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Succession Planning Talent Pool Approval


This blog deals with the approvals on the creation of Succession Planning Talent Pools.

Talent Pool:

Talent Pools offer an alternative approach to succession planning by allowing you to group successors. They can also be used to group your talent for non-succession-related needs like development plans, rotation programs, or high-potential pools.

Talent Pools for Succession Planning:

You can associate talent pools with positions through their underlying roles. Talent pools associated with a role are automatically assigned to any positions based on that role. When you look at the detailed succession plan of a position, either from the Succession Org Chart or the Position Tile view, any associated talent pools are listed on the position card. You can assign both individual employees as successors as well as talent pools to a position. A common practice is to nominate individual, named successors to top-level positions and to associate talent pools to lower-level positions.


Talent Pool Page

When backtracked, realized that as Talent Pool is an MDF object, approval workflow is much more possible.

Metadata Framework: What is it?

The Metadata Framework (MDF) is a generic platform, which allows you to define your objects, configure object relationships, and create rules and workflows.


  • You need to enable the following: Role-Based Permissions


Provisioning Settings

  • Generic Objects – MDF


Generic Objects – MDF

  • User Interface v12


User Interface v12

To link the Workflow with the Talent pool we need to complete below steps:

  • Create Dynamic Group
  • Create Dynamic Role
  • Create Workflow
  • Link Workflow with Talent Pool object


  • Create Dynamic Group:

You can follow the below steps to Create the Dynamic Group in SAP SuccessFactors:

Home>Admin Center>Employee File>Manage Workflow groups

  • Create New Group>Enter all required information


Dynamic Group

  • Create Dynamic Role:

You can follow the below steps to Create the Dynamic Role in SAP SuccessFactors:

Home>Admin Center>Employee File>Manage Organization, Pay, and Job Structures


Dynamic Role

  • Enter all required information and save it.

  • Create Workflow:

You can follow the below steps to Create Workflow in SAP SuccessFactors:

Admin Center>Employee Files>Manage Organization, Pay, and Job structure.


Create Workflow

  • Enter all the required information in the workflow



  • Link Workflow with Talent Pool Object:

Once the Workflow is created using the above steps, as part of the next step we need to link this object to the Talent Pool Object under Configure Object Definition.

You can follow the below steps to link workflow with Talent Pool Object in SAP SuccessFactors:

Admin center>Company Settings>Configure Object Definitions>Select Object Definition>Select Talent Pool


Talent Pool Object

Edit the “Talent Pool” object to select the workflow under the “Workflow Routing” field and save the object.


Talent Pool Object


Talent Pool Object

Note: Select Pending Routing as yes if you do not want to visible talent pools under the talent pool tab before approval.


Talent Pool Object


End User Actions

  • Create talent Pool
  • Approve or decline talent Pool creation


  • Create a Talent Pool:

Home>Succession>Talent Pool


Talent Pool Page

  • Create Talent Pool

End-User can follow the below steps to create a new talent pool.

Home>Succession>Talent Pool>+ Icon


Talent Pool Creation Pop-Up

Enter All information and hit the “Save” button.

Once saved, the system will trigger the workflow, and the user can provide the comments for the approver and click on the “Confirm” button.


Talent Pool Workflow


Workflow Pending Status

  • Approve or Decline Talent Pool

Login as Approve and access the Approval request on the home page tile.


Approve Request Tile-Home Page

Click on the “Approval request tile” to access the workflow request.


Workflow Request

Click on “Talent Pool” to access more information about the created talent pool or to provide comments while approving and declining the request.


View/Approve Request Page

Use the “Send Back” button to decline the request.

Use the “Approve” button to approve the request.

Once the request is approved by the Approve, Succession Planner can see the “Talent Pool” in the Succession>Talent Pool tab.


Talent Pool Page



Images are taken from SAP SuccessFactors Sales Demo with Dummy Data.


MDF Guide:

SAP SuccessFactors Succession Management Implementation Guide.


Please feel free to provide your feedback or thoughts in the comments.

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      Author's profile photo Niladri Bihari Nayak
      Niladri Bihari Nayak

      Insighful blog Sachin Pachauri .

      1. From my Recuiting lens, this Talent Pool is different from Recruiting module Talent pool . Isn't it ?

      There's no connection between these two pool right ?

      2. Can email notifications be trigered for such approvals ?

      3. Can an external user be added to this talent pool ? Example: Contingent worker from Fieldglass

      integrated with SF  ?





      Author's profile photo Sachin Pachauri
      Sachin Pachauri
      Blog Post Author

      Niladri Bihari Nayak

      1- Yes, Succession talent pool is different from RCM Talent Pool.

      2- Yes, We can build email notification for workflow under EC

      3- I believe this can be done using CPI.