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SAP Commissions – Design & Extract Sales Incentive Compensation Plan

Dear All,

This blog is mainly for SAP Commissions Compensation Admin on how to extract the Compensation Plan Design from your tenant to BTP Portal in one single view.

Background :

Sales Incentive Compensation Plan setting by an Organization from Global Sales Leaders or Program Managers takes place in every company.


The goal of setting up a sales rep compensation plan is to motivate sales reps to reach their targets and maximize their Incentive/Commissions. It is important to have a plan that is wellstructured and tailored to each individual reps strengths and weaknesses.  Also, its been considered on top of geography of the sales area or Market.

The first step to setting up a plan is to create a design document that outlines the objectives of the plan for a Yearly, Quarterly, Monthly or fortnightly
Once finalized, plan document should include the amount of pay each rep will receive, any bonuses or incentives they can earn, and any other perks they can expect to receive. It is important to consider each reps individual strengths and weaknesses when creating the design document.

Once the design document is finalized, Comp Admins will design the rule in SAP Commissions according to the finalized document shared by Sales Program Manager or Global Sales Leaders… 

This means that you must break down the plan into its individual components and then assign each component a monetary value. This ensures that each rep is compensated appropriately for their efforts.

so the next step is to extract the plan from the document.

The advantages of setting up a sales rep compensation plan include giving reps a clear understanding of the goals they are expected to reach and the rewards they can expect to receive if they are successful. This can help to increase morale and motivation, leading to better sales performance. Additionally, it can help to create a more positive work environment as reps know they will be rewarded for their achievement as a payout.

Refer this link for SAP Commissions Dashboard view shows Achievement & Payout Details : Sales rep Dashboard view

Let’s Get Started

Once Comp Admins have designed the Compensation Plan which would be seen like as shown in Screenshot.

While this type of request is frequently handled with the Internal Services team, SAP Commissions does not give any out-of-the-box Compensation Plan Summary Detail as an output in a single view.

Hence, in the next section, I will give as little of my development as possible for this request so that you may build in your own way with alternative Ideas with dynamic extraction.

Kindly reach out to SAP Account Executive or CSP or your SAP Implementation Services team for any of your extraction request for Comp Plan Summary.

Extract Plan Design Document through API

Request URL:
Request Method: POST


Now, since we got the API endpoint to extract the XML for a Plan which includes all the versions contains the rule and rule elements.

Once XML is generated, you need to convert XML to XSLT and XSLT to HTML or there is also another way XML to JSON and JSON to HTML (whichever is easy for you to do conversion)

Example :

once your code is ready and you can push the code to SAP BTP Cloud foundry for getting to Online in One Single page.. so you can circulate the portal to your Global Sales Leaders or Sales Program Managers for usage.

cf push spm-plan-extract

This is how it looks once pushed to SAP BTP with having all the information about Sales Incentive Plan been designed by Comp Admins.

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