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Author's profile photo Narsimha Namburi

Stock transfer of Quality and Blocked stocks with EWM

In some cases, it is necessary to transfer the stock from one plant to another even though stock is not cleared by quality (quality stock) or even if the stock is rejected by quality (blocked stock).

Best example for this kind of requirement is, if a manufacturing plant has limited warehouse space, business may decide to move the stock to a distribution center and store the inventory in DC with quality or blocked or unrestricted use.

While this is not a new functionality of EWM, Intention of the blog is to explain the process of stock transfer of quality and blocked stocks from one plant to another.

To work with this kind of process, it is must to enable the source stock type for STO.

This will enable the field source stock type in delivery tab of the STO.

Quality stock transfer: During creation of STO, if we decide to transfer the quality stock, we should choose source stock type manually.

When delivery is created, stock type will be carried to delivery document in ERP and same will be distributed to EWM.

ERP Delivery:

EWM Document:

Inventory position before creating the pick list.

Warehouse task for the delivery:

After Goods Issue:

Upon GI, SPED output triggers to generate Inbound delivery in receiving plant.

Stock type is quality inspection as per inspection set up of material master.

Inbound delivery in EWM

After the goods receipt, stock will be posted in quality inspection in receiving plant.

Even though only quality stock to quality stock transfer executed in this test case, it is possible to transfer quality stock to unrestricted or quality stock to blocked stock.

Block stock transfer: Just like quality stock, we can also transfer blocked stock from source plant to destination.

In this example, blocked stock transferred from source plant and received as unrestricted stock in destination plant.

Delivery created in ERP with block stock.

Same distributed to EWM and creates a document with block stock as source stock.

After completing the picking and goods issue, inbound delivery generated in receiving plant with unrestricted use.

ERP Delivery:

EWM Delivery:

Upon goods receipt, stock will be posted in unrestricted use.

This is out of the box configuration and no development involved.

PS: This is my personal observation based on requirements that I worked, and this blog is based on S4 HANA 2022 version sandbox. Functionality available in older versions also.

Thank you for reading the post, please share thoughts and feedback.

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      Author's profile photo Luis Ferreira
      Luis Ferreira

      Thank you Narsimha,

      It's so interesting information. So, I would like to know what happens with the inspection document in the Warehouse source?, Is it deleted or cancel in background?

      Best regards.

      Author's profile photo Ganesh Navale
      Ganesh Navale



      I've same query. Also please mentioned the config node to activate display of source stock type.

      Author's profile photo katarzyna Paret
      katarzyna Paret

      IMG=> Logistics Execution => Service Parts Management (SPM) => Transfert and Inventory Management (SPM) => Activate  Source Stock Type Determination

      Author's profile photo Charles P Hughes
      Charles P Hughes

      Thank you for this write up. What configuration is needed on the ECC side to allow for the GI of Quality or Blocked stock for the OBD so as to allow for the inventory reduction to be successfully posted. I understand the flexibility of being able to do this in EWM, but with ECC I was not sure.

      Author's profile photo Manuela Rinaldi
      Manuela Rinaldi


      me too I would like to manage this process in ECC but during delivery good issue with 641 movement type I find error QA 495. Have you solved it?


      Author's profile photo Davide Ferriero
      Davide Ferriero

      Thank you Narsimha,

      I also came to this solution but without EWM involvement.
      I tested this in a configuration using Quality inspection.
      Furthermore, there is a singular thing and it concerns the customizing settings to  implement the solution. I haven't found any official document explaining how to do this.

      Author's profile photo katarzyna Paret
      katarzyna Paret

      Hi, did you manage to get the outbound delivery with the S or Q stock category ?

      Author's profile photo Davide Ferriero
      Davide Ferriero

      Yes, true.

      Set right configuration managing this two easy path:

      Flag the check box here:

      SPRO > Logistics Execution > Service Parts Management > Transfer and Inventory Management > Activate Source Stock Type Determination.

      Set the plant and the storage location where the goods can start from in the STO:

      SPRO > Logistics Execution > Service Parts Management > Cross-Process Settings (SPM) > Define POD Storage Location for Shipper Discrepancies

      In the STO -> Delivery tab, set the Stock status according to the current status in the fields (source stock type and stock type)  as described in the post.

      You will be able to trasfer blocked and quarantine stock from a plant to another one.

      Author's profile photo katarzyna Paret
      katarzyna Paret

      Hi Davide,

      Thanks for your reply

      I'm searching to be able to ship out the blocked stock. In my STO I have the blocked stock type for source and destination.

      I did the customizing as you say.

      I've temporarily deactivated the availability check by putting "KP" on my test material.

      But when I create the outbound delivery it is still using the stock type blank and not S .

      It seems that the link between the STO and the delivery is not OK.

      Do you have any idea why it doesn't work ?

      I finally managed to create the outbound delivery in debug mode. I've seen that the XLIPS structure is not filled with the BESTQ=S nor the INSMK=S but no idea why ?

      Author's profile photo Davide Ferriero
      Davide Ferriero

      Hi Katarzyna,

      My version of SAP is SAP HANA 2020, the process I'm following is this:

      • STO - ME21N
      • Delivery - VL10B
      • TO - VL02N
      • Confirm TO - LT12
      • Good Issue - VL02N
      • MIGO Good Receipt on Delivery in the second Plant

      When I create the delivery the system is acquiring the correct status at position level. If I forget to set the status in the STO, the system is blocking the OT generation.

      The solution is tested for both quarantene and blocked stock.


      Author's profile photo katarzyna Paret
      katarzyna Paret


      Can you please share some details about how did you manage to create the outbound delivery on STO in this case ?

      As it is always going through background, I'm not able to create it from blocked stock because of the availability check. How to allow the availability check from blocked stock ?

      Kind regards


      Author's profile photo Mageshwaran Sivasamy
      Mageshwaran Sivasamy

      Hello Narasimha,


      We have a similar requirement to transfer quality stock from an external warehouse managed with EWM to a manufacturing plant also managed with EWM.

      Stock transfer works fine with your suggestions.

      However, the lot at source stays open. SAP doesn't allow to cancel lots with origin "17 - EWM".

      How do you manage this ?