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Update on EWM – Quality Management Integration

In the past SAP S/4HANA releases, a couple of new functionalities have been released in the area of Quality Management in EWM. To reflect these, we have reworked our Quality Management in EWM slide deck which is now available in version five.

New in SAP S/4HANA 2022

One functionality which is new with SAP S/4HANA 2022 is the inspection lot summary per delivery item which allows to create one inspection lot per delivery item in case of multiple items with the same material / batch combination. The functionality can be activated in the EWM IMG Activity “Define and Activate Warehouse-Independent IOTs”. Before 2022 and in case of multiple items with the same material / batch combination in one inbound delivery, the system automatically summarized the complete quantity into one inspection lot.


IMG Activity – Define and Activate Warehouse-Independent IOTs

Also new with SAP S/4HANA 2022 is the support of the QM process when using synchronous goods receipt from external and manufacturing (available due to system boundaries for embedded EWM only). In case MIGO or PP transactions are used in order to post the goods receipt into an EWM managed storage location, as of SAP S/4HANA 2022 inspection lots are created and also the inspection lot summary, skip lots as well as cancellations are supported. The following transactions are supported:

Manufacturing Process Transaction Description
Repetitive (PP-REM)​ MFBF​ Backflushing in Repetitive Mfg.​

Repetitive (PP-REM)​

MFHU​ Goods Receipt of HUs​
Discrete (PP-SFC)​ CO15​ Enter Production Order Confirmation​
Discrete​ CO11N​ Single Screen Entry of Confirmations​
Process (PP-PI)​ CORK​ Process Order Confirmations (Total)​
Process Man. (PP-PI)​ COR6N​ Single Screen Entry of Confirmations​
Process Man. (PP-PI)​ COWBHUWE​ Goods Receipt for Handling Units​
Universal (REM/SFC/PI)​ MIGO​ Goods Movement​

The quality certificates in the goods receipt process are also new with SAP S/4HANA 2022. In order to ensure compliance, it is now possible to capture the existence of external certificates during the goods receipt posting in EWM. The EWM inbound delivery contains the information that a certificated needs to be captures and passes this to SAP ERP QM in order to prevent the usage decision taking before the certificate receipt is recorded (e.g. via app QC51). This functionality is only available for delivery based goods receipt postings.


IMG Activity – Define and Activate Warehouse-Dependent IOTs

Last but not least, as of SAP S/4HANA 2022 the quality inspection can be skipped according to the quality level and goods receipt can be posted in EWM directly to unrestricted use stock. This means that it is now possible to create the putaway warehouse tasks directly to the final storage bin for skipped stock. This functionality is new for decentral EWM on SAP S/4HANA as it has been available in embedded EWM already. For more information see SAP note 2810763.

New QM relevant notes

In the course of reworking our QM slide deck, we have also created two new notes with FAQs / additional information:

  • SAP note 3284686 – Stock Transfer with EWM and Quality Management: this note provides some insights and answers frequently asked questions with regards to stock transfers with EWM and QM. It covers the process of stock transfers within one plant and to another plant where the receiving storage location is EWM managed.
  • SAP note 2545012 – EWM-QM integration – inspection lots of origin 17: Unsupported processes: this note is a collection of the restrictions in the EWM-QM integration


SAP note 2775887 – How to set up Quality Management (QM) in decentralized EWM​

SAP note 2973050 – How to set up Quality Management (QM) in embedded EWM

AP EWM Community:

SAP Digital Supply Chain Channel:

EWM LinkedIn Community:

For a complete list of Q&A from the SAP EWM community, please access this link:

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      Author's profile photo Ganesh Navale
      Ganesh Navale

      Hi Gheorghe Ceres,


      As per SAP customer return with quality inspection the pre-requisite was to implement the ARM. (S4 1909 version)

      Is it still mandatory to implement Advance Return Management?




      Author's profile photo Badreddine BEN MOHAMED
      Badreddine BEN MOHAMED

      Hello Gheorghe Ceres

      Thank you for your blog and all the information you shared.
      Is there any possiblity to share with us how to perform skipped lot in Embedded EWM because I have an issue "When The inspection lot is skipped, and the UD is automatically updated. The stock status remains “stock in QI”".

      Thank you in advance for your help,




      Author's profile photo Kuoli Jing
      Kuoli Jing

      Thanks for sharing a wonderful blog, much appreciated.