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SuccessFactors Time Management: How to manage Comp-off / Time off in Lieu, with only absence management enable for your organization.

SuccessFactors time management is a very strong tool and SAP has worked hard to improve its capabilities and features over the time. It is a one stop shop for companies who are looking for a complete package for their employee’s time management whether it is Absence Management (Time Off) or Attendance Management (Time Sheet and SAP SuccessFactors Time Tracking) or both.


Time Management Overview (reference: SAP Implementation guide)


There are few small customers who does not go for complete package but just opt for absence management due to their business requirement, cost, or organizational setup etc. Due to this they have to compromise few of the features available under time management module.

In this blog I am sharing my experience with similar kind of challenge that we had faced for our organization and the alternative we have created to fix the problem.

Problem Statement:

My organization has only enabled absence management (Time off) in our SF instance, and they want me to develop a solution through which they can manage employee’s comp-off requests in SuccessFactors.

While proving solution to business I had to consider the challenges in term of system and organizational setup.

  • Since we are not using time sheet, it was difficult to validate the authenticity of the leave request.
  • In most of the cases comp-off leave is a time bound leave and currently SAP does not support expiration of leave if it is not taken until certain time-period.

I referred SAP community site and SAP blogs to looks for solution and most of them suggest creating a new time-off accrual type and add time account balance as per the requirement/ask. But this solution has a major sustainability and dependency issue. A time-off admin must add balance for the individual every time they receive a comp -off request. It can be a time taking and challenging process if number of requests are more.

Therefore, I started looking for looking for separate solution which can answer above challenges.

Solution Provided:

After validating all the challenges and available solution, I have developed below solution for my organization where we can achieve this objective just by creating a simple leave type and putting some validation measures to the process and system.

Pre-requisite –

Need to develop an offline process where, if an employee wants to avail a cop off leave, he/she need to take an offline approval from their respective manager through email. This approval should contain the necessary information that can validate the authenticity of the leave application. This will help to create a check and avoid people miss using this leave type.

Note: This pre-requisite can be avoided if employee’s manager is also the approver with the assumption that they know the best, when and why employee is applying for this comp-off/ Time Off in Lieu.

In our case, business want HRs should be the approver as they want to track the trend and circumstances which led to compensatory leave application. Therefore, this pre-requisite was created.

Process Flow

System Configuration

Create a new leave (Time) type – Compensatory off

Admin Center > Time Management > Manage Time Off Structure > Create New > Time Type


Example: New Time Type


Once the new time type is created, we need to create a custom filed under object – employee time.

Admin Center > Company Settings > Configure Object Definitions > Employee Time > Take Action > Edit.

Note: Make sure field type/data type should be “attachment”


Example: Custom Field Creation

Next step is to map this new custom field to new leave type. To map this, click on details link under the field option and update condition and conditions value.

Condition – Field Id = timeType.externalCode

Condition Value – New Time Type Code

Example%3A%20Custom%20Field%20MappingExample: Custom Field Mapping

This step will complete your configuration requirement but, if you are going with the pre-requisite mentioned above, you need to follow this additional step.

Once the new leave type and custom field crated completed, you can create a basic business rule which will compel employees to attached offline approval document (pre-requisite) while applying for leave.

Below is an example of such business rule.


Example: Business rule for validation of pre-requisite

Last and optional step is to create a workflow approval. Since we need a different workflow step-up for approving this leave type, I have to develop a new workflow and map it to this leave type. If you want to use your existing workflow, then this step can be avoided.


Example: Approval workflow


To Conclude:

This is a very simple arrangement that consultants can use to fulfill their organization/client’s requirement. I thought to share this process with the community as it has help me in saving some manpower for my company and feels it is an easy sustainable solution.

Hope you all will like this write up and help the new consultants to contribute more for their organization. Please review this article and share your feedback if you find this useful.

Please follow Rahul Pal for more contents on issues & topics related to SuccessFactors modules. You can also click here to post your questions on SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central and read other blogs on Employee Central by clicking here




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      Author's profile photo Nirmala Radhakrishnan
      Nirmala Radhakrishnan

      Hi Rahul

      Can I check if the custom fields are supported in mobile app?

      Author's profile photo Rahul Pal
      Rahul Pal
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Nirmala,

      Currently Custom Conditional fields (fields that gets displayed based on time types) are not supported in mobile.

      You can refer to below KBA for further information.

      KBA - 2556592




      Author's profile photo Paul Allen
      Paul Allen

      I also have an influence request open to help with the Time off in Lieu, here is the link if you wanted to vote?