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SAP Group Reporting and BTP

I shall start the blog with a simple explanation on SAP BTP.

SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) – the unified, business-centric, and open data and development platform for the entire SAP ecosystem. This statement means a lot so let me explain it in a simple term

  1. Development friendly- The platform provides ease of development for developers and makes it an efficient place for developers and helps them in increasing efficiency as well as gives them a charm.
  2. Seamless Integration- It can talk with any other technology using its strong integration capability.
  3. Value for Data- Nothing can be more important for a Business than data. It will provide a next-gen experience with data using its analytics, data lake, in powerful memory calculations.

To understand the core infrastructure and architecture of SAP you may refer to my blog link :

I shall start with a brief idea on SAP Extended Planning and Analysis (xP&A). This is extended across ERP.  i.e. HR, Sales, Procurement, etc. The scope of xP&A will be a new digital solution like continuous planning, forecasting, advanced analytics, and performance monitoring. The main idea is to break to the traditional barrier between Finance and operation which was earlier done by Financial Planning and Analysis.

The key benefit can be broadly described as

  • “Single version of the truth” where data is consistent and tailored for approved users
  • Up-to-date information and alerts, with self-service reporting across all operations
  • Visual presentation of the information with dashboards, KPIs, and analytics to assist in quick and informed decision-making
  • Choice of deployments such as cloud, on-premise, or hybrid
  • Standard and advanced business processes, like, automation with Al and machine learning
  • This will help all departments to collaborate and end their traditional working mode of Silos

The sales team develops plans to meet their targets

Marketing creates plans for campaigns, promotions, and product launches

HR builds plans to meet future workforce requirements

Procurement plans what to buy, and from what source when Supply chain teams create demand-based plans for production, inventory, and more


Courtesy SAP 

In Order to meet future demand SAP is now consolidating the entire FP&A under one umbrella and its inception started since S/4 HANA 1809

The new technology platform of SAP BTP will further strengthen it by hosting app and data analytics for robust planning and analytics, with seamless data flow from SAP as well as Non SAP  sources. The below diagram is my trial to bring the thoughts into a picture.


In Simple Finance, S/4 HANA SAP has introduced a single source of truth for all consolidation as shown in the diagram – Universal Journal (ACDOCA)

The table ACDOCA will contain all cross-module posting and line items with all financial fields making all financial consolidation and posting easy.

The table ADCOCP stores all the planning data for the enterprise like period-based planning and object-based planning.

The final consolidation as well as planning will be stored in table ACDOCU. Therefore this will ensure enterprise-level reporting at any level or consolidation as expected for both management reporting as well as financial reporting.

This reporting can be leveraged by the organization in the following scenarios

  • SAP ECC on any DB ( Central Finance with S/4 HANA Simple Finance, where one landscape is in SAP S/4 HANA)
  • SAP S/4 HANA Finance for overall Organization
  • Non-SAP system on any DB ( Side Car or Central Finance).

As represented in the photo, a try to make it a pictorial view.



SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) – the unified, business-centric, and open data and development platform for the entire SAP ecosystem.

SAP Analytics Cloud runs within this platform and is the strategic application for Planning & Analytics

This planning application in combination with SAP S/4HANA feeds the table ACDOCP

SAP Group Reporting Data Collection (*GRDC) app is hosted on the SAP Business Technology Platform and relies on data such as master data and allowed breakdowns from group reporting within SAP S/4HANA.

SAP GRDC allows to the definition of mappings between source dimensions from any external system and target dimensions available in SAP S/4HANA. This is an option for any Non SAP GLand Finance system.

For a new merger with SAP SAP system central finance can be implemented as central finance allow to create a common reporting structure.

This complete solution is available in the SAP S/4 HANA 2021 release and the latest version as of now.

If we try to give it a pictorial view it might look like the below diagram


So to end this blog this is an end-to-end financial reporting with the power of SAP’s BTP. There are much more work to be done by me and hence with my limited knowledge this is what i would describe SAP Group Reporting and SAP BTP




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      Author's profile photo Jack Nijssen
      Jack Nijssen

      Hi Ray,


      In the last picture it looks like you can also load data from GRDC into the ACDOCA table in S4HANA (i.s.o. ACDOCU in GR).

      Is that correct, is this technically possible?

      Thanks, Jack

      Author's profile photo VINEET SINGH

      Hi Jack,

      Dont think its possible to load data to ACDOCA table via GRDC.

      GRDC can load only to ACDOCU.




      Author's profile photo Santanu Ray
      Santanu Ray
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Vineet. It would be very kind of you if you may guide me on the challenges we might face. you may drop me any article or your note at my email address

      Author's profile photo Santanu Ray
      Santanu Ray
      Blog Post Author

      Dear Jack

      I think it should be very much possible. I am sure some customer will give us opportunity to implement that as well

      Thanks a lot for your kind comment.


      With Respect


      Author's profile photo Arleigh Taylor
      Arleigh Taylor

      HI Santanu,

      With regards to GRDC integration it can read data from ACDOCA but it only updates / integrates to ACDOCU.

      In my opinion it's unlikely they will add ACDOCA as a destination as this would have GRDC  compete with Central Finance.   But again just my opinion.

      Thanks for your article. There are both benefits and challenges in the market with our existing integration but it's a decent place to start from.

      All the best


      Author's profile photo Santanu Ray
      Santanu Ray
      Blog Post Author

      Dear Arleigh,

      Thanks for your time in reading my blog. It's motivates us to keep moving and learning.




      Author's profile photo Leila Lappin
      Leila Lappin


      Thank you for this great blog.  I have been searching for this type of presentation to solidify my understanding of how GRDC works within BTP.

      I have a BTP account and sub-account but I cannot find the starting point for GRDC.  Could anyone point me to a training that will provide the sub-account and entitlements to go through an exercise?

      The SAP Tutorials (SAP Tutorial Navigator | Tutorials for SAP Developers) has hundreds of tutorials listed but searches with SAP Group Reporting Data Collection and GRDC yields nothing.

      Thank you in advance.