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SAP Emarsys Deliverability Homepage



Emarsys Deliverability Overview and Discussion

Welcome to Emarsys Deliverability in SAP Community

A quick intro to your SAP Emarsys Deliverability team and some key concepts before you start

Steve Henderson

The changing world of email marketing and deliverability

Here are a few updates and developments in our fast-changing industry.

Norman Fischer

Deliverability guide to ISPs

A collection of the email sending and deliverability guidelines published by the world’s major email providers.

Kostas Karagkounis

Demystifying DMARC

a short history of DMARC, explaining the jargon, giving some background into why this is important and how it works.

Ekaterina Borodina

Email warmup – make it count!

A quick overview of the email warmup process, and my personal tips to ensure success

Kostas Karagkounis

Email Sending Good Practice

Writing a good subject line

A good subject line improves your deliverability and open rates. In this guide, we give you some practical tips on how to get this right every time

Norman Fischer

ESP migration best practices

I help you understand what to expect, explain common pitfalls, and give practical tips on how to make the move quickly and successfully

Kostas Karagkounis

Inactive Contacts in Email Marketing

This article explains how to email inactive contacts, understanding warning signals, and how to resolve issues if signals are missed.

Steve Henderson

Composing a good marketing email

Here’s a short guide on how to compose your message to give it the best chance of hitting the inbox to get better campaign results

Norman Fischer

How to acquire high-quality contacts and keep your mailing list healthy

In this article I provide the steps you can take to allow only genuine contacts to enter your email marketing list and how to maintain a good list.

Norman Fischer


Higher opt-ins using tickboxes and radio buttons in line with GDPR 

Explanation of your sign-up options, and how to choose the sign-up method that will work best for your website and marketing

Steve Henderson


Marketing and service messages. Learning from the ICO and AMEX

Explaining the ICO ruling and how that applies to the wording of your service messages

Steve Henderson

Email opt-out methods beyond the unsubscribe link

An overview of various unsubscribe methods and terminology beyond the unsubscribe link

Norman Fischer

Tips on how to plan, setup, configure and migrate

Understanding how you can set up DMARC Reporting

In this blog post, we will take a closer look at the optional parameters in DMARC record (rua/ruf) and how to set up DMARC reporting.

Ekaterina Borodina

BIMI and Trusted Dialog – What’s best for your email marketing?

BIMI and Trusted Dialog. Where do they help, and which is most useful for your contacts in your target markets?

Norman Fischer

The risks and rewards of different Opt-in Methods

Email subscription processes and data quality are essential for good deliverability. This article explains the different types of opt-in methods work and how they can help you

Vytis Marciulionis

Gmail annotations to enhance your email functionality

Gmail annotations allow you to label emails, such as for importance or follow-up. Here I show how you can use and implement Gmail annotations in your Emarsys account.

Norman Fischer

Separating marketing and transactional subdomains

What you should know before setting up your subdomains for your email communications

Ekaterina Borodina

Automated engagement targeting to ensure great deliverability

How to send emails that hit the inbox, generate revenue, and maintain broad email reach

Miguel Marques

Setting up BIMI

This article gives you an introduction with a summary to the Brand Indicators for Message Identification and instructions for its implementation.

Vytis Marciulionis

Email Rebranding guide

How to prepare for a change in your email sender domain, helping to speed up your rebranding and avoid common issues

Kostas Karagkounis


Email Deliverability Problem Solving

Spam traps explained

What are spam traps? How to avoid them, what you can do to detect them, and resolve issues should you hit a spam trap.

Kostas Karagkounis

Email list bombing

This article describes how a “list bombing” or “email bomb” attack works, why it happens, and what can be done to protect your brand

Ekaterina Borodina

How to test if your content is causing deliverability issues?

A simple, step-by-step process to show if email content is causing your email campaigns to fail

Vytis Marciulionis

Should I use a noreply@ from address?

Why you should be careful before choosing to use “noreply” in your email communications

Kostas Karagkounis

Deliverability issues? What causes them and how to fix!

Here, we will speak about some of the reasons you might have deliverability issues and we will also offer you solutions to recover, and best practices to avoid

Miguel Marques

Role addresses and how they impact your email campaigns

Role email addresses are company email accounts such as help@ and admin@. This article explains the risks of including these in email marketing

Norman Fischer

Zustellungsprobleme bei E-Mails: Was es zu beachten gilt und wie man sie behebt

In diesem Artikel werde ich über einige der Gründe sprechen, warum Sie Zustellungsprobleme haben könnten und ich werde Ihnen auch Lösungen aufzeigen sowie Best Practices vermitteln

Norman Fischer


Black Friday and Holiday Email Sending

Get your email program ready for Black Friday

What areas do you need to consider when starting to plan your Black Friday marketing? Here’s some top-level tips to get you started

Miguel Marques







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