Kumar Goli
      Satish Kumar Goli

      HI Deshmuk/Richard,

      This blog really helped me to connect to PO from integration suite. One thing which was not mentoined in the SAP help section is that destination name should be same in the BTP destination service and in the migration cockpit --> Add system place.

      I have successfully connected and downloaded the evaluation report and i can see all my objects comes under size S and Assesment category is Ready to Migrate. Only thing i didn't understand is what is the unit of Weight --> weight means in Hours on in days ?


      Author's profile photo Richard Kleibl
      Richard Kleibl



      thanks for your feedback.

      Actually, there is no longer the need to manually create a BTP destination, this is covered via Assessment UI (Settings) automatically


      The weight is a factor we aggregate and afterwards map to a T-Shirt Size. So it just describes the complexity of migration such a feature.


      Kind regards

      Author's profile photo Juan Pablo Toledo
      Juan Pablo Toledo


      Is the migration assessment application available in BTP Trial?

      Author's profile photo Richard Kleibl
      Richard Kleibl



      it is only available on premium and standard editions as well as the Free-Tier option but not part of the trial offering.


      Kind Regards


      Author's profile photo HUY NGUYEN

      Dear Rechard,

      I use Migration Assessment with PI 7.3. When I add system, I receive issue 404 Not Found


      Destination connection test failed. The error reason is: 404 Not Found: [no body]



      Can you help to let me know what's root cause ?